As I was walking through the woods I was slightly annoyed. There were too many sounds, I couldn't concentrate. I came along a stream and looked around to see and decided to take a little dip. As the cool water washed over me the sounds became nice and muffled. I stayed there for what seemed like forever. When I finally came out I was surprised to find Emmett sitting on a rock nearby. "Guess how long you were down there?" He said holding a stopwatch. I looked at him weird and shook my head. "Two hours, forty-three and thirty seven seconds. Guess you needed time to think about things." I nodded and started walking back towards the house.

We walked a long time without talking. Then out of nowhere he grabbed me and enveloped me in a giant bear hug. For a while I was to stunned to do anything and then all my emotions came rushing to the surface and I cried dry and silent tears. Ten minutes later we broke apart and continued walking back to the house. I looked over at Emmett and he was grinning at me. "Wanna race?"

When they got to the house Emmett made and abrupt stop. "if you don't want anyone know about what happened then you should try and not to think about it in front of Eddie." I nodded somberly. "Eddie? Are you sure he likes that?" I joked as I started walking back to the house. "Well…." he said with the classic Emmett smirk "Not to his face." We walked through the door laughing but immediately stopped when we saw the room of somber faces except Alice of course.

We both sat down in our respective places. Him with Rosalie, and me alone, looking at everyone else. I couldn't help looking at Edward and not snickering. He looked at me quizzically and sighed. "She's been hanging out with Emmett to long already. She just called me Eddie." He shuttered as he said 'Eddie.' Everyone in the room chuckled and the air in the room relaxed a little bit but then Carlisle cleared his thought and the tension was instantly back. I'm sure you all remember our friend Aro in Italy who graciously spared our new family member here from the unthinkable.

All I could do was stare at everyone. I was family already. These have got to be the nicest people that I have ever met, in this life or the first. He continued "He has kindly invited me to Italy." Everyone looked like this was a death sentence and from what I gathered before they were not the people that I would want to have invite me to Italy. I looked at Edward he was staring daggers at me, I was taken aback I had no idea what I had done to earn this kind of hostility. "For how long" Alice asked her voice sounding deflated. "I don't know. He didn't' specify for how long. I'm to leave as soon as I can. I'll keep in touch with each of you hopefully once a week."

I looked again at Edward and I recoiled at his look. I glanced at Emmett and saw Rosalie giving me the same death glare as Edward. Emmett was just looking down at his shoes like he couldn't look me in the eye. I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms. From the near death glares that I was getting and severely not looking at me I guessed that they thought that it was my fault that Carlisle was being called away.