The Brotherhood: Bearers of the New King pt 3

By Spunky0ne


(Thanks so much to everyone who has been following this series and writing me to tell me how much they love the character, Kuchiki Tetsuya. It is extremely difficult to create an OC compelling enough to pair with a major character and it is the highest compliment to hear from readers that Tetsuya seems to them like a real character they would see on Bleach. To honor the enthusiastic response to this character, this new story, though a Bya/Ren, will be built around the Aizen/Tetsuya romance that began in The Hollow King. I hope you enjoy witnessing the strength and beauty of these four lovers as they pay the price that love exacts and fight to preserve the fragile bond that holds them together.)


Chapter 1: Where Love Waits

It wasn't surprising for Kuchiki Byakuya to wake before dawn. He had done so for as long as he could remember…from the early days when he did so to avoid the pail of water Yoruichi would dump over him if he hadn't risen on time to train with her, to the later years in the military when morning exercises had everyone out of bed and breathing in the cool morning air before most sane folk would be aware morning had arrived.

What was odd was for Abarai Renji to be mobile at such an hour. A devoted night owl, the redhead remained wide awake and vibrant until well past midnight, then sank into a stupor and collapsed until the cool of morning had worn off and the sun was well on its way across the sky. And yet, as Byakuya slowly rose out of sleep on this particular day, he found his spouse's fingers stroking his hair and a warm, sensuous mouth exploring the pale, soft skin of his throat. He turned to nip hungrily at his lover's lips and was pushed down and treated to a lovely barrage of delicious, open-mouthed kisses.

"What are you about, Renji?" he managed between kisses, "You are never awake so early."

The redhead grinned.

"I didn't want to miss my last chance to be with you before you and Tetsuya go to meet the king's delegation," admitted his spouse, "Unfortunately, I'm stuck here, doing the much less enjoyable job of preparing our division for the king's visit…oh, that and babysitting…"

Byakuya narrowed his eyes, but found it difficult to look serious as the redhead attacked his throat again.

"The preparations at the division are an important…job…one I would be…ah…doing if…if not called to serve in the…hah…delegation."

He tore away from the redhead, holding him away as he finished speaking.

"And taking care of Beniko is not babysitting. The boy happens to be your son as well, Abarai. It is not babysitting. It is parenting."

He had his breath taken away as Renji took hold of his wrists and forced him down onto his back. Their conversation was put briefly on hold as the noble's mouth was suddenly invaded and the two engaged in a flurry of heated, wet kisses, their bodies straining against each other as each battled for dominance. Finally, not wanting to lose the thread of the conversation, Byakuya allowed himself to be pushed down again and held beneath his lover as the redhead moved slowly down the length of his body, hands, lips and tongue blazing a heated trail as they went.

"Are you…ah…saying that you don't enjoy taking care of our son?" Byakuya asked softly.

Renji lifted his head and Byakuya bit back a groan of discontent at the sudden halt in their lovemaking.

"Course not!" he said, looking offended, "I just don't like getting left behind is all."

He started to lower his head, but Byakuya took hold of him and brought him back to the noble's mouth for another flurry of kisses. He took the redhead's face in his hands and locked eyes with him.

"You are not being left behind," Byakuya said in a more serious tone, "In case it escaped you, you will soon be taking the taichou's exam…and then moving on to run a division of your own. I have been turning over more responsibilities to you because you are ready for them. Readying the division for the king's visit…the first such visit in our recorded history…is a job of utmost importance that I would entrust to few people. But I entrust it to you because I have faith in you. I have every confidence that you will do well."

He smiled at Renji's bemused expression, waiting for the redhead to resume kissing him, but Renji sat very still, holding him quietly at arms length and gazing into his dark gray eyes with undisguised affection.

"You always do that," he complained.

Byakuya's brow furrowed questioningly and Renji leaned forward to kiss him.

"I always do what?" the noble asked.

"Well…you wait until I'm right in the middle of making love to you, and then you say something like that…something really beautiful…and I lose my focus. I can't think straight after that…"

Byakuya leaned forward and kissed him again.

"You are beautiful, Renji," he said touching the redhead's face affectionately, "I thank kami every day that you are a part of my life…you and our Beniko. You are everything to me."

Renji stared at him, his dark brown eyes startled and blinking. And while he lay there stunned by Byakuya's words, the noble turned swiftly and brought him down onto his back.

"Now," he said softly into his stunned lover's ear, "let me show you my appreciation, Abarai Renji."

