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Chapter 21

"Well I'm going to go." Said Ally

"Where are you going to?" Asked Amber

"To hang out with a friend of mine." Said Ally despite Amber being a cool person but just like John she also hates every member of Nexus even Justin

"Melina?" Asked Amber

"You bet." Smiled Ally "I'll see you in a couple of weeks on the 900th episode of Raw?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Smiled Amber as Ally left

"Hey girl what took you so long?" Asked Melina as soon as Ally met up with her

"I was hanging out with Amber and watching our brothers' win." Said Ally "And I'm still in shock that Adam won with John."

"I know since when does Adam play fair?" Asked Melina

"Since Kayla wants me to be a face again." Said Adam as he walked up to the group "We got a new storyline."

"It's so I'll be close by you more right?" Asked Ally which she hated being in storylines with Adam

"Bingo." Said Adam "But HE'S in it too along with your boyfriend."

"Does this involve a Justin face turn?" Asked Ally getting her hopes up

"It took a lot to convince Kayla to make Justin face soon so you better love me for this." Said Adam

"I do thank you thank you thank you." Said Ally hugging Adam tightly and jumping up and down excitedly

"Ok who are you and what have you done with my sister?" Asked Adam starting to get scared "She never gets like this."

"She does when she's in love with her boyfriend." Said Ally excitedly "I'm going to meet Justin back at the hotel I'll see you later Adam." Then she left with Melina

After Ally and Melina got back to the hotel Ally went to hers and Justin's room and decided to surprise him so she decided to put on some intimate clothes which was a Black Mint Lace Buster with a matching thong. After she put on the outfit she went in the bathroom to wait on Justin. After about 20 minutes Justin walked in

"Ally?" Asked Justin as soon as he walked in and put his stuff down "Ally are you in here?"

"Right here babe." Smiled Ally as she walked out of the bathroom and Justin was speechless and she walked over to him "You like?"

"I love." Breathed Justin as he kissed Ally lustfully and she kissed back and he picked her up and gently put her on the bed and got on top of her without breaking the kiss then after a few minutes of kissing they broke apart for air and Ally took off Justin's shirt and pants leaving him in his underwear then they went back to kissing then after a few more minutes of kissing Justin went down to her neck and started placing hot kisses on it then he slipped off her buster and smiled at her and she blushed

"Do you like seeing me like this?" Asked Ally as she blushed deeper

"I love seeing you like this Ally you're beautiful." Smiled Justin as he kissed her softly then broke the kiss

"Really?" Smiled Ally

"Of course love." Smiled Justin as he went and sucked on her left nipple and started caressing her right one

"Mmmmmmmm Justin." Moaned Ally as he switched nipples and she moaned louder then he took off her thong and kissed her again and stuck two fingers inside of her and Ally gasped and she moaned louder

"Oh you like that babe?" Asked Justin as he started going hard and fast

"Y…y…..Yes…..babe." Moaned Ally hardly able to speak as Justin went harder and faster and after a few minutes Ally started to tighten up

"J…..Justin…I'm…I'm…..C…..C…..Close." Moaned Ally as she started gripping the sheets

"Then come for me Ally." Said Justin as he started going as hard and fast as he could with his fingers then not long after Ally screamed his name and came. Then Justin removed his fingers and kissed Ally passionately and she kissed him back then after a few minutes of kissing they broke apart and Ally took off his boxers

"I figure your ready are you love?" Breathed Justin

"I am I need you bad Justin." Breathed Ally as she kissed Justin again and when he kissed back in one swift move he entered her and Ally softly screamed as he started to move fast and hard and she started moaning and kissing him every chance she got then about a few hours later of kissing and making love Ally and Justin screamed each other's names and came and Justin turned them over to where they were laying side by side still as one

"Thank you for the nice surprise Love." Smiled Justin

"Anything for you Justin." Smiled Ally "I'm just glad I could please you like that."

"Ally you can always please me." Smiled Justin

"Thank you Love." Smiled Ally as she kissed him "I Love you."

"I Love you too Ally." Smiled Justin as he kissed her and pulled her close to him and they both fell asleep.

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