Chapter 8

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You're so delicious
you're so soft
sweet on the tip of my tongue
you taste like sunlight
and strawberry bubble gum
you bite my lip
you spike my blood
you make my heart beat faster
own me, you own
you rattle my bones
you turn me over and over
'till I can't control myself

Faster by Matt Nathanson

"Bella…is that you?" I call out after I hear the door close and keys hit the table just inside it.

"Yeah, it's me, you decent?" she says, as if I'm never decent, which I have to admit, I'm not usually.

"Uh, maybe, are you trying to say I shouldn't come out there with just my towel on?"

She busts out laughing at our little joke, remembering back to the day we first met.

I love her laugh; it's one of the things that I love most about her, hearing it makes my heart swell with happiness. Over the last few months, I have been lucky enough to hear it and be the reason for it.

Yes, I know it's sappy as hell, but fuck, this girl makes me feel things and say shit I've never done before.

As I go down the stairs, with shorts on just to be on the safe side, I see her holding a box of some sort and my curiosity is peaked. I vaguely recognize the box with the green lettering on top.

"Whatcha got there dahling?" I ask like a good ol' country boy, something I always fail at miserably, but she laughs at anyways.

"Oh, nothing much, just something I picked up. I was passing it on my way home from work and had a hankering." She is grinning so big, it could only rival that of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"Hmm, care to share, or do I have to fight ya for it?" I smirk at her, knowing how much she loves this little smirk of mine, "You know I would win right?"

"Oh, I'll share, but you have to sit on the couch and close your eyes. No, peeking… or you won't get what I have, and trust me, you want what I have to give baby."

I raise my eyebrow in question, but give in to her demands and sit on the couch, legs out in front, eyes closed. Well, kind of, I put my hands up and open my fingers slightly to peek through, trying to sneak a glimpse of what she is doing. It does me no good, all I can see, not that I would ever complain, is her ass right in front of me, bent over, fucking with something on the coffee table. I hear noise and assume it's the box and some kind of paper inside. She turns her head a little to check on me and catches me looking through my fingers.

"Mr. Cullen, tsk, tsk..." she says with a grin, shaking her head "I warned you… if you're not going to listen then I'm not going to share with you."

I laugh and do a little pout, hoping to look cute and close my fingers as fast as possible; I definitely want her to share with me. She pulls my hands down, one at a time with one hand, I'm assuming her other hand is holding whatever the surprise is.

"Are you wearing a new perfume? It smells yummy, almost like cupcakes, or cake or cookies. Hmm, I could just have you for dessert!" I say to her waggling my eyebrows like some villain.

"Nope, no new perfume, but you won't find out what the smell is if you don't stop it. I can't concentrate with you making me laugh so much."

I can only smile at that, I love the reactions I get out of her. Sometimes it's just a matter of an eye movement or a lip twitch and I have her laughing so hard she can't stop.

With my hands down by my side I sense her nearing closer to me, and then she straddles my lap, putting one leg over each side of me. Hmm, the warmth of her body permeating through her outfit she wears to massage, and my thin basketball shorts, it's heavenly and extremely hard to concentrate on what else she is doing.

The sweet smell is even stronger now; I keep getting really deep whiffs of it, just as I thought, it is the smell of cupcakes. Hmm, must be lip gloss, some of those are really potent in smell and taste. Her favorite one she likes to tease me with is the cupcake one, so I'm excited because this means we're going to have a make out session and usually that leads to a little bit more fun.

A couple more seconds pass and I feel something on my lips, what I assume is lip gloss but isn't, it feels too thick. I lick my lips a little and taste the sweetness, the creaminess, the smoothness of icing. Oh, cream cheese icing, my favorite.

She rubs her fingers on my lips again and I lick them more this time. Her finger is still lingering on my lips as I do and I take it into my mouth gently and suck off the remaining icing. Then, she takes a piece of the cupcake and puts in my mouth, I start chewing, enjoying the delicious taste of it, the moistness, and the denseness of it making me moan.

