Pretty Little Magic


Aria and Ezra kissing in a bathroom

Ezra giving Aria a ride home, in the rain, and then stopping to kiss her

Ezra comforting Aria about her father

Aria and Ezra fighting then making up

Ezra kicking Aria out of his apartment because of "A"

Aria and Ezra and their talks at Homecoming

Aria going to Ezra's apartment and realizing he's not there

Aria crying over Ezra

~End of Flashback~

Aria stood in Ginny's room at the Burrow.

Yes, the Burrow, the Weasleys house. Aria was very close to them, so was he brother, no not Mike Montgomery, her real brother, Harry Potter. Aria was a witch and she had gone to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry up until her 6th year, she had gone back home to Rosewood, but after losing the one she loved, she left.

"Hey" Ginny said as she walked in, interrupting Aria's thoughts

"Oh hi!" Aria said

"What's up?" Ginny asked "You've seemed very zoned out today"

"Oh just thinking"

"About what?" Ginny asked curiously


"Really?" Ginny asked, eyebrows raised

"It's nothing"

"Is it a boy?" Ginny asked

"Maybe" Aria said with a little tear forming in her eye, she turned around so Ginny wouldn't see it but unfortunately, Ginny did see.

"Aria, what's wrong?"


"Don't pull that again! You can tell me, I won't tell anyone! I promise" Ginny said

"Fine well do you remember when I told you about "A"?"

"Yeah I think so, wait was "A" the one that was holding a secret over your head and she would send you messages?"

"Yes, that's "A". Do you also remember how I wouldn't tell you my secret?" Ginny nodded and Aria continued "well my secret was I was dating my English teacher, I met him before I knew he was my teacher. I was waiting for my "brother's" sport's practice to be over and I saw a little bar so I went in and I met him there. Actually the night ended with us kissing" Aria started to cry and so she sat down on Ginny's bed

"Aria, is there more to the story?"

"Yes, after I figured out he was my teacher, I still wanted to date him and so I did. But one day I left my phone at his apartment and "A" had sent me a text message. I forgot what it had said , but it had to do with me and Ezra. Ezra said he was trying to work and it kept buzzing, and he thought it was an emergency, so he opened it and saw the message. He thought I had told someone about us, but I didn't! Then we broke up. One day I went to talk before class, and he wasn't there, instead there was a substitute. So I decided just to go to his apartment after school, I figured out he had gone to New York to get a new job" Aria started sobbing "And I haven't seen him since"

"Aria, I'm so sorry!" Ginny said and then went over and hugged her friend.

"I just wish I could redo everything! Or at least see him again" Aria said

"It's okay" Ginny comforted, "Oh I forgot to ask you if you were done packing for Hogwarts"

"Yes, I was done yesterday" Aria, Harry, Ron, Hermione and some others that were 7th years last year were invited to come back to redo their 7th year. Ron, Hermione, and Harry had been off hunting Horcruxes and Aria had been in Rosewood.

"Good, I'll go tell mum" Ginny started to get up "Feel better"

Aria gave her a watery smile "Please don't tell anyone, not even Harry!"

"I won't, it's our secret" Ginny said

Next Day!

Today everything was crazy! It was early in the morning and almost everybody were making the finishing touches on their stuff to take to Hogwarts.

Soon everyone was ready and they all started to leave to go to Kings Cross Station. When they arrived they had to hurry onto the train because they were late. When they train started moving, Aria, Harry, Ginny had settled into a compartment. Ron and Hermione were sting in a different one with Neville and Luna.

"I wonder who the new Defense Against the Dark Arts is" Ginny said

"Maybe it's one of the old ones, because they couldn't find anyone else" Aria said

"As long as it's not Umbridge!" Harry said

"I hate her!" Aria exclaimed

"We all do!" Harry said. The three laughed

"Excuse me, may I sit in here everywhere else is full" a voice said from the doorway, an American accent

Aria looked up and her eyes widened

"Sure" Harry said not noticing that Aria was close to tears, but Ginny did.

Aria scooted over to make room for person. She scooted all the way to the wall. She hid her face with her hair and leaned against the window

"I'm Ezra Fitz the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher"

"Oh, I'm Harry Potter" Harry said

"I'm Ginny Weasley"

Aria looked up and moved her hair out of her eyes

"And I'm Aria Potter, Harry's sister, Mr. Fitz" Aria added

"Aria, wow I didn't expect to see you here"

"Same here"

"DO you guys know each other?" Harry asked

"Yes, he was English teacher in Rosewood" Aria said then Ginny's eyes widened

"Soooo…. " Ginny trailed off

Aria said nothing and nodded

"Wait, you told them?" Ezra exclaimed

"I told Ginny, that was it, she wanted to know why I was crying, and I knew I couldn't just keep it bottled up" Aria said with a tear rolling down her cheek "I think, I'm gonna go sit with on and Hermione" Aria wiped her tears and walked out of the compartment

"Oh look who's back" a voice sneered

Aria spun around "Malfoy"

"Aww is little Potty crying" Malfoy sneered again. "Is it because the only family you have left is you brother?"

Aria said nothing and just walked back into the compartment

"Aria, what happened?" Ginny asked

Aria sat down and shook her head and leaned her head on the window again

"I'm guessing, Malfoy said something" Harry said and Aria nodded

"Who is Malfoy?" Ezra asked

"Draco Malfoy is a horrible person, He thinks just because you're not a pureblood, you're not welcome at Hogwarts. He's a Slytherin, and he's never liked me or Harry!" Aria said

"Wow, he doesn't sound very nice" Ezra said

"He's not!" Ginny exclaimed

Suddenly the compartment door slid open and there stood Malfoy

"Oh, by the way, Potters, it's all your fault all of those people died" Malfoy smirked not seeing their new teacher sitting in front of them

Aria and Harry looked down knowing that it was their fault, in their minds

Ginny stood up "It wasn't their fault, it was Voldemort's and your friends the Death Eaters, so leave no one wants you here!" Ginny said and pushed him out and shut the compartment door "Guys, you know it wasn't your fault"

"Yes it was" the siblings said in unison

"No, it wasn't! Those people died because they wanted a world without Voldemort" Ginny exclaimed

"Really, because our parents died because of us, Sirius died because we thought he was getting tortured, Dumbledore died because, well that one wasn't our fault. Mad-eye died because he was trying to help us escape, Ted Tonks, we could have had him in the tent he was right in front of us! Dobby-" Harry was cut off by his sister

"Dobby d-died?" Aria asked with tears in her eyes and Harry nodded "How come you didn't tell me?"

"Because we didn't want you to be upset" Aria said down and cried while Harry continued "Dobby died because he was helping us escape Malfoy Manor, then during the Final Battle, we could have saved Fred, Remus, Tonks, Colin, and even Snape!"

"You couldn't have saved them you were busy trying to destroy Horcruxes" she looked at Aria next "And you were in Rosewood!"

"So, I could have done something!" Aria exclaimed

"Whatever, can we just drop the subject, please" Harry said with pain in his voice. The silence was horrible to everyone in the room, but no one was brave enough to break it.

"Is there any room left?" asked a voice from the doorway