Rise of Darkness

Chapter 1: The Dark Beginning

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Severus sprinted towards the fireplace after portkeying home from the latest and most shocking deatheater meeting yet. He thought it was just another simple 'hide in the background while the dark lord seethed over a failed raid' where said person would punish the ones who failed. But to his, and all the other deatheaters' surprise, a new person had joined in the meeting, someone whom the dark lord listened to above the others.

"I don't mean to brag but… I told you so,"

The mans voice echoed in his mind, the image of him reading the daily prophet while Voldemort seethed at his men lingered in his head.

"Who do you think you are? Talking to the dark lord like tha-" The deatheater never had a chance as wandless cutting curse from the man took his head.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce my right hand man," Voldemort's tone was sickening, full of arrogance and pride.

The man laughed under his solid black mask and cloak.

Voldemort's right hand man… the order needed to know of this, if he was powerful enough for the dark lord to make him his most trusted then the fact that no one knew about him was scary. For Voldemort to have a powerful alley and keep him hidden…

Reaching for his floo, Snape threw it into the fire and said the name of the orders headquarters, disappearing into the green flames.


Voldemort sat on his large comfortable armchair with a glass of wine in one hand, swirling it absently while looking into the fire of the library fireplace. Beside him, sat the person he trusted over everyone else, reading the bottle of wine.

"Damn things older that that old fool," he absently mused, whiles taking a sip, only to curl his lips at the taste, "Too sweet for me, I'd rather it burn on the way down."

The dark lord ignored his rambling for a minute until silence reigned, "So tell me about your plan and why it was important to reveal you to the inner and outer circle,"

The man smirked, the fire casting a shadow over his eyes, "The possibility of a traitor being in the inner circle is low, the only real rat being the sniveling little waste of skin being wormtail. Your inner circle is like a snake pit, and like in nature, it's hard to send a rat into the snake pit,"

Voldemort smirked, "How true,"

The man smirked and chuckled, "Funny, the king of the snake pit having his very own pet mouse,"

The dark lord's smirk widened at the joke.

"But to reveal me only to the inner circle would do little. Revealing me to both the inner and outer circle will give the pawns a large boost in moral, knowing that you have another powerful wizard standing behind you. It will also breed fear when the rats tell their masters of my existence. If it's one thing the forces of fear, it's losing a powerful wizard or witch to darkness."

"So your plan was to boost the moral of the deatheaters and scare the fool in the ministry and that pathetic old man?" asked the snake-like man.

"No… that was simply a positive side effect for our side," the man said, "In the future, when the fact that I am your heir is revealed, the old fool will scramble to 'save' me and use me against you. That will put me in the perfect position to destroy them from within and get my revenge on the Potters."

A pair of cruel mix-matched emerald green and ruby red eyes gleamed from the shadows.

"Soon father, our conquest of Wizarding England will be complete and we will both have our revenge.

The fire flared violently, lighting up the young mans combed black hair and the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Voldemort looked at his heir with pride filled eyes, it had been nine whole years since he and his familiar had found the boy, half starved and nearly frozen to death in the snow covered forest around his keep. He had instantly recognized him as Harry Potter when he saw the lightning bolt shaped scar upon his forehead. A scar that he himself had given the child five years prior when he tried to kill him with the killing curse, only to have it rebound and banish him from the area. It didn't kill him, but burnt his clothing to ashes, leaving him nude in a forest where he had to apparate home.

Before the child woke up, he was planning on killing the child, declaring that Rose Potter, the so-called girl-who-lived was a fake while Harry was the real chosen one, then proving it by killing the girl too. But to his surprise, the boy turned out to be a bundle of loneliness and anger, a deadly combination that if left unchecked, could breed pure evil.

Faced with this discovery, Voldemort did what any intelligent dark lord would do, he adopted the boy. Harry proved to be vicious even in his childhood punishing any house elf that screwed up and seeing as he didn't have a wand, used his fists beating the elf until it whimpered for mercy. Straight away, Voldemort started teaching his new son anything he could and to his surprise, found that Harry had already been reading books from the Potter library on anything magic related.

When he was eight, Harry mellowed out slightly, much to the silent relief of the elves but at the same time, found that he quite enjoyed torture, hiding in the shadows and watching his father punish his underlings when they failed. But as neat and amazing as magical torture was with the unforgivable, Harry quickly found it getting old so he threw himself into his studies.

At the age of nine, he got his first real wand, allowing him to practice any spells he could with his father. That quickly led to a fascination with lightning spells, which gave the elves a new fear of him.

At the age of ten, Harry was learning at a fourth-years level and found that he had a talent for wizards chess, using complex plans to win games against a board spelled to give even Voldemort a challenge. This gave Harry a chance to help his father with planning raids, which turned out to have a higher chance of success than when it was just the inner circle planning.

By the time he was thirteen, he had already completed all his studies, could fight his father to an acceptable level with magic only, and was helping Voldemort run the show from behind the scenes. Helping expand his power with organizing a few smuggling rings to import stuff for deatheater use, such as illegal potions and ingredients or objects like Dragon eggs to sell in Knockturn alley.

