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Family Is Just a Word

Chapter ONE: Rescue

Chapter Rating: R (Violence, and Adult Subject Mater)

The overwhelming pungent stench of the prier day's trash hung thickly in the humid air, something that Nikki had yet to grow accustomed to. Huddled between the massive dumpster that was emitting the foul scent and the nasty grim covered brick wall, she wrapped her worn and torn jacket over herself to try and blend into the mass of litter and filth that was surrounding her.

Knowing that once the warm glow of the sun was gone the unoccupied alley that she had taken to call home for the last few weeks wouldn't be as abandoned as she had once thought. She had learned her first night in the gangway that it was best for her to stay out of site, and stay hidden.

She hadn't been on her own and living the glamorous life of a vagabond for long, and it was most definitely not her choice, but she found that it was highly imperative that she keep her noise down and eyes glued to the ground.

Her short time living on the streets had also taught her that there where things out in the world that wanted nothing more than to cause harm and destruction.

The unmistakable sound of heavy boots echoed off the backstreet walls and she knew whoever was making their way down the narrow path was more than likely a newcomer. She couldn't help herself from sending a small prayer up to the heavens that whoever this stranger was, would either keep moving, or find themselves a hiding spot.

Preferably away from her.

The lack of natural light was all she needed to know that they would be coming out any time. She wasn't sure what they where, and the best name she could think of was bloodsucker.

The name 'Vampire' just didn't seem right; it seemed cheese and something out of a bad teen novel. These things, whoever or whatever they where, where very much real and Nikki didn't want to risk a run in with them.

Lifting her head slightly to look around the large rusty trash bin, she couldn't believe that the newcomer was just standing there, as if he was waiting for something.

'Or someone' She thought to herself.

As much as she didn't want to see anyone else get hurt or die by those things again, she knew that she couldn't worn him or do anything to help him, not in her condition. She couldn't give away her location. The desire to help the stranger and tell him to run and hide was pulling at her, but her need to protect herself from harm was outweighing the demand to save a life.

Biting her lower lip, she couldn't help the prickle that began to sting the back of her eyes. She knew that she was going to be witness to this man's death, and she wasn't going to be able to stop it, just like she wasn't able to stop the others before him.

Leaning back against the now cooling brick wall and taking a deep breath, Nikki began to pray that someone would put a stop to this. She knew that there was a loving and just God, and as much as she didn't understand why he allowed certain things to happen, she knew that he was the only one who would be able to help put a stop to the evil that took over the passage way each night.

The sound of voices talking pulled her out of her silent prayer and she couldn't help herself as she once again looked down to see what was going on. She was shocked to see that the strange man was still standing and was talking to the group of bloodsuckers. As he held his ground he began to pull something from behind his back.

The lack of light and the distance was enough to prevent her from seeing what he was uncovering, but the outcry and reaction of the group was all she needed to know that it was some kind of weapon. Not able to watch as the man fought for his life, she kept her head down and took up her prayer where she had left off.

The sickening sound of a body hitting the dirty ground forced the tears to fall freely from her eyes and she could only hope that the poor man wasn't made to suffer. However when she heard the sound a second time, followed by a third, she peeked around the corner to see that it hadn't been the man who had fallen, but rather one of the group members.

Unable to process what she was seeing, she only looked on with awe and amazement as the strange man seemed to take down each and every one of them without a fault. It was only when he was leaning over one of the bodies that she saw a shadow creep up behind him.

"Look out!" She cried, not able to watch him die after he had been able to rid the alley and town of such a malevolent and nefarious group.

Not expecting him to look her direction, she could only look on as the shadow moved in closer and took the opportunity to strike. Covering her mouth with her hands to stifle her scream, she watched as the attacker knocked the man clearly into the air and slammed him into the brick wall. A clanking echoed though out the alley and she knew that he had dropped whatever weapon he had been using.

The sound of bones braking and the disturbing gurgling that was coming from the broken man, who had easily taken down the mass of murders without so much as a hiccup, was now facing his end. It was clear to Nikki that unless someone steps in he was going to die. The shadow wasn't showing any signs that he was going to stop his assault on the intruder.

She hadn't meant to distract him and the overwhelming sense of responsibility for his predicament forced her to break her number one rule that she had set for herself.

Don't get involved.

It was a simple rule and it was because of that one guideline that she had made it this far in her new life as a drifter, but she wasn't one to run away from a situation just because it was difficult.