All of a sudden I bust out laughing, a memory popping into my head, the cupcake, the moaning, the teasing, the straddling… it all took me back to a memory I would forever cherish. In the middle of laughing I open my eyes and look at Bella, who is staring at me like I'm mad or something.

"What are you laughing at?" Bella asks as she looks at me, "Have you suddenly lost your mind completely?"

"No, I was just thinking of our first time together. That night at the airport, what happened when we got carried away and then when you saw the security guard..."

"Oh…yeah, oh my God, I will never forget that night. I almost pissed myself when I saw him walking up. I'm glad I did though, could you imagine what would have happened if I hadn't? Glad he let us off with a warning, though I know you weren't exactly happy, considering I about knocked your schlong off." She starts giggling but then it turns into a laugh like mine.

"What the fuck did you just call my cock? A schlong? Where the hell did you come up with that? Sounds like something from "Wayne's World". Have you been watching reruns of Saturday Night Live or something?"

"Oh, Emmett and Rose were watching the movie when you dropped me off the other night. I sat down and started watching it with them, it's funny as hell."

"But schlong?"

"Yes, schlong."

"Okay, just please don't call it that again, well at least not while we're having fun." I wink at her.

"Oh, do you mean like the fun we had that night?"

"I don't know what you're talking about…" I smirk at her.

"Uh huh…I know I haven't forgotten about it, there's no way in hell you have."

"Of course I haven't forgotten about it…" giving her a big ass smile, "that was the first time I got to do what I'd wanted to since the first day I laid eyes on you. Not to mention, it was quite spectacular if I do say so myself." I don't get the response I have come to expect when I say things like that about myself, she's being awfully quiet.

I look over and she is staring off into space. Thinking about the beginning of us? The beginning of a great sexual relationship? Not that it's the only thing we have. Fuck, we are so good together it's scary.

I remember it vividly, after we got our stuff together and got in the car, I hauled ass out of there as fast but as safe as possible. I didn't want to take any chances, not having to pay the toll thanks to my express pass made it a lot easier to get the fuck out of there. I went to the first place I could think of, the place that I love to go to besides the airport.

The beach; I love the beach, its calm and relaxing and in some ways a sanctuary from life. What better place to go after almost getting in deep shit. A place to calm my nerves, wind down, and spend time with this beautiful woman beside me.

I was full of adrenaline at the time so I was a bit on edge. I was still horny as fuck, maybe even more so, even after getting kicked and feeling like someone punched me in the gut with a two by four. I don't think I'd ever not be turned on with Bella around.

Before we could even make it completely out of the airport my hand was on her thigh. I had to touch her, to feel her skin underneath my hand, to feel some kind of connection between us somehow, my body was aching to feel her anyway it could. How I could want someone the way I want her after such a short amount of time was mind blowing to me. To this day I still don't understand it and I'm not sure I ever will.

My adrenaline can get the best of me, for better or for worse. Of course what I wanted to do would have been the better version. However, driving my car, going down the road, it wouldn't have worked out. So the next best thing was to touch her, feel her, have the warmth of her body under my fingertips to ground me, keep me from going overboard. Not to mention it kept me from speeding like hell more than I already was, I didn't want to deal with a ticket after that ordeal.

We ended up at the beach and walked toward the pier. We passed by a couple of pavilions and the last one in sight, she pulled us into. It was dark; the only light was from the moon which wasn't very bright at all, so we had some privacy. I immediately grabbed her and kissed the ever living hell out of her. I needed more than the touch I had in the car. I had to hold her, taste her, and really feel her. I started to back up towards the picnic table that was to my back and my knees hit the seat part. I stopped kissing her just long enough to pull myself onto the table part and then pull her between my legs, we were perfect height like this for me to get close to her and kiss her deeply without having to bend down.