He moved slowly and with great care, running fingers, brushing light kisses and stroking his tongue over the redhead's lovely tattoos. Beginning with the ones above his eyes, working his way deftly down the long, golden tanned throat as the redhead moaned and writhed beneath him, first releasing his name in whispers, then soft moans as his pleasure increased. Byakuya moved down the wide expanse of his chest, those sweet, pale hands exploring so lovingly it brought tears to his eyes. And that wickedly pleasing mouth followed his hands, teasing and tormenting until Renji wanted to cry out loud, but hadn't the breath for it.

It was overwhelming being loved so honestly, with such painstaking care, but that was the kind of lover Byakuya was, and every day, Renji was coming to a greater and deeper appreciation of that. He was almost beside himself by the time Byakuya reached the tattoos on his soft abdomen. He moaned loudly as the noble's hands, lips and tongue drove him to the ends of his wits.

"Byakuya…" he moaned, half-sobbing, "please…stop…stop…doing that!"

The noble's eyes lifted and met his questioningly.

"Stop teasing…and…and…"

Byakuya's lips curled into a devilish smile.

"All in good time, Renji," he said softly.

He lowered his lips to the redhead's abdomen and kissed his navel, then dipped his tongue in, closing his mouth over the area and sucking deeply. Renji groaned and felt his hungry member leaking furiously, dangerously close to the noble's smiling mouth.

Oh my kami, I'm going to lose it just from him touching me like that! Shit…shit…shit, I can't breathe!

"Are you okay Renji?" Byakuya asked, removing his tongue from the redhead's navel and smiling at him again.

"Oh…fucking great…" he gasped, "Please…would you just…"

Byakuya blinked slowly.

"But I'm a bit concerned that if I touch you…you will climax instantly…" Byakuya whispered, beginning a line of kisses from his navel downward.

"I think I will, even if you don't!" Renji panted.

The noble paused, letting his breath tease his lover. Renji groaned again. Holding his eyes, Byakuya lowered his mouth until he was a hair from touching him. Renji was almost whimpering as Byakuya's breath teased him again. The noble lowered his head, offering the longed for contact, but at the same time, pressing firmly at the base to hold him back from completion. The redhead panted and swore profusely, but descended into delighted moans as Byakuya continued his erotic manipulations until Renji was ready to pass out from the sensation.

He realized suddenly that Byakuya had moved, parting his thighs and positioning himself over Renji, sliding down slowly, taking him inside in slow, unhurried thrusts. Renji bit his lips to keep from climaxing too soon, but nearly lost it when the noble straightened and started to move.

Small shafts of sunlight streamed into their room, lighting the pale skin, giving it an ethereal, heavenly glow. Byakuya's face was relaxed, his eyes closed and his lips were parted, letting small breaths in and out as he held onto Renji's shoulders and moved his hips in a slow, captivating dance atop the redhead's trapped body. Renji stared, hardly feeling the sexual contact, far more compelled by the sight of the beautiful man who sat astride him and held him spellbound. He watched intently as Byakuya's eyes opened and met his. Hot seed exploded out of Renji at the sight of those beautiful, hungry, gray eyes…and it filled the noble, prompting a gasp of pleasure and warm pulses of breathless release. Byakuya collapsed onto his chest, bringing their mouths together in a rage of deep, wet kisses. Finally, Renji pulled the noble's head down onto his shoulder and lay stroking his face and hair, touching his lips as they curved into a lovely, affectionate…and rare…smile.

"Why do you have to be so damned beautiful?" Renji whispered, "It makes me feel like nothing around me is alive until you come back."


"I just mean that I'll miss you."

"I won't be gone long."

"I know, but you'll still be gone and I'll still miss you."

"Aishiteru yo," Byakuya breathed.

"Aishiteru yo," Renji whispered back.


Kuchiki Tetsuya smiled warmly as he spotted his cousin stepping out into the garden. He waited at the patio table, sipping at his tea and watching until Byakuya dropped into the chair across from him, murmuring his thanks to the servant who set his tea in front of him.

"Have I kept you waiting long?" Byakuya asked, taking a sip of tea.

"Not so long, Byakuya," Tetsuya answered, his blue eyes twinkling, "I imagine it was difficult to tear yourself away from Renji. I don't know why you don't just have him come along. He is also a hogosha."

"He is also nearly ready to transition to a taichou's position. He needs time running things on his own so that he can gain experience."

