Based on
The 1980 Film "Nine to Five"
The Broadway Musical "9 to 5"

Chapter 1

Judy woke up to see the sun shining through the cracks in the curtains. She stumbled out of bed and glanced at the alarm clock. It read, 7:00 AM. "Force of Habbit" She said. She rose out of bed and put her feet on the cool wooden floor. She opened up the curtains to see a beautiful Los Angeles Beach. Some teenage boys were out surfing and their girlfriends were on shore watching. Judy quickly remembered what today was! Today was the first production meeting of the film based on Judy's memoir, "My Life Without Dick". The film was to be a musical film with music by Doralee.

After Mr. Hart dissapeared in the jungle, Doralee decided to move to Nashville to become a Country and Western Singer. She succeded and quickly became a rising star. Doralee eventually crossed over to Pop Music and well as Country and now owns her own label, Double D Records. As soon as Doralee heard the novel was becoming a movie, she insisted she write music. The producer decided that if Doralee wanted to write music, Why not write A LOT of music? Judy was hesitant at first to have her memoir become a movie musical, But was reassured by Doralee and the Director, Jon.

Judy dressed after she took a shower and quickly hoped into her black Corvette. Her garage door opened and her Driveway was crowded with kids heading to the beach. She honked her horn and stuck her head out the window, "Hey You Kids Move it! I'm Late!". She was late to pick up Violet from the Airport.

Violet had stayed in Chicago and eventually worked her way up to CEO of Consolidated. Violet was getting older, 70 to be exact, and was well past retirement age. Judy had retired from writing five years ago at the age of 67. But, Doralee was still singing and popping out records faster than the dailly newspaper at the age of 64. Violet was excited to come to Los Angeles. Judy, Violet, and Doralee were meeting the actresses Cast as themselves today.

About a Half Hour later Judy was at the Airport searching the crowd for Violet. "JUDY BERNLY!" Violet yelled above the Crowd. Judy's head quickly turned to see Violet. "Get your skinny ass over here and give me a hug!" She yelled. Judy ran over to her,
"Oh Violet, It's so good to see you"
"You too, Now for soemthing to eat, I'm Starving."
Judy laughed, "Ok, I know a great place, they also have the best Coff-"
"Don't Say It!" Violet Yelled.