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You smile as you hand the piping hot coffee to the tall man in front of you, who nods while thanking you, then walks away with a smug smile. You purse your lips, your breath becomes ragged, wondering if he knows your dirty little secret.

Then you shake your head, knowing that there was no way he could possibly have found out. Your other job is very discreet, and you only work with one person. You smile upon thinking of that person, who swore that the truth about you would never be spoken.

The next customer chatters on the cell phone resting in her perfectly manicured hand, motioning towards the frappe machine, letting you know what she wanted. Of course, she was a teenage girl, talking about the biggest news around town.

"I know! Who would think that Shane Gray would come here? We live in nowhere-ville. But who's complaining? If I meet him, then who really cares?"

As you finish putting the whipped cream on the obsessive fan girl's frappe, you can't help but roll your eyes. Sure, Shane Gray was one of the hottest guys on the planet, but he was still a person. A normal person who breathed the same air as everyone else.

You clear your throat, indicating the blonde that her drink is ready and she hands you a ten dollar bill, walking away.

Your eyes widen as you put the cash in and take out five dollars in change. Smiling, you pocket the change, feeling better knowing that Cassidy will have money to buy lunch tomorrow.

Cassidy is your fifteen year old sister, a freshmen in high school, placed under your care since you were ten years older than her and the only person allowed to take care of her legally.

You tense as you wipe the countertop clean, remembering the horrible tragedy that put you in the position of having responsibility of someone other than yourself, hence you getting a second job.

Smirking lightly, you know your parents are probably very disappointed in you, but what else could you do? You had been placed in charge of your younger sister and the wage at Decadents Coffee House wasn't enough for rent, tuition, food, and clothing.

So you looked for another job and something caught your eye. As you had gotten the job over the phone, you were excited. Finally, there would be enough money for everything without holding back.

The next day, you drove down to the office, which was set up as a nail salon and signed the contract.

Two days after that, the woman in charge called and told you that you had already been selected for a job. She gave the address, the time to show up, and a simple good luck.

You had served coffee all day long that day, had picked up Cassidy from school, dropped her home, then headed towards your destination. Just as you parked, you had become nervous, your skin suddenly paling, and your leg started bouncing in anticipation.

Closing your eyes, the only thing you had thought about was Cassidy, how she needed the money to become a strong, educated girl. So you went inside, and stripped down to the clothes you had been given in the lobby bathroom, then proceeded to the elevator, pulling your jacket around your body tightly. Your hand shook as you knocked on the door for the first time, getting a "Who is it?" from inside.

You took a deep breath and decided to be brave. "Aurora."

"Come in!"

You opened the door, entered the large suite, then shut the door, setting your belongings on the floor and sliding your jacket off, shivering from the sudden cold.

It was dark in the room, and you saw his outline for the first time, sitting on the bed, waiting.

You could see his broad shoulders, his strong biceps, the fine curls in his hair. Suddenly you weren't shaking anymore, and you felt confident. You walked closer to him, kissing him tenderly, earning a groan, which made you even more sure of yourself.

You had been a tramp that night. You had become a person your parents would have hated. But most importantly, you weren't just Mitchie Torres anymore. You were Aurora Cher.

Though Aurora was just your alias, you swear that her confidence was real and had somehow rubbed off on you. Or maybe it was him. The man that had hired you as his personal 'care taker' whenever he was in town.

He paid you well every time you came by, giving you five hundred and a very generous tip. Sometimes you felt guilty, taking so much money from him, but realizing that he wouldn't have given it to you if you didn't deserve it. So you took it home, gave Cassidy an allowance, thanking your lucky stars that she was too busy counting the cash to even care where you got it from.

It was those days when you didn't have second thoughts. The days when you could go out to eat steak with your bubbly younger sister, ordering what ever you liked. The days when you would proudly drop off Cassidy's tuition early. Those days made you feel normal, happy. They made you forget where the money came from.

But at the end of each week, you would sit down and remember what you did to earn that money. You'd feel bad, but then you'd blush and realize that it actually felt good. Having the money and earning it. You would twiddle your fingers, thinking that it wasn't that bad. He didn't hurt you. He was quite gentle, he was kind. He was the complete opposite of what you expected.

Sometimes you laughed at yourself, thinking that you were falling in love with him. You barely knew him. Yet he made you forget all your problems and insecurities.

"Mitchie? Hello? Time to close up."

Caitlyn, your best friend and Decadents' assistant manger, brings you back to life and out of your reminiscing. You look at the time and notice that, indeed, it is time to close the shop. Then you smile, remembering.

He is here tonight.

He is going to make the day's stress fade away.

And you can't wait.

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