Revival Chapter One: Rebirth

In essence, a reboot of sorts of 'Aura Knight'. While certain, yet subtle characteristics are noticeable, this is otherwise a story completely different from its semi-predecessor. 'Aura Knight' was a fantastical indulgence, made for my personal enjoyment. In many ways, it is childish and not the best quality work that I have produced. Maybe one day I'll get back to it, when the story, and my writing skills, have matured enough in order to be rewritten. Until then, I bid you adieu on that story.

The idea of 'Revival' came to me in a dream, somewhat. I was on the precipice of wakefulness and sleep, when the idea of Lucario from the eighth movie is revived by Arceus to fulfill a quest, a mission to save the world came to me. From my perspective, this seemed like a totally different and new idea, one that hasn't been explored. I hope you enjoy this story and I eagerly await the commentary from the viewers.

Now you'll have to forgive me if I get certain details from the eighth movie wrong. It has been a very long time since I have actually seen it, so my knowledge may be a little rusty. Fortunately, I have 'Bulbapadia' and 'Seribii' to help me get the basic synopsis right. If I continue to make mistakes about the movie, please, let me know and I'll be glad to fix them.

Disclaimer time! (...yippie...note the sarcasm): I, Gweniveve Skyes, do solemnly swear that I do not own Pokemon,in any way shape or form. I do however, own the original GameBoy (case and all) and will one day, sell it soon for a bucketload of money to some collector, who will probably place it in some glass case of sorts, where it will collect dust, just like now, only it's not in a glass case.

Note: italics stand for both flashbacks and thoughts. I hope you are able to discern which is which.


"This is an unusual feeling, dying that is," Lucario thought. It was like being trapped in limbo, the transition between life and death. The last feeling on earth was a simple touch, one that he would treasure as he journeyed from one life to the next. He never asked his master, Sir Aaron, what was beyond this plane of existence, he had never saw a need for it. Now he wished he had. The unknown that surrounded him terrified him, filling him with dread.

He could see himself trapped in a black void, inky shadows swirling and billowing around him. Perhaps he was in the realm of Giratina, the lord of death and all that pertain to it, waiting to be judged, just like every other lost soul. No one knew what happened to those who died. Now, he was about to find out. At least he would be with his teacher and friend, Sir Aaron. After decades of waiting, he would be finally be reunited at last.

Then, the shadows surrounding him and under his feet solidified, slowly at first, then rapidly turning into a stony substance as Lucario found himself levitating above a large stone floor. He flailed for a moment, realizing that he was in the air, and he crashed onto the stone tiles, wincing as he landed heavily on his stomach. Not the most dignified way to land in the underworld, but it would have to do. It could have been much worse. Pain shot through his paws as he braced himself for the landing. The pads of his paws collided with the cobblestone floor now underneath him.

"Wait, I'm supposed to be dead," he realized. "I wasn't supposed to feel that." Groaning, he slowly picked himself off the floor and glanced around, trying to get a feel for the place.

" Remember Lucario, one of the most important things that an Aura Guardian should learn is to always look before you leap," Sir Aaron said, after one of their lessons.

"Look before I leap?" Lucario asked. "But I'm not leaping at anything."

"It's a human expression, my friend. It means to always assess the situation before you go charging in," Sir Aaron explained kindly.

"That would make more sense now, sir." Lucario replied. He paused and scratched his head. "Human expressions are quite unusual."

Sir Aaron chuckled and ruffled Lucario on the head, much to the lupine pokemon's indignation. "Yes they are, my friend." He then burst out into laughter at seeing Lucario's expression on his face. The laughter was contagious and Lucario joined him with a few chuckles of his on, uncharacteristic for his oft somber nature.

"Looks like the phrase will be in handy," Lucario scanned the area with his normal vision. The hallway he was in was dark, with very little light whatsoever. Even his vision, much more advanced than humans, couldn't pierce the gloom. Maybe he was in Giratina's realm. Lucario frowned in displeasure and then switched his vision to his Aura Sight. This allowed him to see things around him by their Aura, the force that filled everything and according to some lore, giving pokemon their supernatural powers. He went from left to right, his eyes trying to detect anything with Aura. There was very little, if any Aura at all. The hall, or what he thought was a hall, was devoid of any life. Lucario took a cautious step forward, the soft pads of his feet still stinging from his unceremonious landing. He could feel something in the air, but he was unsure what.

"I guess I'll keep going," he thought. "There is no point of staying here and waiting for nothing." He stealthily moved forward, eyes wide and wary.

