Yay my first Victorious fic! Jade is definitely an interesting character, and I like her and Beck together (better than Tori and Beck- way too obvious) so I wanted to write something in her POV about it. :D

I think you might have had to have seen each Victorious episode to understand it fully though.

I definitely played around with the keyboard a little here, so it might be a little confusing. Sorry, but it was really fun to write, I really wanted to try a style like this.

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Jade knew it would come one day. That there would be a girl that threatened her. That there'd be someone ^pretty^ and ^talented^ enough to take him away.

Tori Vega. Sister of the a r r o g a n t Trina Vega. The one who replaced her in the talent showcase. The one who almost ruined eveything.

The moment she saw her, she felt a *pang*. She had felt it before, but not as hard as this.


She remembered sitting in the crowd, rolling her


eyes as the emcee announced the word "Vega." Almost everyone in the crowd knew of the overconfident girl who would be performing next.

But as soon as another girl emerged from the curtain, Beck sat up, looking


at the beautiful girl, as if he had been waiting for her all her life. At least that's how she saw it.

He never looked at her that way. Ever.

Not even the first time they met.

Not even when he told her he 3loved3 her.

The second Vega girl, the one who didn't attend Hollywood Arts, she opened her mouth. Jade clenched her teeth,


that this girl had a wonderful voice {unlike her sister}

No one expected so much talent in the Vega family. Especially if you've met Trina.

When she finshed, Jade sat in


Beck stood up in his seat and wooted.

She didn't pay attention to the rest of the show.

At the end, Beck got up. He was going b a c k s t a g e. To meet her. Her. Her. Jade couldn't say her name in her head.

She sang one song, not even a 3romance3 one, and


her boyfriend's heart.

Oh, she was going to get her. She deFINiteLy was. She was going to make her life miserable, just like that one kid in who stole her kindergarten crush.

She left, exiting the building, where surprisingly, Robbie was. She would have thought he'd be celebrating with her, since he, after all, was backstage when she sang.

"Hi," she said shyly {unlike her usual self} , and approached him cautiously. "Why aren't you with Tori?"

"There are so many people that don't want me around, I just hung out here," he said. He was right. He had even left his


dummy Rex inside.

She plopped down next to him.

"I feel that way too sometimes," she told him s i m p l y.

When she went back to school, which she thankfully didn't attend, she strode over to SIKOWITZ's class.

Passing Robbie on the way, she decided to say "HI."

She didn't understand the change of heart, but wanted to make him feel better.

They spent a lot of time together after the showcase, and now she felt like they were :friends). Good friends.

As she walked into the classroom, she found the most


picture in front of her: vvvvv

She was rubbing his stomach.

Jade didn't realize she was going to be such a threat.

She had to get rid of the girl, one way, or another.

A!h!A! The plan she came up with was


plan to get her to quit this


school on her FIRST day.

And pouring coffee on her head seemed just like the way to do it.

She ran out of class


as Jade smirked in tRIUMPh.

She had won. The other had lost.

BUT... she returned the next day.

Jade was sitting by feeling *weird*, thinking of how


Beck was at her during lunch and after school.

She didn't understand his anger though.

She was doing it for them.

To get rid of her.

But he didn't want her {his girlfriend} in the (picture) anymore.

She might as well not *exist*.

All he could think about was her.

It was completely


crush ever. She HAD to stop it.

Luckily for Jade, she picked her for the improv that morning.

She tried to look


about it.

As a +plus+, she even kissed him in front of her.

But she just rolled her eyes at her completely


actions toward her.

During the first minute of the acting activity, Cat and Andre had already LosT.

Now it was just Jade, Beck, and her.

And she was actually good at the


game that you must be careful in.

Getting more and more and more


by her, she finally

[cracked/screwed up/messed up/failed]

and almost yelled at to SIKOWITZ the top of her lungs in major anger.

Instead of physically attacking her, she stormed to her seat in a huff.

Then he and she resumed the scene.

And the most *painful* thing happened right in front of her eyes.

They kissed. They kissed. They kissed. Kissed. Kissed. Kissed.

She was literally going to kill her. She was. She was. She wouldn't even make it to the emergency room.

Their lips finally parted each other's, and both faces were


Words ^could not^ describe how she felt. All she could say was:

She hated her. She cOMpletELY and most DEfinTeLy hated her. More than ever.

The next time she /dared\ /interact\ with her boyfriend was a while.