Removing herself from her hidden spot she stood to her full height of five foot four inches, and began to walk forward, praying the whole way.

'Please God, give me strength.' She whispered over and over in her head, thinking that even if she where to pray to loudly that they beast would turn around and see her coming up behind him.

Opening her eye's ,not even knowing that she had closed them, she meat the stair of the man who was being help to the wall. Puffy swelling had already began to rise where he had been hit mutable times, and she was sure that his cheek bone was broken.

His forest green eyes locked onto hers, and then glanced down over to the ground by her feet. Taking his hint, she looked down and saw a bloodied machete.

Bending down slowly as to not gain the attention of the monster that had his back to her, she picked it up.

"Are you ready to die Hunter?" The chilling voice asked the man, and she could only guess as to why the man was smiling at his attacker.

"I'm not the one who is going to be dying tonight you ugly-bloodsucking-bastard." His voice said in a clam rugged tone. She didn't miss him glancing her way, and she knew right away what his plan was.


Once the brute of a man turned around and took sight of the young girl behind him, with the machete in her shacking hands, he dropped his previous victim and advanced on his new target.

For the first time Nikki was able to get a clear look at the man before her. It was evident that she was right when she had thought that they weren't normal. She could see in his disturbing bloodshot eyes that there was something very wrong him, and the fear that was building up from her chest told her that she was looking at something that God had no hand in creating.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing." His said, moving closer to her. He could smell the fear on her, and had no doubt that she would go down easy.

"Please, don't hurt him anymore." She said, surprising herself at the straight behind her voice. Taking a step back, she looked behind the beast and saw that the man was already on his feet and had pulled out what looked like a syringe. Before she knew what was going on, he rushed forward and shoved the needle in his neck and released the contents by pushing the plunger on the syringe down.

Screaming in agony and pain, the monster turned and faced the man once again. Nikki took that moment to toss the blade to the man, and watched as he caught it, and in the same movement, cut off the head of the inhuman man before them.

Seeing the blood and body fluids squirting out from the severed neck, mixed with the metallic stench, was more then she could handle. The burning acid of her stomach sprang from her month before she could try and calm it down. Bending over and hugging her knees she allowed the vomit to flow free of her. There was nothing that she could hold back now. Her stomach was still trying to rid itself of every last drop of fluid and her eyes seemed to think that it was a good idea to release the flood gates.

Throwing up and crying, she wasn't expecting to feel a warm hand on her shoulder. Unable to look up, she felt him hold back her hair and rub her back. Once she was sure she was done purging her body, she looked over and saw a hand holding out a bottle of water.

"Rinse out your mouth, then take a drink." He said in a soothing tone, but she heard the underling order.

Doing as he told her, she made herself stand up and looked to see the man who had just killed monsters like she had read in her old childhood books.

Before her stood a tall and rouged man, who had a little more than a five o'clock shadow creeping on his face. His right side of his face was broken, bloody and bruised, and she could tell by the way that he was standing that he had a few injured ribs.

"What is a young lady like yourself doing in a hell hole like this? Shouldn't you be home right now?" He asked her.

Looking down at the water bottle in her hands and then looking around to the corner that she had been hiding in, she met his eyes. "This is home Sir."

Shock was something that she felt he didn't openly show often, and the fact that he was now looking at her like she had grown an extra head, she knew she was right.

"This is no place for you." She could hear the disapproval in his voice.

Again looking down, Nikki couldn't help but wipe the tears from her face. "I don't have anywhere else to go."

Not about to leave her alone in a dark alley with five beheaded bodies, he took a hold of her arm to get her to look at him. "Grab whatever you have."

Not fully understanding what he was thinking she did as he asked, or told, her to do. Walking back over to the dumpster and picking up her jacket and her small pack, she looked to find the man wiping the blood of his blade off on one of the bodies.

Standing up once she was close, he looked back and saw what little she had. It broke his heart to see someone so young and innocent living like this. He couldn't help but wonder how long she had been staying in the gangway, and how long she had been on her own.

It wasn't hard to tell that under all the dirt and grime that covered her face there was a beautiful girl, and with the knowledge that he had, he knew what would happen to her if she was to stay in this area for long, if it hadn't already.

Without a word he began to walk back to where he parked his truck and was glad when he heard he soft steps behind him. Walking over to the large 1986 step-side GMC Sierra Grande, he unlocked the passenger side and motioned for her to get in.