Voldemort had originally wanted to reveal his heir that year, but when Harry pointed out that it was best for him to remain hidden for the time, he agreed. Instead choosing to have Harry hunt down anyone that abandoned the cause and kill him or her from the shadows. Spreading fear among the ranks of an assassin whom killed all the unworthy and un-loyal members.

He was the best son a dark lord could ask for, but at times, when under extreme stress or anger, Harry would become enraged, throwing spells left and right at the object of his ire. Something that he had really been able to control nowadays, seeing as he had matured and was now a perfect Slytherin.

Harry handed the bottle back to his father who poured himself another glass.

"The smuggling team is beginning to get greedy father, I've notice a few decreases in the profits," Harry spoke while standing up, "We are expecting the team to arrive by the end of the week with their latest shipment."

"We do not tolerate greedy swine stealing from us Harry, get rid of them." Voldemort hissed.

Harry walked around with his hands behind his back, his body hidden in shadows. "Do not worry father, I'm planning on it but I wish for their punishment to be… public,"

Voldemort's eyes widened, "Oh, planning on giving the deatheaters a show?"

"The show of a lifetime," Harry laughed, "I just love showing off my artwork to the world,"


Many surprise order meetings have been called before, but never had it been Snape who was the one to call it. Normally waiting into a meeting was called to report anything. But seeing as he was one of their few spies, any time he called a meeting through the headmaster meant that it had to be important.

As everyone came in through the floo, they made their way into the kitchen where they found Snape and the headmaster talking in hushed tones.

After a minute, the members of the order sat down, "What's wrong?" Lily began, "Why the surprise meeting?"

Dumbledore stroked his beard, "Severus has just returned from a meeting with interesting… and terrorizing news. He has seen fit to give me a copy of the memory and with his permission, would like to show everyone,"

"Why show us? Wouldn't it be better just to tell us?" Remus wondered.

"It's because I can hardly believe it," Snape drawled darkly.

Lily looked concerned at her friend from school, "What happened Severus?"

"Maybe it would be best to give a quick rundown of what happened first," Dumbledore suggested.

Snape crossed his arms; "The dark lord called a meeting between the inner and outer circles to punish the ones responsible for the failed raid the other day. But tonight's was different, during the meeting the dark lord his right hand man showed up and killed a death eater."

"What's so surprising about that?" James questioned, "Bellatrix showing up and killing some one isn't that far out."

Snape glared at his childhood enemy, "The fact where she was standing near the front of the group and can't throw a wandless and silent cutting curse," he shot back making the others murmur in shock. "Not only that but HE got away with telling the dark lord, 'I told you so' about the failed raid."

After a minute, Dumbledore calmed the group and proceeded to cast the spell allowing everyone to see the memory.

Everyone blinked and watched from the side as Voldemort sat on his throne with shadows covering his face, leaving only his red eyes clearly visible.

"Fools," his sharp his echoed at the cowering deatheaters in the middle of the circle, clearly showing signs of being tortured by the dark lord, "I give you a simple task and you somehow ruin it by letting the aurors find out,"

"B-but my l-lord," cried one, "W-we only d-did a-as we w-were told,"


The man's pained screams echoed around the stone room.

"You know," a voice called out, bringing everyone's attention to the cloaked man reading a newspaper as he walked through the crowd, "I don't mean to brag but… I told you so,"

The gathered deatheaters all looked at each other then to their lord, waiting to see the man die.

"Who do you think you are?" one cried out, "Talking to the dark lord like tha-" he never got to finish as the man turned around and swiped his hand at the mans neck. The effect was instant; the head flew back with a pained expression as a shower of blood flew into the air, spattering the gathered death eaters near him.

The man folded up his paper and walked over to stand next to Voldemort, unaffected by the fact that he had just killed the guy.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce my right hand man, Harold," Voldemort said, his voice dripping with pride and arrogance, "and as my most trusted, he is in charge of punishing traitors and making sure fools like these." He stopped to fire off another quick crucio at one who screamed and passed out, "Get their jobs done, and if I have to send him to oversee anything because of incompetence you will regret it,"

The memory ended and the order found themselves back at the table where Dumbledore dismissed them after various members gave a few other reports.

"Headmaster, I'm not comfortable with spying anymore. The dark lord has always been too busy to search for any spies before but with this new person I'm afraid that he might find out." Severus said after pulling the old man aside.

"I'm sorry Severus, but you're spying is a great asset to us. You're spying is the way we know of an attack before hand so I'm sorry to say that I have to send you back in." Dumbledore said with a sorrowful look, "I know it's dangerous but please try to find out what you can about the man, you're the only one who can."

Snape sighed and left headquarters hoping to live through the rest the war that was sure to come.


The next morning at Riddle manor was… different to say the least. The few higher up deatheaters who stayed at the manor were now faced with the presence of their lord's right hand man. Which of course angered the ones who hated the fact that they were no longer ordered around by only the dark lord, mainly Bellatrix Lestrange who prided her-self as Voldemort's most loyal deatheater.

