Okay so I just watched Public enemies today and I decided I wanted it to end differently. So here it is. An alternate ending for Public Enemies. There will be more chapters in this story. So if you like where this is going stick with it and please please review because it makes me smile. Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Public Enemies and all recognizable characters that are based on real people do not belong to me. This continuation of the story of John Dillinger is completely fictional. He died on July, 22, 1934 in Chicago's Linkin Park neighborhood. And this story is for completely recreational uses.

Public Enemy Number One


John sat up from his theater seat as the credits of Manhattan Melodrama drifted to a close and all the people inside began to file out into the crowded streets. He paused before turning toward his companions, his thoughts filled with her, his girl, Billie. The very one who's freedom had been taken from her, because of him. Guilt choked him and he shook off the tears he felt building up.

Anna and Polly took their places at his side as they poured onto the street, people surging all around them. Like blood pumping through your veins. The people were what kept the city alive. Although it was night the heat seemed almost as thick as it was during the day. It clung to them as they strolled Lincoln Avenue.

John swiped at the sweat beads rolling down the sides of his face and looked at Anna. That was when he noticed the way Anna's eyes kept sweeping over the crowd, as if looking or waiting for something. Something seemed…off. Now he wasn't usually a paranoid person but something was telling him to get off the street as quickly as he possibly could. Maybe it was that intuition some people talked about, maybe it was instinct or an angel. He wasn't really sure but he decided today was the day to listen to his gut.

He abruptly took off running, leaving Anna and Polly standing dumbly on the sidewalk under the dim streetlights and neon signs lighting up the entire street. His feet pounded the pavement as he weaved through the unsuspecting cluster of city folk. Suddenly he heard a woman scream and someone opened fire somewhere close by. He had been right. Without looking back once he pulled his gun out and fired at the g-man he saw coming for him at the corner. The man fell to the ground and a path was cleared for John as he ran, attempting to avoid the BOI agents coming for him.

Melvin Purvis drew his gun as he saw John Dillinger bolting around the corner. His shot pierced John in his shoulder just as he turned. He howled in pain and almost doubled over but continued to run, evading the other agents who tried to close in on him. The pain increased with each step he took but he refused to slow down. John kept running until he reached the silent part of the city and the agent's cries were long past gone. Eventually after a long chase, the agents lost John in the large crowd and stopped their pursuit.

"Damn it!" Agent Purvis screamed. Damn that John Dillinger. He had gotten away. Again.