REVISED 11/21/10: This started out as a casual one-shot, but obviously grew into something much bigger!

Setting: Time line - post FF7. Sephiroth has been vanquished by Cloud, the city of Edge is taking shape; Reno and Rude are still Turks, and Cloud is working at his delivery service. Tifa's running Seventh Heaven as usual.

Summary: Cloud and Reno are grappling with a mutual attraction, and are surprised to find something more than just simple lust. Will their happiness be short-lived, as Cloud's past comes back to haunt him...again?

Lemons, yaoi, some happy happy joy joy, more lemons, and then major angst down the road...

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns all things FF related, Scissor Sisters own songs quoted herein.

Rated M for safety. Please read and review, and enjoy! xoxoxo

Reno was bopping through the streets of Edge wearing his headphones, iPod turned up full blast, and oblivious to everything. He was heading over to Cloud's apartment to hang out and have a few drinks. Hopefully we'll do more than just drink, mused Reno, smiling. Reno had taken a shine to the stoic Cloud Strife, and was doing everything he could to seduce him, but Cloud wasn't taking the bait. Yet, Reno reminded himself, twirling his flaming red ponytail thoughtfully.

Reaching Cloud's apartment building, Reno jammed the doorbell corresponding to the apartment with his thumb. He pulled one earbud out of his ear, awaiting a reply. "Yeah," came a voice over the intercom.

"It's Reno, yo," replied Reno. "Lemme in."

The buzzer sounded, and Reno strolled in, slamming the door behind him. Reinserting his earbud, he turned the volume up on his iPod, and began singing. "Gonna take your mama out all night, yeah, we'll show her what it's all about…" Unfortunately for anyone within earshot, Reno was singing quite a few decibels louder than necessary, owing to the earbuds that were firmly planted in both ears.

Reaching Cloud's door, Reno was surprised to see it already opened, and Cloud standing there glaring at him. "Reno!" hissed Cloud. "Tone it down, already, you'll wake up my neighbors! What the hell is that you're singing anyway?" Cloud asked irritably.

Cloud had a fairly awful day working at his delivery service; one pickup became damaged during transit, and the recipient was none too pleased about this, so Cloud had to eat the cost of the delivery fee, and the item itself. Normally, Cloud enjoyed Reno's company; the two had once been enemies, but eventually became friends.

"Dude, it's Scissor Sisters, yo," laughed Reno. "Seriously, you've never heard of them? They're awwwwwesome!" crowed Reno. "Here, listen," he commanded, placing the earbuds in Cloud's ears.

"Reno. I am not interested in listening to a bunch of hairdressers singing!" snapped Cloud.

At this, Reno began to guffaw. "Um, dude? They're not hairdressers, yo. And, you need to lose the attitude. Work's done for the day, so what's up your ass now?"

"Rough day at work. I'll get over it," Cloud replied briefly, vowing to turn his irritable attitude around, and not take it out on Reno. Smiling, Cloud had had to admit to himself that the Turk could be most entertaining, and fun to hang out with, after a bad day at work.

"Damn right you'll get over it," declared Reno. "That's why I'm here, yo!" he said, grinning.

Cloud smirked at the overly happy Turk. "Well, if they're not hairdressers… then what are they, then?" he asked Reno distractedly. He headed into the kitchen, and opened the refrigerator. "Want a beer?" Cloud offered.

"Hell yeah," replied Reno affirmatively.

"Heads up!" shouted Cloud, as he lobbed a beer toward Reno. Catching it deftly, Reno popped the cap off and began chugging. "So, um, you don't know what a scissor sister is, Cloud? They ain't hairdressers, yo," Reno began, chuckling.

"Well, that's a dumb name, then," retorted Cloud, smirking. "If they're not hairdressers, then why'd they call themselves that?"

Reno, snickering, grabbed Cloud's laptop computer from his desk. "Let's Google it, yo," he said.

Sighing, Cloud reluctantly agreed. "Okay. We'll Google it, whatever. After you're done screwing around though, I'm going to order a pizza, I'm starving."

Rubbing his hands together somewhat manically as the laptop booted up, Reno cackled gleefully. "Oh, we'll Google it, all right," he chuckled.

Cloud just rolled his eyes skyward yet again. Sometimes Reno really, really exasperated him with his inability to get straight to the point.

"Mmkay, here it is, Cloud. Scissor sisters…says 'they took their name from a sexual position between two women known as tribadism.'

"Oh?" said Cloud, suddenly interested. "And what's tribadism?"

Reno clicked on the corresponding link, and snickered. "Well, Cloud, there it is. Fully illustrated, too!" he laughed.

Cloud moved in closer for a look at the webpage and gulped. "Um…wow. I didn't know that was…possible. That's pretty um…interesting." He took another swig of his beer.

"Huh,"Cloud mused, smiling slightly. "Well, that's not something you see every day. I wonder if dudes do that, too?" He winked at Reno.

Reno's eyebrows shot up several inches, and a huge grin broke out on his face. Cloud just fucking winked at me. The hell? Reno thought. "Never thought you'd bring up the subject, Spikey. As a matter of fact…" he broke off.

"Hey, gimme that iPod, I'm gonna plug it into the stereo. Let's dance, Cloud!" said Reno.

"No, Reno," Cloud protested. "I don't dance. I can't dance, you know that."

"Oh shut the fuck up and dance with me, baby! How much clearer do I have to be, yo!" demanded Reno, grabbing Cloud and dragging him toward him.

The music started blaring, and Reno began singing again, loudly – and slightly offkey. "She's my man, and we've got all the balls we neeeeed…," crowed Reno, overly loud and intentionally off-key.

Cloud tried to fight it, but he couldn't help but start to laugh at Reno's somewhat theatrical singing, and he moved in closer…just a little bit closer, in the hopes of taking Reno by surprise. It worked. "Reno," he purred, sweeping his leg underneath both of Reno's, knocking him to the ground. Cloud quickly got Reno in a leg scissors, and sat atop him.

"So, that scissor thing…sounds interesting," Cloud said nonchalantly, with a sly glance at Reno, which erupted into a full smile.

Reno gulped. He was no longer the aggressor, and he wasn't sure if he liked that. Ah, who the hell am I kidding, thought Reno, breaking into a wicked grin, of course I do!