Our hands were roaming all over each other's faces, arms, and different body parts. All but the one I wanted to be touching and wanted her to be paying attention to as well. Her hands were on my thighs grasping them, holding her steady as I kissed her as deep as my body would allow and her body would give. Just feeling her hands there did things to my cock, it had no recollection of the pain it had endured not too long before, and it was getting harder with every second that passed. Fuck, it would probably pulverize a fucking diamond it was getting so fucking hard.

Have I ever said how much this fucking woman shocks the hell out of me sometimes? Not even known each other for a week and she has bewildered me more than any other person I have known in my life. She didn't disappoint that night either.

While my mind was going a million a miles an hour of what all I wanted to do to her, she stopped kissing me. I slightly groaned at the loss of her lips and the warmth of her mouth. She moved her hands to my chest and pushed me back, kneeling on the seat of the picnic table.

She didn't waste time, she had a mission and she was going to accomplish it. She unbuttoned my shorts, pulled my boxers down, and grabbed my cock. Not just a gentle touch, to feel it, to see what it was all about. No, she wasn't marveling at it or ogling it either. She had that mother fucker gripped in her hand, putting just the right amount of pressure on it. She tugged it a little to free it from my boxers and started to stroke it.

All I could do was let out a low moan and lay back. Fuck, it had been too long since it had had any attention. I was relishing in the attention it was getting, even if it was just her hand.

Then, warm, wet….warm…did I mention warm and wet and pressure, lots of warm, wet pressure on my cock. Talk about being surprised!

My head came up so fucking fast I got a little light headed. I had to see what the fuck was going on. I swear my eyes were like the cartoon ones where they bug out and do that whole thing like Jim Carrey does in The Mask.

At first, all I saw was the top of her head slightly bobbing up and down. Then, as if she could sense that I was watching her, she looked up at me, her eyes dark with lust looking at me under hooded eyelids. She was smiling, well as much as possible with my cock in her mouth. It was beautiful, what I could see of it. She still had my cock gripped in her hand but she was sucking, licking, and grazing her teeth up and down the length of it. I couldn't hold my head up anymore. The overwhelming feeling of pleasure literally knocked me back down. All I could do was try to control my moaning, I still had some sense that we were in public, it was difficult as hell, but I didn't want to have another encounter with a security guard or worse, a police officer.

Her mouth felt so fucking good; the wetness, the heat, the feel of her tongue, and damn the sucking and licking it could do. Call me biased, but it was the best thing to ever touch my cock. My breath caught in my throat a couple times it was so fucking awesome. Her hands covered what her mouth couldn't, but that didn't mean that her mouth didn't touch every inch of my cock. She licked me and teased me, nibbled on the underside, and then would lick up and down; she then lightly scraped her teeth just right. It felt so fucking unbelievable. She really and I mean really knew what she was doing. She would take my balls into her mouth and hum, which almost sent me over the edge many times, but she would stop right when I got to that point, look up and give me a little smirk. She knew what she was doing to me and was enjoying every second of it. She would bring me to the brink only to have me gasp in need and want for her to finish. It was so much wonderful torture. I had never ever had a girl give me a blow job like she did.

My mind was reeling the whole time. Wondering what in the hell I did to deserve this kind of treatment, whatever it was…I'll sure as hell be doing it more often. I could have lain there all night letting her continue, but I wanted her, I wanted to feel more than her mouth, so I sat up, grabbed her by the sides of her face, brought those luscious, plump lips of hers to me and kissed the hell out of her. From her face, my hands roamed to her neck, caressing it and feeling the skin underneath her long hair. I tore myself away from kissing her to taste her skin, to smell her up close, to feel her under my own lips. I wanted to experience all of her; I continued to taste her skin as far as her clothes would allow me. When I hit my limit, I drew back, looked her in the eyes and knew that instant what I wanted to do.

I stood up and fixed myself, an idea popping into my head almost instantly. Thinking of what I had in my car, I knew what I was going to do, I only hoped I could pull it off and surprise her the way she had surprised me.

