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Chapter 19: Surprise

Mare's PoV

"Ash, grow up, leave James alone," I ordered Ash. Ash sat down in defeat. I loved him and all but he was truly an idiot. But I guess that's why I love him.

Everyone went quiet, thinking about what James had just announced to the group. All of this confused me. Based on what James said, I might not even be human. I might be some freak of nature that no one had ever discovered. But my mom, she was a Vampire with a specific power. That doesn't make her any less vampire, does it? And my dad, he was human. I'm sure of it. might be wrong. Wait, so does that make me a human/vampire? But I have no vampire abilities. Don't half beings have powers from each kind? Omg, what's with all of these questions. I'm killing my own brain.

I felt a squeeze on my right arm. I looked up. Keller.

"It's gonna be okay Mare, whatever you are, you're still gonna be Mare, always," Keller smiled. I smiled back at her.

"Yeah, we're gonna track that ***** of a mother and bring back the other girls," Ash declared. I just took in what Ash had called my mother.

My mother wasn't always a evil vampire, she use to be sweet, loving and caring, like any other mom. But one day, it all just stopped. I didn't know why.

Everyone else glared at Ash for being so inconsiderate, and James felt the need to round house kick Ash to the next century. We all laughed at that.

"Thanks James," I thanked. "Any time, Mare." I realized that James and I are closer than I even realized. He's like an older brother, even though we haven't been in contact for a very long time. He's still that same boy I knew when I was younger. Except I aged and he's still handsome. Poppy is sure one lucky girl, and he's one lucky guy. Actually, maybe, we're all lucky. All of us here. Poppy, Thea, Rashel, Gillian, Keller, Jez, Hannah, Maggie and along with their soul mates. We all had our ups/downs but I still think we're all made for each other.

A sound from the trees had us all whipping our heads around, it was Ash. He was picking leaves off of his clothes and when I saw him, I immediately got up, and threw my arms around him. He went stiff for a second, then his hands instantly went around me in a protective embrace.

"Ash, you big oaf, why do you say the stupidest things?" I asked against his shoulder.

"Because I know that no matter what I say, you'll always love me," he said with a teasing tone.

I punched him in the arm, and walked back toward the group who all smiled at our little "scene."

Keller's PoV

The exchange between Ash and Mare was heartwarming. Hopefully, Galen and I soon make up. Suddenly the wind around us picked up. Blowing heavily, and the temperature dropped. The scent in the air changed drastically. Everything was mixed together, and determining each others scents was now very difficult.

"What is this wizardry?" Quinn asked.

"She's here." I looked over to James who had just made the statement.

"Who is here?" All the guys beside James asked at once.

"My mother," Mare answered as she got up and sprinted against the wind.

"MARE!" Ash called as he chased after his soul mate.

"Soo.. are we gonna go after them?" Delos asked. We all looked at each other with a look that said,"Nah, let Ash die."

"I wish,"Quinn answered the looks,"But Mare is there too." With that, everyone got up and ran after the couple. I ran behind a tree, and shapeshifted into my panther form and followed the others. As we got closer, a fog started to form, and it soon got so thick that not even my panther eyes let me see 1 meter in front of me. I realized what predicament this was. I was now crippled. My sight was dead, my nose was dead, all I had were my four legs, the only thing that kept me moving blindly into what I knew was a trap. I just hope that everyone else was gonna be okay. And that we would all make it out of this...alive.

Rashel's PoV

The painful images finally subsided, that women was gone for now. I looked over to my friends, they were all unconscious. Clearly, they had been attacked to. I pulled my arms, and realized they were binded together with chains. Even my vampire strength couldn't break them. My throat burned. Damn vampire traits, needing blood to survive. How are we gonna get out of this I wondered. Oh, Quinn, I really wish I could be in your arms right now. I really, really do. The door suddenly broke down and my thoughts dispersed. I looked at the figure appearing.

"Quinn?" I asked with surprise.

"Did someone call for a rescue team?" He smiled a brilliant smile.

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