A/N: This should be pretty multi-chaptered. Maybe about six or seven at most. Anyways, I had just been wondering what would happen if The A-Team split up! It'd be pretty bad, in my opinion, so I decided to write this up, so I hope you enjoy!

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Hollywood Blvd. was streaming with people and cars, limos and a certain red and white Corvette. The driver turned his attention to his passenger, a young girl with wavy blond hair and too-large-for-her-face sunglasses that reflected his handsome face as he inched closer to her.

Their lips were about to make contact when she shoved him away and pointed quickly at the light, which was now green.

"Face, drive!" She squealed, falling back into her seat as he pushed the gas. They cruised down the road, Face trying to locate the correct building he was taking his girlfriend to for her birthday: the Mall.

She was quiet, also watching out for it. The silence made Face's mind start backtracking, thinking of the one thing he had been trying not to think of since it happened.

He watched, still in pain, as the black van with the red stripe sped off, kicking up the dirt from the road. It would never come to find him again, not Hannibal, and not Murdock. B.A. claimed he had more important things to be doing, helping out at children's centers world-wide.

Hannibal's new girlfriend was someone he just wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Who he could always be with, not have to travel halfway across the world for a long time before he got to see her again. Face couldn't really blame him, she was a wonderful girl. But still...

Murdock had watched the scene with his big eyes, this time they were displaying the true emotion: depression. He couldn't believe it as much as Face could. But they would have seen it coming. After ten years, they were doing what Murdock had always feared to most; splitting.

Face knew how he felt, the sorrow and the pain that had bubbled in his chest. This was his family, and now it was over. He was moving on back to L.A. and Murdock was being shipped back to that mental hospital. And Face knew how much the pilot feared that.

Hannibal was getting into the car his girlfriend had driven up into pick him up for their happily ever after. Murdock and Face stood by as he waved to them and they drove off down the road. They had all said their goodbyes, all wished eachother luck. Maybe they aren't quite free men yet, but they can still make the most of it. Right?

Murdock and Face got into the Vette, Face turning the keys and heading off opposite Hannibal and B.A., towards California. Towards where he would drop Murdock off at the VA and move on with his life. It was a quiet ride, Murdock didn't sing or so much as make a noise when he breathed. All he did was sit silently, staring blankly out the windshield. Face stopped glancing over at him, stopped expecting something random to come from his mouth.

They finally pulled into the parking area and Face walked Murdock into the building, checking him in and giving Murdock a goodbye hug. Then he left the pilot staring after him, begging him mentally to come back. Begging them all to come back.

And for almost two years, they never did...