Okay, like many of my stories, this idea came about from boredom. So I was in Drama and we had to watch this super old movie called Princess Bride, and it gave me an Idea for a Jasper/Bella story, I've never done J/B before, so just roll with it. (Also, I'm not very experienced in this form of writing, so yeah)


In the early 1800's lived a young girl. Isabella. She lived in the country of Texas and enjoyed riding her horse, she spent many a hour riding around her father's property on her great stallion.
"Farm Boy" Isabella said, demounting her horse, "Please polish Max's saddle, I expect to be able to see my face in it by the morn"
"As you wish" The young man said, Isabella turned on her heel and skipped off to her house.

The farm boy, Jasper Whitlock was a young lad. With shiny blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, but Isabella never noticed this. He was just the farm boy. Jasper never said anything other than 'As you wish' to Isabella.

"Farm boy! Go fetch some water" Isabella said, coming over to where Jasper was chopping wood, "Please" she added shyly on the end,
"As you wish" He replied, Isabella walked off, but looked behind her. Taking a sneak peak at the farm boy, Jasper never spoke more than three words to Isabella. But they were falling in love.

Jasper came in carrying fire wood, young Isabella was preparing dinner.
"Farm boy!" Isabella called, before he could leave again, Jasper looked at her expectantly, "Fetch me that pitcher" She said gently motioning to the pitcher hanging up with her head. Jasper walked over slowly, then reached behind Isabella taking the pitcher off the hook,
"As you wish" He murmured, his blue eyes burning into Isabella's brown ones.

From then, they were always together. It was true love.