Lucario's assumption had been correct; he was in the middle of a large hallway, made of black unbreakable stone. Veins of iridescent golds,blues, reds, and greens shot through the rock, giving the appearance of black opal, a precious mineral that was highly valued. Thick pillars lined the hallway at intervals of every thirty feet, the sturdy stone supports thicker than many of the ancient trees that dotted the land. "Where am I?" he wondered. After some time,-Lucario had no way of tracking time in this place, but it felt long-, he started to feel anxiety gnaw away at him. If this was some type of test for the afterlife, he was failing miserably. The hallway felt limitless, stretching on into the unknown. With no light or Aura to guide him, Lucario felt blind.

"Hello, is anybody there?" Lucario called out, paws to his mouth. "Does any one know where I am?" he was greeted with deafening silence. "Hello? Is there anyone that can help me?"

"Well, it seems that he has arrived." Lucario was greeted with a blinding light, and an Aura so strong, Lucario had difficulty blocking it so it didn't overwhelm his senses. The light receded and Lucario found himself somewhere different than the hallway that seemed to stretched into eternity. It was a massive antechamber, shaped into a circle, with a diameter of at least fifty yards The room was lined with pillars with the same style and build as the ones in the hallway. The opalescent stone was more prominent, filling the room with a light all its own. Four tall doorways lined the room too, presumably to represent the four directions. A large pool sat in the center of the chamber, raised up from the floor. Lucario was awed by the simple elegance of the design and architecture of the place. A man, garbed in white robes with gold trim, stood at the center of the room, studying the pool intensely, his eyes filled with resolve and wisdom, with an unspeakable sadness lurking within.

The man looked up form the pool, his eyes—the shade of a brilliant gold-, stared at Lucario. Lucario looked away, the intensity of the man's stare making him feel small, insignificant. "Hello," the man addressed Lucario forcing the pokemon to look back at him. "I have been waiting for you. Come, step forward my child. I won't bite." He smiled at his own joke, the golden eyes filled with mirth. Lucario ambled forward a few steps, hands ready to release an Aura Sphere if necessary.

"You, you have been waiting for me?" Lucario asked.

"Yes, I have my child, a very long time." The man gestured to a stone bench that circled the pool. "Come, sit with me. You and I have much to discuss."

Lucario paused in mid-step. "Who are you?" he growled, tentative. "What do you want? What am I doing here?"

The man stood up from the black bench and straightened his robes. "I am the one who saved you. The one's who breath created the oxygen you had once breathed. Who's very will shaped the land. I am Arceus, lord of Sinnoh and its inhabitants."

Lucario blanched, mortified at his treatment towards Arceus. He sank to his knees. "I'm, I'm sorry, Arceus."

Arceus walked over to Lucario and placed a hand on the pokemon's shoulder. "Do not be ashamed. You couldn't have known. Come, we have much to talk about." Arceus helped Lucario up off the floor.

"What is this place?"

"This is the Hall of Origins. My home."

"Am, am I dead?"

"You are, but you're not. You're caught in between the two realms, life and death." Arceus made for Lucario to sit by the pool, but Lucario refused, shaking his head. Arceus shrugged and waved his hand over the pool.

The pool was raised slightly above the ground, ringed by the opalescent rock. The liquid in the pool shimmered and glistened, giving the appearance of molten silver, or mercury. Ripples formed where Arceus moved his hand, and slowly, disjointed images formed. The images were confusing, jumbling and shifting as the liquid undulated. Lucario gingerly stepped forward and watched the pool, mesmerized. Then, the images started to grow familiar to Lucario was able to recognize some of them. Places, people, events, all unfolded before his eyes.

Arceus spoke, shattering the reverie. "In two years time, the pieces will fall in place for the tomb of Sir Aaron to be discovered. The missing link to find it will be found, and perused until the reaches of the earth, unless he finds what the tomb holds."

Lucario raised a quizzical eyebrow. " I'm not sure I understand. Sir Aaron didn't have a tomb. He became one with the Tree. There was no body."

"True, but after the war, many believed Sir Aaron to be a casualty of said war. Three generations later, the Queen Eilsa had a dream, and commanded that a tomb for Sir Aaron to be built. She had it built in a place far from the castle, why no one knew, except for her. She died shortly after the tomb was built, and her brother, King Joseph ruled. The King didn't know where the tomb was, and the workers died before they could reveal it. There is an item hidden at the tomb, one that could mean the fate of the world."

"I do not recall any such item in Aaron's possession. What is it?"

