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Chapter 1: What's the Bright Side?

Frodo, Sam, and Remus were scaling down the rocky cliff, fog thick below them. Remus was nearer to the bottom so that he could catch them if either of them fell. They had been going down for a while with no sign of the bottom.

"Any sign of the bottom Papa?" Sam called down; he was the last to go down the rope to make sure his knot was tight enough.

Remus looked down, all he could see was fog, "No, keep going we should reach it sooner or later," he called back up before he began climbing down again.

Sam gave a sigh and turned back to look at the cliff wall and began going down again, he felt his foot sleep and gripped onto the Elvin rope tightly. He looked down and saw a small box fall, "Catch it!" he cried panicking.

Frodo stretched out an arm to catch it only to lose his grip and fall into Remus who then lost his grip and both fell. Both let out screams until they hit the ground not seconds after letting go of the rope, "I think I found the bottom!" Frodo called up.

"And I think I found out the reason I hate rock climbing," came Remus's muffled groan.

"Oh I'm so sorry Papa!" cried Frodo quickly getting off Remus allowing him to get up.

Sam soon joined them on the ground as Remus said, "No problem Frodo, now what is it you risked your neck to catch?" he asked looking curiously at the small box in Frodo's hands.

Frodo opened it just as Sam's feet hit the ground, "Nothing, just a bit of seasonin', thought maybe if we was having a roast chicken one night or somethin'," Sam told him looking embarrassed.

"Roast chicken?" Frodo and Remus asked incredulously.

"You never know," Sam said looking even more embarrassed.

Remus chuckled, "You're just like your brother Samwise Gamgee," he shook his head and turned to look at the rope.

Sam pulled on it, "It's not going to come loose soon its one of my knots. To bad really, it was my first real Elvish rope," he said yanking on it again.

It came loose and fell in a pile at their feet, "Real Elvish rope?" Frodo asked before he turned and walked. Sam looked down at it and up the cliff side again before he gathered the rope again. They continued to walk, only to pause when they caught sight of the orange red clouds that surrounded Mordor.

"Mordor, the one place in Middle Earth we don't want to see any closer, the one place we're tryin' to get to, and the one place we just can't get," Sam said depressed, he turned, "Let's face it we're lost!" he said sitting down and throwing down the pack, "I don't think Gandalf meant for us to go this way."

"Gandalf didn't mean for a lot of things to happen Sam, nothing is set in stone or meant to be. Your choices dictate what happens in the future, Gandalf chose to face the Balrog and we chose to go this way," Remus said calmly sitting beside him.

Frodo sat as well and pulled out the water skin taking a deep drink, "What food have we got left?" he asked his stomach rumbling.

"Well let me see," Sam said looking into his pack, "Lembas bread, oh look, more Lembas bread," he said sarcastically.

He broke off a piece and handed it to Frodo, as he was about to break off another piece Remus stopped him, "No Sam, you eat it, I'm fine, I can go a few more days without eating," Sam shrugged and began eating.

"This is horrible!" Frodo exclaimed angrily throwing up his arms exasperated as they passed the same rock again, "I swear I've seen this rock at least a dozen times!" he shouted.

"Well look on the bright side," Remus said lightly pulling him along.

Sam and Frodo looked at him like he was nuts, "What bright side?" they shouted disbelieving.

Remus shrugged, "This could be the thousandth time we've passed it, or worse," he paused for dramatic effect the two Hobbits nodded for him to continue, "Harry could be here!" he said in mock horror giving a over exaggerated shiver.

The two Hobbits began laughing, but then Sam stopped, gagging, "Something smells, like a bog, do you smell that?" he turned and looked at them.

"Yes, I smell it," Frodo now seemed worried, "We're not alone," he told his two companions.

That night they rested asleep, Frodo and Sam lay curled up beside each other wrapped in their cloaks that Lady Galadriel had given them. An ugly, gaunt looking being was crawling down the cliff side they slept beneath. He was muttering nonsense to himself, bits and strings of hair hung lank around his face. It reminded Remus so much of Kreacher when he was left alone with only Mrs. Black's portrait. He crouched low ready to pounce his unsuspecting prey, the hairs on the back of his neck and on his back rising, a low growl emitting from deep within him as he let his instincts take over.

When the creature's hand reached down to Frodo, he pounced. The creature let out a shrill shriek not far from the sound of the Nazgul. He made sure he had a good grip on the thing, Frodo and Sam jumped awake and Sam pulled out his Elvish rope and tied up the creature. Remus transformed and spit out any blood of the creature's he might have gotten in his mouth.

"What is this thing?" he asked looking with disgust on the ugly being.

"He's called Gollum, but his true name is Sméagol," Frodo informed him looking down at the creature pityingly.

Remus nodded and turned back to them, "Get some sleep, I will watch him," he told them pushing them toward where they were once sleeping.

The next morning they began walking once again, Sam dragging Gollum behind them, the Elvish rope tied like a leash about his neck. He was letting it out wailing noises and pain filled screams. Sam yanked him forward letting his anger get the better of him, "Quiet you! Let's face it, the orcs in Mordor can hear us from here!" he complained angrily.