At seeing the oversized truck the name Truckzilla came to mind and she tucked it in the back of her mind. She didn't want to insult the man who she was beginning to see as a real everyday hero. Doing as he asked and stepping up into the cab of the truck, she couldn't stop the jump that went though her at the sound of the door closing behind her.

It was only a few minutes later when he climbed up into the driver's side and started the truck. Looking over at her, he didn't miss that she had a death grip on her pack, it was clear that she was unsure of what was going to happen to her.

"You got a name kid?" He asked.

"Nicolette, but I go by Nikki." She said leaning back into the seat of the truck.

"I'm John." He said as he pulled the truck onto the main road. "Do you think that you stomach has settled down enough to get something to eat?" He asked her. Despite the fact that she was covered head to toe with clothing, even in the heat, he could tell that she hadn't eaten in a few days. When she had been vomiting, it had been nothing but bile.

"Um, I can try." She said looking down. She didn't want to worry him, and tell him about her condition. It was because of it that she hadn't been able to keep anything down for the last few weeks and as much as she knew that she had to keep trying, she had given up on food and stuck to water.

They drove for a while before they come to a stop at an old run down inn. Panic took over and she found it hard to breath.

"Nikki?" She heard him call out to her, but she wasn't able to respond. She was frozen in fear and she didn't think anything would get her out of her own nightmare.

'Come on Nikki you'll like it…' The voice called out to her in her head. No matter how many time she told herself that it wasn't going to happen again, that he couldn't hurt her again, the memory was still too fresh in her mind.

'Stop fighting me Nikki!'

"Nikki?" She was brought out of her fright filled thoughts as a cool wash cloth was pressed over her forehead. Looking around her, she saw that she was no longer in the truck, but inside a room, sitting on the single bed in the room.

The panic took over again, and it almost got a hold of her fully before a gentle hand rubbed her back.

"Nikki, you need to calm down. Nothing is going to hurt you. You're safe." John kept saying over and over, his rough voice surprisingly soothing.

He knew that she was having a panic attack and that for whatever reason it was caused by seeing the small inn that he had been staying at. He didn't need her to tell him what had happened to her in order for her to be thins upset and fearful of a hotel. He was a smart man, and she was a young very good looking girl.

Handing her the water bottle from earlier he told her to take a few good drinks of the refreshing liquid to help calm her down.

"Honey, is there someone I can call for you?" He asked. He found it hard to believe that she didn't have any family.

"No." She answered softly.

"You don't have any family or anything?" He asked, kneeling down in front of her.

"They don't want me anymore." She found herself telling him. There was something about him, and she found herself telling him the truth. "The kicked me out and disowned me."

As a father, John couldn't even begin to understand how a family could disown their own child. It was true that he and his boys didn't always see eye to eye, and him and Sam would go head to head on just about everything, but he was proud of both his boys, and there was nothing that he wouldn't do to make sure they were safe.

"I find it hard to believe that they really meant it." He said, trying to reassure her.

Wiping the fresh tears away from her face, she looked up to his eyes. "When they found out I was pregnant they told me I could 'deal' with it, or get out." She said, as new fresh hot tears took over her vision.

The shock at hearing that the young girl…no women was in fact carrying her own child, had been enough to knock him on his butt. Looking up to her from his new spot on the ground of the dingy inn, he could see the hurt and pain in her eyes.

"Doesn't it take two to tango?" He asked. As much as he couldn't help but want to comfort her, he couldn't help but think that she had to know that it was bound to happen in a result of getting carried away with desire.

"I didn't have much say in the matter." Nikki said as she looked down into her hands again. It has hard to admit that she had been a victim, and as much as she wanted everything to go back to normal, there was no way that she would 'deal' with the life growing inside of her. Her mother and father had even told her that they would pay for the procedure.

Everything made since now. Why she was afraid of the room, why she was easy to panic, she had been forced to do something she hadn't wanted to. Now she was left to deal with the outcome, alone and by herself. Knowing that it would be best to not push matters more, he stood up and walked over to his duffle bag and pulled out a change of clothing.

"The shower is small, but it had hot water." He said handing her a pair of workout shorts and an oversized shirt.

Understanding what he was saying, Nikki stood up and walked over to the small bathroom. After looking back to John, the man who had taken her in, she couldn't help but smile.

She had prayed for someone to save him, but in the end he had come to her rescue.

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