"I cannot say at the moment. To do so would put many at risk." Arceus changed the images in the pool once again, showing a young man, traveling. "He is the key to it all. When the time comes, you must teach him in the ways of the Aura Guardians, and protect him from those who wish him harm. Without him, the world may fall into ruin."

"But, sir, I cannot do this. I am but a student myself. I was never fully trained in the ways of the Aura Guardians," Lucario protested. "How can I do something that even I didn't finish?"he shook his head. "I cannot do this task, lord Arceus. I am sorry."

"Have faith in yourself Lucario, or may I call you by your true name? Blaidd? That is why I'm starting now, to give you time to learn." Arceus. "you are the only one meant to do this. You have connections to both the boy and Sir Aaron. We need you to do this."

Lucario stared at the flowing liquid, unsure and afraid. But if Arceus had faith, then he must too. "Very well, I will do it." Even if it meant joining his friend was put off for a little longer.

Arceus nodded. "Thank you. Your sacrifice means much more than you think." The robes flowed away and his body changed to his elegant equine form, the golden rings around his waist reflecting the color of the beast's eyes. "Now, time for a change of attire." The Hall of Origins blurred and started to spin in Lucario's vision. He swayed and became dizzy and fell to the stone floor, his entire world gone black.


Lucario slowly opened his eyes, to find something tickling his nose. He sneezed and white tufts floated in his line of sight. He groaned and slowly sat upright. He was in the middle of a grassy field, next to a small pond. The white tufts that caused him to sneeze were the seed pods from a dandelion. He rubbed his snout, only to find that there was no longer a snout. What was there was flattened, close to his face and soft. He pulled his paw, only to be seeing a hand.

A human hand to be precise, with four long fingers and a thumb, He stumbled over to the small pond, pushing aside the cattails that lined the pond, and gaped at the reflection in the waters. He was no longer a Lucario, but in fact, a human. His hands flew to his face, feeling the bare, tan skin. He had chiseled features and a hawk like nose, giving Lucario a noble, proud look. His eyes were still the same red hue from his natural form. Raven black locks of hair brushed in his face and he blew them aside. Fur was so much easier to deal with it. He staggered upright on his human legs, realizing that he no longer walked on the balls of his feet, instead, he walked on his whole foot, something he knew he would have to get used to.

He took a quick stock and realized that he was wearing something that brushed against his now furless body: clothes. He was wearing a pair of black pants with a red button down shirt. A long dark grey coat completed the ensemble along with a pair of tennis shoes. "I'm a human," he stated, turning his hands over and studying them.

"Astute observation," Arceus remarked, now back in his human form. Lucario whirled around to face him, fury evident on his human features.

"Turn me back, now," Lucario growled, hands glowing a pale blue, the beginning stages of an 'Aura Sphere' attack. He grabbed Arceus by the pokemon god's robes. "I said turn me back! I don't want to be human!"

Arceus pried off Lucario's iron grip. "I can't do that I need you as a human now, not as a pokemon. If you travel the world as a pokemon, you'll be the target of many trainers. Wild lucario are very rare, and some trainers would give up an arm and a leg to have you. Besides, being a human will allow you to fit in better."

"But I don't want to be, be, this!" Blaidd hissed. "I want to be me!"

"I understand your frustration, I really do. But I make this promise to you. Prove yourself worthy in my eyes by fulfilling this task, and I will be more than willing to change you back."

Blaidd narrowed his red eyes. "Promise?"

Arceus nodded. "Promise. Now, begin you're training and I will call for you when the time is nearing." Arceus gave Blaidd, the lucario turned human, a shove towards a copse of trees. "Now go! Prove yourself worthy of the title Aura Guardian!"

Well, that first chapter went well, didn't it? It's interesting to note that while many stories involve humans turning into pokemon, there is very little that I've seen of pokemon turning (permanently, not like Latios and Latias) into a human. Kind of a new spin on things, don't you think?

Lucario's true name, 'Blaidd', is Welsh for 'wolf'. Welsh and Celtic mythology and language has a prominent influence on my work, in many ways and shapes. My real world name is probably the reason why I'm into this sort of stuff. It has two different meanings in two different, yet similar languages, Welsh, and Gaelic, but I won't say anything more on the subject, it'll give my identity away XD. To pronounce 'Blaidd', it sounds like 'Blaith'. A lot like faith, but only with a 'bl' instead of an 'f'. The 'dd' in the Welsh language is sounded out like 'th'. Or, you could just call him 'blade', if you REALLY wanted too. Both sound pretty cool XD.

Review and constructive criticism are always appreciated!