We went to the sidewalk right in front of my car. I had her stand there with her back facing away from me. I had to try to do this as stealthily as possible. I grabbed what I need out of the trunk of my car, then went and grabbed her, squatting down so that her waist would hit my shoulder and picked her up.

She was not expecting it so she let out a screech, and I was thankful at that moment that her mouth was nowhere near my ears, I would have surely been deaf. She started flailing her legs and hitting me on the ass, telling me to put her down.

"Bella, stop hitting me, you're going to make me drop you." I said while laughing my ass off at the same time.

"Trust me! This is for your own good. We'll get to where we're going faster if you just chill out; now if you're eyes aren't closed, please close them. I don't want you to spoil your surprise."

I kept walking with her over my shoulder. She is far from a tiny, wispy thing but she was even further from being heavy. She definitely was perfect in my arms, even if was over my shoulder. I could carry her like this all day, even in the sand, which was proving to be a workout on its own.

Finally after a couple minutes of walking I found what I was looking for, a nice space to lay the blanket from my car down. I gently put Bella down on her feet, giving her instructions not to open her eyes 'til I told her to. I then proceeded to lay the blanket down, along with a bag that held a few items that would hopefully be needed and the remains of our desserts.

After everything is ready, I pick Bella back up, using both arms this time, cradling her to my chest, kneeling down to the blanket and gently lay her on it telling her she could open her eyes.

As she looks up, I was hovering above her off to the side. I want her to see the stars, which is usually hard to do in the city, but out here by the water, with little to no light, they were much easier to see.

Her reaction as always was one I would never forget. She smiled and reached up to grab me around my neck and pulled me down to her and gently kissed me on my lips. I pulled back a little to look at her, I was thankful that the moon was out and high now, it gave me a little light to see her with. She sat up on her elbows, checking out where we were.

"Edward…" came out of her mouth softly, almost in a whisper.

"So, I know we didn't get to finish our dessert earlier, I thought we could finish it out here, watching the water and looking at the stars." I was speaking low, not wanting to disrupt the quietness around us, between us.

"Oh my god Edward, this is… I don't quite know what to say. I did not expect to be doing this on our date, but it's lovely, it's gorgeous out here and the stars, oh my god, so many stars. Thank you. I have wanted to do this since I moved here. Thank you so much."

I didn't realize that having cupcakes and looking at stars would make her that happy but I was beyond ecstatic to have made her this happy.

"Bella, you are beyond welcome, but I have to say, the only thing that is gorgeous out here to me, is you."

She gives me a look that a girl gives when she thinks you're giving her a line and raised her eyebrow.

"Really, Edward? Can you get anymore cornier? As far as lines go, that has to be one of the best I've ever heard."

"Bella, Bella, Bella, my gorgeous date… that was not a line. I mean it; you are the most beautiful thing out here. Yes the stars are amazing, the quietness is wonderful, and the water is pretty, but you, you are gorgeous, you are beyond amazing, and you definitely surpass pretty. Now quietness, I'm sorry but I can't come up with something to compete for that one… I haven't quite experienced quietness with you."

She looks at me like she can't believe what I just said, and starts laughing.

"Yeah I guess you're right, I'm not exactly the quiet type. But the other stuff, Edward, if I wasn't so happy right now, among other things, I would definitely be crying."

We sit for a couple seconds, letting our breath be the only thing heard along with the water sloshing on shore. I sat down on my ass, and decided to break the silence, the quietness.

"As I was saying, we didn't have our dessert, so I brought it out here so we could finish it." I reach in and grab the box of cupcakes and open them, only to notice that I hadn't thought about what cupcakes in a box that is meant to lay flat would look like after being jostled in a backpack. There was icing everywhere, on the lid of the box, on the other cupcakes, inside the box and now on my fingers after trying to move them around to situate them.

After I was done, I went to lick my fingers to get the icing off. Only, I was stopped mid way by Bella grabbing my arm and pulling my hand over to her mouth. Her glorious fucking mouth that just had my cock in it not even ten minutes ago. She took my thumb first and sucked off all the icing, then proceeded to my index finger, which had even more icing on it and slowly, torturously licked the icing off that finger.