Harry walked through the manor, foregoing the cloak for the day and dressing up in a pair of dark blue slacks with a pair of brown riding boots. (A pair of cowboy boots with a squared end instead of a point.) He also wore a blue three-button vest with red trim and a gold chain watch in a small pocket connected to the bottom button. Under that was a white button-up shirt with a red tie around his neck. Lastly, around his waist was a brown leather belt with a single action army revolver holstered on his thigh while his smooth black mask was hooked to the other side of the belt.

He was always one to dress as nicely as possible, using multiple charms on his clothing to keep them neat and clean. The gun however was what he called a tiebreaker, using it in a duel if he was ever over powered as an ace in the hole. His father had been against it when he found out that he had been practicing with it, but Harry challenged him to a duel to show him that the muggle weapon would be a deciding factor.

When they readied, Voldemort using a spare but compatible wand, Harry quickly ended it by pulling the revolver and shooting the wand in half, much to Voldemort's shock.

He had a pair of them, both dull silver with wooden handles but he only kept one on when he wasn't doing something like hunting down a traitor.

His boots echoed down the hall as they hit the wooden floor. The few house-elves he neared cringed and shook as he closed in, afraid if breathing too hard would anger him. They wouldn't admit it, but they feared him over Voldemort.

"You," Harry snapped pointing at a young female house elf, making it squeak and look up fearfully.

"Y-y-yes… M-m-master, S-sir?"

Harry stayed silent for a moment, letting her stew in her fear, "Where is the Dark lord?"

"H-he's I-in the d-d-dining r-room s-s-sir," she answered fearfully, lowering her head and clinching her eyes as he walked closer, fearing that he would kick her.

But after a second, she opened her eyes and turned to see him walking down the hallway.

"Wow, Tippy yous lucky," an older one said as they started back scrubbing the floor, "He must be in a good mood not to hurt any of us,"

Harry heard it from down the hall but ignored it as he reached the dining room and without knocking, walked in to find his Voldemort reading the daily prophet.

"I don't know why you read that sir," he said as not to clue anyone in that Voldemort was his father, "It's mostly lies made up to sell more papers,"

Voldemort gave him a hum, "Yes but it does give an accurate count of how many of my deatheaters were caught and arrested," he said before looking up, "I see your not going to hide your face,"

Harry shrugged and sat at the chair to Voldemort's right, "My mask is only to hide my face from the outer circle and to show my rank." He said simply while combing back his hair with a hand. "But I got word from the docks that the crew are ahead of schedule, probably to off load the stuff they want to steal from us. They'll be docking tomorrow at dock 17 under the shadows of the night."

Voldemort gave him a look while flipping pages, "I trust that it will be handled,"

"Of course sir,"


Walking out of the dinning room, and towards the dungeons Harry brushed past Bellatrix who was coming out of her room that Voldemort had given her and in an instant, her wand was out, ready to hex him.

But she never got the chance to utter the spell as Harry lashed out, slapping her arm aside and gripping her neck.

"Watch where you aim that wand Bellatrix," Harry growled, turning so that she could see the mask, "Or I'll shove it up your ass,"

She growled and went to aim at him again, only to have him catch her arm and roughly twist it, sending the wand clattering to the floor. He then spun her around and slammed her into the wall before pressing against her, "You got some fight in you, I like that." He whispered in her ear. "But remember just who your fucking with Lestrange, while you're not like those worthless peons in the outer and lower circles you are still replaceable."

His hand pushed her face into the wall, while the other held her arm at an awkward angle. Her face reddened as she tried to push against him only to grind her rear into his crotch, making him smirk, "Oh I see… the idea of your wand up your ass turns you on," he whispered huskily, "Husband not to satisfying?"

She growled then winced as her arm was pulled.

He released her arm and grabbed her chest, making her gasp, "You that desperate to have a good fuck?" he asked, releasing her head and rubbing all over her body, making her moan and gasp. "Torture and sex is vary closely related, press the right nerves and…" he pressed hard into a spot right above her hip making tears fall down her face at the pain. "You put your victim in the most excruciating pain they've ever felt." He let the pain continue, letting the woman cry from it before pressing and massaging a series of places around her thighs and above her vagina, making her gasp and go limp while panting.

Letting her go she dropped to the floor and looked up at him with her teary eyes, making him smirk. "I see that you were carrying a lot of stress and frustration, you really must not be getting enough satisfaction from your husband," Harry said, his green eyes dancing with laughter, feeling her with shame.

"Tell you what, come to my room tonight, I'll show you what your missing."

With that, Harry stepped over her and walked down to the dungeons, leaving her on the floor.

Full of shame at being handled in such a way, Bellatrix grabbed her wand off the floor, stood up on her shaky legs and went back into her room. Holding the sore and tender spot on her side, she started fishing out a fresh pair of panties to replace her soiled ones. Pulling them on, she couldn't help but fell satisfied with the intense orgasm he had given her.

Touching the spots he had rubbed to give her said orgasm, she cursed as she started to heat up down there again and pulled out her wand before locking her door. Laying down she hiked up her robes and used her wand to masturbate, cursing the man for making her so horny and her husband for being gay with Lucius.

To be continued…