Tetsuya nodded.

"You've been grooming him for this for some time now. I know it means a lot to you for him to advance," he said.

"Well, and not just that. This visit is the first the Spirit King has made into our dimension in all of our lifetimes. It is a momentous and unorthodox occasion…and seeing as my hogosha duties must take precedence, I want my division to be in capable hands."

"That it will be," Tetsuya said, inclining his head.


They gazed out into the garden, breathing in the fresh air and continuing to enjoy their tea.

"So, what signs do you get from the council? Do you think they suspect what the king's mission is?" Byakuya asked.

Tetsuya shook his head firmly.

"They have no idea," he said, meeting Byakuya's eyes, "I simply made certain all was in place for the king's visit. They were so focused on preparations, they hadn't time to dwell too much on what he will say or do when he arrives."

"That is good," commented Byakuya, "There is likely to be quite an uproar."

His eyes darkened and he looked up at Tetsuya with concern.

"You had best be cautious once the announcement is made. There will be fallout, at least at first, so you will not want to draw too much attention to your…association with Aizen Sousuke."

Tetsuya nodded.

"I know some will be loathe to accept it, and I know some of those will be among our elders, but hopefully, we can resolve what issues there are and life can move on."

"Hopefully," Byakuya agreed.

The two finished their tea, then walked out to the front of the manor. Passing through the gates, they walked down to the end of the road that led out of the Seireitei and to the dimension wall. As the buildings fell away and they entered the open lands, Tetsuya gave a strange whistle. A few moments later, they heard the sound of hoofbeats and a tall black stallion trotted into view. He trotted to Tetsuya and nickered softly, accepting an offering of a carrot from his hand.

"Feel free to ride, if you like," said Byakuya, "I know you didn't get to do so much of that while here."

Tetsuya chuckled.

"We can wait, right Arashi?" he said, stroking the warhorse's silken mane.

The horse snorted and tossed his head, loping ahead, then trotting back to them and nudging Tetsuya impatiently.

"Patience," he told his mount firmly, "We'll be back in the spirit dimension soon enough."

He went silent and Byakuya could see the thoughtful look in his eyes.

"You have missed him," the clan leader said quietly.

"Yes," Tetsuya replied, meeting Byakuya's eyes, "We really didn't have a lot of time to…to define things, but what definition there was left no doubt where this is going."

"So do you expect that you will marry Aizen Sousuke someday?" Byakuya asked.

Tetsuya sighed.

"I don't know yet," his cousin answered, "I only know I won't leave him…and I don't think he'll ever leave me either. What formalities we take are somewhat secondary, I suppose. Always, I think, it's more important what's in the heart."

Byakuya nodded in agreement.

"Yes," he said softly, "that is always how it has been with Renji and me. But, if you decide to marry, you will certainly do so with my support and blessing. I witnessed firsthand Aizen Sousuke's return…and his efforts to vanquish the evil that infected the old king…and the rest of us."

He studied his cousin for a moment.

"I do not know that I thanked you properly for all you did to support and help me through that…experience. We were all lucky to come back alive."

"Yes, but it was Aizen Sousuke who defeated the wraith. I hadn't the power."

"He hadn't the power either," Byakuya reminded him calmly, "if not for you."

Tetsuya chuckled softly.

"Well, all's well that ends well, right Cousin?"

"Yes," said Byakuya as they reached the dimension wall and passed over into the spirit dimension, "I would have to agree that is true."

They moved forward in silence, enjoying the last bits of calm before reaching the palace. It loomed up ahead of them and Byakuya caught sight of his cousin's more animated expression, the longing in his eyes, the way he looked up toward the balconies as they approached. He spotted a man dressed in a hogosha uniform, looking down from the balconies, and he smiled at Tetsuya.

"Go on," he said quietly, "Do not keep him waiting."

Tetsuya laughed softly and swept onto Arashi's back, breaking out of the trees and loping up to the gates. The guards parted, bowing as the noble rode past. He slowed and jumped down from the horse's back, sending it off to the stables with a gentle pat. He started forward again, but was stopped as the man from the balcony appeared suddenly before him and wrapped his arms around the noble's shoulders, bringing their mouths together in a deep, warm kiss of welcome.

"I take it then that you've missed me, Aizen Sousuke," Tetsuya said, a bit breathlessly as he broke free of the other man's lips.

"You take it right, Kuchiki Tetsuya," Aizen answered, seeking the noble's lips again.