I had totally lost all sense of where we were and let out a loud moan. I swear to all that is holy, people on the other side of the state had to have heard me moan. She pulled my finger out of her mouth to chuckle at me and give me her shit eating grin; she fucking knew what she was doing to me.

She had a bit of icing on her lips, so with my other hand I grab her face tenderly but with eagerness and suck it off; first off the top lip, then her bottom lip. After that, dessert was the furthest thing from our minds. I toss the box to the side, not caring what happens to it, grab her by the waist and set her in my lap.

I hold her face in my hands, one on each side and pull her lips to mine and kiss her as deep as I can possibly get. It was like heaven, feeling the softness of her lips, the warmth and the sweetness. Her hands somehow find their way to the back of my head and neck, her fingers intertwine into my hair, slightly tugging on it while at the same time closing the distance between us. We both were frantic with the need to kiss and taste each other, to let some of the sexual energy we were feeling be let loose. It was there and it was thick and no, I'm not talking about my cock, even though yes that is thick thank you very much.

Almost like we were sharing the same thoughts, we pull apart, taking a deep breath. Slowly opening my eyes I find that hers are still closed, her tongue licking her lips and then biting the bottom one, with a huge smile on her face. My face is warm with pleasure, with lust, with desire; I could feel my cheeks burning from smiling so hard. While admiring her, beautiful eyes open and she looks directly at me. I can see the lust there again, the same lust that was there when she was giving me the best blow job ever.

She adjusts herself to straddle me, just like at the airport and that's when I suddenly remember that she is commando; not only commando, but bare as fucking hell. She wiggles her ass on me, against the hard-on that she can obviously feel as that thought flits through my mind. My eyes roll into the back of my head at the feel of it, knowing what is near, knowing how close to being inside her sweet pussy it is.

I want to pleasure her, give her the same kind of pleasure she had given me. My hands are on her knees, her skirt is hiked up, it's too dark for me to see anything, but I don't need light for me to feel. I slide one hand down her thigh, slowly, teasing her, while my other hand is at her side. I work my hand down until I can feel the heat coming from her, coming from the very place I want to caress…to touch… fuck, just to make her feel incredible..

Our eyes still locked together, her breathing quickens, her chest moving up and down with each breath she takes. I finally reach her pussy and am in awe of what awaits me. She is fucking wet; not just a little wet; but dripping, soaking, wet. If she were to squeeze her legs together, I'm sure it would come running down her thighs, her smooth, muscular, thick thighs. I lightly touch her, running my finger on the outside of her lips, feeling how smooth, wet and thick they are.

Just from feeling her pussy, I can tell it's amazing. I slide a finger pass the lips and enter her, she gasps as I do and it's so erotic to hear. As I go deeper feeling how hot and wet she is for me inside, she lets out a tiny moan. She is silky smooth, tight, and my finger feels like it's in heaven. I go for the place that I know all women love having stroked, her g-spot.

Holding onto me with one hand, she starts rocking her hips, matching my movements and she is on the verge of cumming. I stop, pausing just for a second; I want to build this up for her, make her have an amazing orgasm. I pull my finger out and bring it up to my face, I want to smell and taste her. I suck on it, tasting and smelling her at the same time, realizing that I was also sucking on the same finger that her own mouth had been on.

If I could bottle that scent and taste, I wouldn't know what to do. There is nothing that could ever compare to it, that's for damn sure. Wanting to bring her to her climax, I attempt to slide my fingers in her again, but she grabs my wrist and stops me.

"More, Edward, I want more. I love your fingers, but I want to feel something harder and thicker, and a hell of a lot longer." Fuck, I have never had a woman ask for my cock like that. At the shock of her demand, I check to make sure my mouth isn't hanging wide open.

