Chapter 7

Jon sat at a desk in the corner of his den, he sat straight up with a pen in hand. Sprawled across the desk was pages of the screenplay for "My Life Without Dick". Franklin Hart, Jr. sat in a recliner next to the desk. Everytime Jon hesitated, all he had to do was look at Mr. Hart and see the check book in his lap. Jon was no fool, and he knew that Mr. Hart was a very wealthy man. If he even played his cards right, No one would even take notice of this movie. All of a sudden, his thoughts stopped as suddenly as a car at a red light. Of Course people would take notice! The book was on the bestsellers list for months. This was also his long awaited directorial debut. Why would he throw away his passion for weekly checks from a slim ball. "Mr. Hart, I'm afraid I can't do this." he finally said. Thats when Mr. Hart pulled his gun, "What was that?" he asked. "Nothing. Nothing at all."