He and Jade {who had avoided her quite a bit for the next couple of weeks} had signed up for salsa dancing.

It was |pretty|


that Beck was trying to make it up to her.

She didn't know whether to trust him or not now.

But she did because she loved3 him. To death.

But albeit the constant fear stant of her, he


invited her to lunch.

She even pluckily asked him for advice on her locker and the bird scene.

Unfortunately, later on in the week, she passed the test.

She was the only one in the class who


wasn't happy for her; in fact, she frequently had to back hold her


insults she wanted to throw as she walked by.

It was a 1once1 1in1 1a1 1lifetime1 1chance1.

A once in a lifetime chance to show her who's boss.

To show who he belongs to.

Stage fighting.

She even had the most perfect plan:

Faking injury.

And it was perfect.

She knew she


that she had something ^up her sleeve.^

She distrusted her. But Jade didn't really care.

Beck was paired up with Cat;

Luckily for Cat, Jade liked her somewhat, and knew she was a


threat to her.

So she just ignored her.

She didn't bother her. At all.

She had never even flirted with or kissed Beck.

So instead, she went along with her ingenious plan.

She got received


detentions and had to clean up the -thrown-food-filled-theater-

She had |never| been so


in since Beck told her he loved3 her.

And then that


girl threw some i c e t e a at her.

It ruined her makeup. It =smudged= it across her cheek.

And one guy, not Robbie, not Sinjin, but Andre; of all the stupid people at |\({Hollywood Arts})/|

And he just had to go and find out and then blab.

And she found out.

She even wrote about it on theslap

And never in Jade's life had she felt so


about her w r o n g d o i n g s

{which was totally unusual for her}

So she found herself driving to the Black Box Theater the next day

And revealing her confusion.

Why was she there?

She knew she set her up.

Why didn't she tell?

She just took the punishment.

Her actions were probably the definition of a goody-two-shoes,

but Jade didn't want to be so


to her.

Even though she |kissed| him.

Instead she joined her.

And they started DAncINg.

And Jade just had a faint


that they were acquaintances. But just that.

Nothing else.

And apparently she agreed.

Because 2two2 weeks later,

she asked for


from the people s u r r o u n d i n g herself.

It was starting to become clear that Jade was getting more and more attached to the 2second2 Vega.

But definitely not Trina. No one liked her.

Not even on her birth{week}day.

Jade couldn't believe it.

There was another girl.

But this time, it wasn't her.

It was another her.

As soon as she logged on to the Buzz-Finger homepage, she


a picture with Beck and her.

But not the 1first1 1.

It was the 2second2 1.



him after SIKOWITZ'S class was over during FIRST PERIOD.

And in all of the


she was in, she blindly made 1 of the worst mistakes of her 1 life;

She broke up with him.

She couldn't even muster the courage to say his name now.

"I'm not your girlfriend anymore,"

were the last words that came out of her mouth.

At this point, she didn't know who to turn to.

Robbie was worried about his review for the older Vega's


1one1-woman show.

And she was still somewhat mad at Andre.

And Cat was on a vction the Bahamas.

And she obviously couldn't go to him.

So she just sat alone. By herself.

And then she and Mr. Harris decided to join her.

And apparently Vega #2 was somewhat


by her acquaintance's problem.

And apparently, she was the onely 1.

She got the address {478 Sorrow Lane} from Andre.

On her way over there, she


over a child's broken =kite=.

Catching sight of it made her b r e a k d o w n in tears.

And when she arrived at her proper destination,

seeing her made it even worse.

How many girls could possibly threaten her from taking him away?

Luckliy, she was actually


to fulfill her mission.

Too bad it didn't work.

Jade wasn't too happy about letting her visit him alone during the evening, but she had no other


to choose from.

And it didn't work.

She quoted to Jade later that day,

"I'm glad Jade and I broke up,"

Jade wanted to


him hard for that 1.

But she couldn't.

Because she wasn't his girlfriend anymore.

It was the other one.

Not her, but her.

And through all the pain she felt, she managed to remember what he had said to her one day.

"I wish I had someone like you at home. Like a pet. Probably a dog."

And then he had gone on and on and on about that 1 subject.

She had to get him 1.

Too bad the dog was a




his dad.

His dad.

His dad.

He would never forgive him.

He would |never| want him back.

Just her.

But he kissed her.

Kissed her.



And everything was alright.

Everything was


And she knew she wouldn't get in the way.

Because between she and her,

there was a certain bond.

But definitely not a friendship.

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