"Samwise, I want to talk to you over there," Remus said his voice deathly calm, Sam knew he was in trouble, he then turned to Frodo, "Frodo make a bargain with him, tell him we'll untie him if he becomes our guide to Mordor," he ordered Frodo before walking a short way away from where they were once standing.

Sam followed silently, wandering what he had done wrong, "Samwise, why do you torture the poor creature so?" Remus asked his voice still calm as he sat down on one of the many rocks surrounding them.

"He might betray us, throttle us in our sleep! We can't trust him, don't tell me you do?" Sam shouted angrily.

"Sam, I'm going to tell you a story, I want you to listen well am I clear," Remus told him in cold anger, at Sam's nod he began, "When Harry was eighteen, we were still in the middle of the war, not even close to finishing, there was a boy from a prestigious family named Draco Malfoy, whose father was a Death Eater one of the bad guys. This young boy, the same age as Harry, came to us for help in the war, he didn't wish to take the Dark Mark, the mark of Riddle, and wished to help our side. I didn't trust him and turned him away, Harry stopped me and accepted his help and the truce he offered. As time passed I saw Draco for what he really was, a scared little boy whose father was feeding him to the wolves, figuratively speaking, and who never knew the true meaning of love and friendship. Not long afterward, Draco Malfoy became one of my cubs as Harry did, I blood adopted them both," Remus told him, "Now what did you learn from this story?" he asked.

"To always trust Harry's judgment?" he asked, reluctant to give up on hating the creature Gollum.

Remus slapped him on the back of the head, "Samwise Gamgee if you do not give Sméagol a chance and be kind to him, he will become what you say he is and do what you suspect he is going to do now. By placing those expectations on his shoulders he will only prove you right, but if treated with kindness he may save your life," Remus told him seriously, his anger cooling.

"I'll try," Sam muttered, seeing the sense in what his father said.

"That's all I ask, now come we need to head out again, we still have some daylight to kill," Remus said standing and holding out a hand for Sam.

Harry ran beside Aragorn, keeping up with him perfectly, not even close to being out of breath. He knew Legolas was close behind them with Gimli and Boromir keeping up the rear. They had not stopped for food or rest in three days and Harry was perfectly fine with that, he would not be able to rest until he had his younger brothers safe in his arms. The stopped to allow Aragorn to put his ear against a rock to check the pace of the Uruk-Hai.

"Their pace has hastened, they've caught our scent," Aragorn muttered to him before standing and running forward.

Harry looked back and waved an arm forward, "Come, we must go faster their pace has hastened!" he called back to the three following him, his voice traveling.

He continued to run until he saw just how far behind Boromir and Gimli were, he fell back, nodding for Legolas to continue when the Elf turned a concerned glance to him. When he reached the twos' sides he placed a hand on both their shoulders. They felt as if energy was slowly leaking into them instead of out of them. They sent grateful looks to Harry.

"What did you do to us?" Boromir asked curious as to how he had helped them.

"I charmed your things to feel as light as a feather and gave you some of my endurance," Harry told them shrugging before he sprinted forward to join Aragorn once again at the front.

They ran for a long while, never ceasing until Aragorn stopped and pulled a brooch from the mud, "Not idly to the leaves of Lorien fall," he told Harry hope filling him.

Harry's eyes brightened, "We may yet catch them, come on! We can't waste time!" he called rushing forward, Aragorn catching up with him.

"They are less than a day ahead of us," Aragorn told him happy to bring the light back into his love's eyes once again.

"We're gaining on them!" Harry shouted over his shoulder to inform the three behind them.

They stopped, Harry sensed why, this was a border between lands, what Aragorn said next only confirmed this thought, "Rohan, home of the horse lords. There's something strange at work here, some evil gives speed to these creatures, puts its will against us," Aragorn muttered more to himself than to Harry and Legolas who had caught up with them.

Legolas ran ahead and Aragorn shouted out, "Legolas what do your Elf eyes see?" he asked.

"The Uruk's turned northeast; they're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" he called back in disbelief.

"Saruman," Aragorn spat, almost as if it were a curse he did not wish to utter.

They continued to run, even faster yet, they would not stop when they were so close! As they ran Aragorn came up beside Harry.

"Harry can I speak with you?" he asked as they continued to run.

"Sure if it doesn't waste your breath," Harry said smiling at him, not even close to panting.

"It will not, I've been meaning to ask you since that night in Lorien," Aragorn started, Harry turned surprised eyes on him.

"Yes?" he prompted waiting, "I was wondering if you would allow me to court you," Aragorn asked him looking down self-conscious, waiting for the no he was sure to get.

Harry's eyes widened and he stared at the Man that ran next to him, he really was in love with him, or attracted at least, then he realized that Aragorn was waiting for an answer, "Of course!" Harry cried as he stopped running and threw himself at Aragorn, hugging him around the neck.

"As wonderful as it is to see you two finally get together little brother, we need to save Merry and Pippin," Boromir told them running past them.

Harry got up helping Aragorn as he went and then promptly turned to stick his tongue out at Boromir's back, "Ass hole," he muttered before he began to run again.

Aragorn stood for a moment before shaking off his happy feeling, and with a grin in place he ran to catch up with Harry and the rest.