"Bella… fuck woman, you have no idea what you do to me… fuck." She has me all flustered but I reach back into my bag and grab a condom, then lay back so I can undo my shorts but she stops me.

"No, let me do that," she says with her tongue sticking out between her lips, then grabs the condom, opens it and proceeds to undo my shorts, which makes me even harder. Grabbing my cock like she did earlier, she opens the condom and slides it on; moving her hands up and down, making sure it's set.

She gets to her knees and straddles me, I lean back a little and she scoots up to hover over my cock, teasing her entrance with the tip, spreading her juices all over, sliding down more and more with each pass she makes.

"Fuck me!" She slides her wet, hot pussy down my cock and I am lost, lost in the world, lost in Bella, lost in her pussy. The feeling is beyond overwhelming. She starts to slide forward and I have to stop her before it's over sooner than it starts. I grab her waist and help her with the rhythm between our bodies, enjoying every little feel of her inside. The way her pussy is gripping my cock with the strong ass muscles, squeezing it, the way the lips feel as she moves. My cock finally hits the end of her pusshy, there is no where else for me to go inside her, and I'm still not completely in her, but she starts riding me, pumping my cock with her amazing pussy, grabbing my chest, her fingers wrapping into my shirt, my fingers are on her waist. I'm feeling so fucking good I'm afraid that she'll have finger bruises tomorrow but I can't help it, I can't let go, I want more of her. Somehow, she stretches herself and I am completely inside of her and the feeling is even more, I don't know how to explain it other than it's more. More of her, more heat, more wetness. I feel her shuddering, feel her little orgasms, and feel her tightening as she rides me.

I notice she is getting tired, so I sit up, with her still on me, I wrap both my arms around her and hope that when I roll over, her legs wrap around me because I do not want to lose this feeling, to lose the way I am inside of her. I grab her and flip her over to lie on the blanket, making sure that her ass is not anywhere near sand; I don't want any part of this to be unpleasant for her. After getting situated, I pull out of her a little just to feel the friction, to feel how hot she is again and again. The sensation is like nothing I have ever felt in my life. My senses, all of them, feel so overloaded.

She gasps and moans and bites her lips over and over. A couple times I hear my name slip from her beautiful mouth. But mostly it's "Oh God" over and over or "Shit, Fuck, Damn, More". The way she is with me fucking her is beautiful. It's not making love but it's not just a fuck either. There's more there, that we haven't yet explored, this is just the beginning, the opening to what will be. I can feel it, through my whole being.

I focus on making her come, on giving her what I hope will be an amazing orgasm, or at least one she won't soon forget. Her back is arching a little, she is matching me thrust for thrust, I love that she isn't just laying there, she is enjoying herself, seeing that brings me closer to my own release, but I'm going to try to hold on as long as I can, I want her to have this, to feel so amazing.

She starts panting more and more, her head is tilted back and she is moaning, not loud but enough that if someone walks by they'd know what we are doing. I feel her pussy tightening and squeezing me over and over, squeezing the life out of it.

"More Edward….harder, harder, please….I'm…almost… fuck, me harder, there. Gaaah, fuck, fuck, fuck…. fuck me Edward…." And I do… just as she asked, I grab her waist driving my cock into her as hard as I can, without doing damage to her or myself, making my thrusts shorter but faster, feeling her, the tip of cock hitting her over and over, bringing me to the brink of my orgasm.

Just as I am about to come myself I feel her pussy spasm the hardest yet and a low but continuous moan from the sexy woman before me, her body shuddering, her legs shaking from the intensity of her orgasm, a couple seconds later, I let out a moan myself, releasing what has been waiting and needing to be let go of since I first laid eyes on her, wanting her.

In its place though, is the desire to have her; sexually, emotionally, mentally, any way she'll allow me to, any way I can get her. This woman has me by the balls as the saying goes; I just hope she doesn't squeeze them off along with my heart.

So far, she has been delicate with my heart and treating my balls with great care, no fuck that, with the utmost wonderful care I could ever want.

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