Rise of Darkness

Epilogue: Enemies of the State

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Watching through the slightly open door, Dumbledore backed away, "Kingsley," he whispered, "We have to leave. Neither of us are powerful enough to defeat them."

Back in the office, Harry leaned against the wall while his grandfather drank from the bottle of fire whisky. Grindelwald was... ancient, well over the age of 100, but like many magical beings he could live much longer than a muggle. It was inspiring to see a man of his age look so young, he looked well into his upper thirties, unlike he did back when he was training his grandson.

Back then he had long straight bong hair, falling over his sholder down to his back. He also had a beard, magically styled to a point at his chin.

"You know, that meeting at Malfoy's was vary interesting," Harry said while checking the time, "They all agreed that the late Riddle was unfit to lead them and asked me to take his place,"

Grindelwald hummed, "Really?" he asked softly, "What did you tell them?"

"To come to the ministry at noon, that they'll have their answer then." Harry spoke with a smirk, "When they see me announce you as the new head of the ministry, they'll bow and pledge their loyalty,"

Putting his drink down, Grindelwald nodded, "Well then, lets get this show on the road."


Around noon, the doors to the balcony overlooking the Ministry Atrium opened and Harry stepped out and into view with his soldiers flanking him on each side. Below them were the medics, reporters trying to cover the story, civilians trying to see what was going on, and some part of the auror ranks trying to clear rubble.

"People!" Harry yelled while magnifying his voice, "Your ministry has fallen, the corrupted fool you so blindly followed is dead."

People stopped what they were doing and looked up, the Deatheaters in the crowd watching on in serpose.

"That halfblood you feared so much has fallen as well."

Dumbledore, who had finally reached the atrium heard that and to his shock, everyone cheered.

"That is right, he has fallen along with that useless fool Fudge, and with their fall we usher in a new era... One where you will no longer have to fear things like Riddle or corrupt officials." Harry stopped and stepped aside, "I would like to introduce to you, the man who made this all possible, the killer of Voldemort, Lord Grindelwald."

Grindelwald stepped out and over to the railing with a smirk on his face.

To Dumbledores shock and horror, the populace didn't shrink down in fear, scream at the sight of the most evil man in history, or even go silent... they went crazy.

"My people," Grindelwald spoke in a regal and gentle voice. "For years I have dreamed of returning to my home and saving it from people like Riddle, for years I wanted to protect my people. Now, after years of waiting, I have done just that."

Everyone cheered the name of their savor.

"But there are those who wouldn't want that, there are those who would rather have people like Riddle and Fudge running things. These people must be stopped and brought to justice, they are called, the Order of the Phoenix, a radical group lead by Albus Dumbledore and as the new head of the ministry, I declare them, enemies of the state,"

The End...

Coming soon, Reign of Darkness


Dumbledore sighed as he sat on a ragged mattress in the shreaking shack, of all the places to end up he found himself hiding there. With the Ministry being run by Grindlewald and his supporters he was hardpressed to show his face around any public area, being the most wanted man in wizarding Brittain, even the muggle Telly was shoving him as a deranged old pervert who molested childern then murdered them.

He couldn't even rely on those from the order too much. The Potters were under heavy watch along the Weasley's, and Sirius. Remus was missing but with what happened at the Ministry he suspected him to be dead. Tonks was also missing, he and Kingsley hadn't heard from her or even seen her when they were leaving the place.

Grindlewald had really played his cards right, all he did was murder and get revenge but instead of justice being served, he was hailed as a hero. People seemed to forget that he was involved in the holocaust, murdering hundreds of thousands all in the name of his twisted veiw of the 'greater good'. That was justice alright, only here could you kill so many people and become the new Minister of Magic.


Harry chuckled deeply as he leaned back on his chair and threw his feet up on the desk in his new office. Compared to his life before, he had it easy, ever since the rebuilding of the Ministry two weeks ago he really didn't need to worry about anything. People saw him and his grandfather as heroes, Albus was on the run, his parents were on something a kin to volentary house arrest with aurors watching them, and the goblins were now fully supporting him now that they had better rights thanks to him and Grindlewald.

He was now head of specal operations for his great-grandfather, taking care of anything that needed to be taken care of from the shadows. As such, he was given a nice office with a view and the clearence to do whatever he needed, meaning that if he wanted, he could take control of the Aurors and have them raid a place or use the R&D department to research something.

Bella walked over to him and crawled in his lap with Ginny crawling up next to his chair.

Bella smirked at him and started kissing him while Ginny moved to kneel between his legs.

Harry laughed darkly. Oh yes, this was the life... but still Grindlewald wasn't happy with just the UK... He wanted the world in the palm of his hands