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Tonks stood in front of the mirror in one of the bathrooms at Number 12, Grimmauld Place, staring at her hair. She had made it long and black, so very similar to her mother's. With a sad sigh she remembered all those years ago when she had decided that pink was her favorite hair color.

Back when Bellatrix first joined up with the Death Eaters, her mother had been a right mess. There was nothing anyone could do to console her. Tonks had always been pushed to the back burner, having not really been expected, nor particularly wanted. It was doubly damning that she couldn't be what her mother wanted from the moment she found out she was having a little girl.

But now Tonks was all but invisible. Her family's house, usually so filled up with her mother's personality, was now near to overflowing with her mother's grief.

Tonks chose most of the time to hover on the outskirts of things, invisible, trying desperately not to get caught up in the middle of yet another scene.

So one day, thirteen year old Tonks decided something must be done, before she faded away completely. With her mother's sobs still echoing accusingly in her ears, she stood before her bedroom mirror, tears streaming down her face as she changed every feature she could about herself, trying to make herself new, shiny, different. Someone worth loving, worth being proud of. She would make her mother notice her yet, she was determined.

She paused a moment while her hair was a bright shade of bubblegum pink. Grinning through her tears, something clicked in her head. It's perfect, she thought, fingering it lightly.

If it didn't get her noticed, nothing would, she decided.

In the back of her mind, she couldn't quite silence the wish that she didn't have to change herself for anything. She wished that her mother would see her without the help.

Wiping away one last tear, she smiled slightly and changed her hair back from black to her standard spiky pink 'do. Sniffling once, she thought about how her plan never really did work.

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