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Family is Just a Word

Chapter FIVE: M&M Forgiveness

Chapter Rating: PG

~*~ Last Time~*~

Everyone stopped and looked over to see Bobby, shotgun in hand, glaring at them. "Dean, I know you weren't about to push a pregnant girl out of the way to get to your father, and Sam you should know better than to let your eyes off him when he's in a mood." Bobby yelled to them, glaring at Dean.

The gunshot still ringing in their ears, and seeing Bobby still holding the shotgun they knew to stop and really think about their next move. However the only thing that they both heard him say was 'pregnant girl.'

As if sharing the same thought, they both looked back to the young girl tending to their father.

"Dad, what the hell is going on?" Dean asked, his anger was still very much there, but instead of seeing red, it was a white hot anger. What was his father doing with a young pregnant girl?

~*~ Chapter FIVE~*~

Choosing to ignore his oldest son, John -with the help of Bobby- pulled himself off the ground and headed to the house, Nikki close behind him. He had known that his boys where going to jump to the wrong conclusion and their minds wouldn't stop thinking of lies until he told them the truth.

But right now he really wanted something to drink, something strong.

Once inside his good friend's house, he made his way to the study/den and walked over to the desk that was against one of the walls. Pulling open the bottom drawer, he pulled out the half empty bottle of Jack, glad to see that Bobby hadn't killed it off just yet.

Without missing a beat, Nikki pulled out the chair that was pushed into the desk and guided John into it. Hopping that he would stay there long enough for her to look him over and patch his cheek up again.

She was unable to stop a sharp intake of breath. She couldn't even see his eye with all the puffy discolored skin; she could however, very clearly, see the cut that had been reopened. She could only hope and pray that she would be able to re-stitch it closed. If she wasn't able to mend his damages cheek back together, she would have to rely on a much more ghetto way for keeping the wound closed, tape, duck tape. She didn't like the idea of it, but she had seen it done before, and she knew that it would work if she found no other way.

Setting her mind to the job ahead, she looked around and saw the door that led to the kitchen. However before she was able to make it to the cooking room, the front door banged open and the young man, John oldest son, Dean barged into the very room, anger and rage rolled off him in waves. She thought that if he was any more enraged, that random things would start braking around them.

"Dad!" Dean yelled as he stomped into the house, looking for his father. Bobby and Sam had held him outside to get him to cool down. He had cooled down to some degree, after he hit Sam again, and took the gun from the older hunter and tossed it across the yard. With Bobby going after the gun, and Sam on the ground he knew he had a few minutes to talk, or yell, at his father.

"Where the hell have you been?" He asked, non to kindly. "I've been worried sick, no phone calls, no nothing. You just up and left me. I had to go and drag Sam away from school to help me find you!" He continued to yell at his father, who was setting slouched in the desk chair, bottle of Jack open.

It was clear to Nikki to see what was going on. As much as the other man put a bit of fear into her, she knew that his anger and rage was only to cover his hurt and pain.

Knowing that all Dean's anger and rage was directed to the poor beaten man sitting in the chair, she took the opportunity to fall back into the kitchen to see if she could find what she was looking for. Even though she was in another room, she could still hear everything that was being said, or shouted, in the study.

"Did you even get any of the messages I left you? Do you even have the same phone?" Dean asked his father, not bothering to ask him if he was alright, or how he had gotten hurt in the first place. "Do you even care that your youngest son lost his girlfriend the same way we lost mom?" He said more under his breath, but John was still able to hear it.

Taking a deep breath, he knew that Dean wasn't going to listen to anything he had to say until he got everything out. He knew that when he left, in order to pursue his wife's killer, that it would hurt Dean the most. He had done it to keep him safe, and he would do it all over again if he had the opportunity for a do-over.

"We have been looking everywhere for you! And then we get a phone call from Bobby telling us that you're on your way here! You call him, but you can't even let me and Sam know that your even alright?" Dean kept ranting as he walked around the room. He was still so angry that he could hit something, but he knew better than that.

Deep down, all Dean wanted to do when he saw his father was hung him and hear him tell him that it was all going to be alright, that they where a family again. Instead, his need for comfort was pushed aside by anger and jealousy.

He hadn't been ready to find his father in the company of a young beautiful girl.

Thinking about the girl, he looked around. 'The pregnant girl.' He thought to himself. He still needed to know what her story was, and what she was doing with his father. Dean didn't know a lot about soon-to-be-mothers and what all went along with it, but he did know that she must be in the early stages of it. There was nothing about her that told him she had a bun in the oven.

Tacking a deep breath and closing his eyes, knowing that he had to clam down to ask what he was about to, he thought the words over in his head before he spoke.

"Is it yours?" Dean asked, eyes open and looking John right in the eye.

"No it's not." A clam voice said from behind him. Turning around Dean saw Nikki reenter the room. "I understand that you have a lot of things that you must what to know from your father, but I really need to clean him up." Nikki said as she walked over to John. Dean had turned to look her over and saw that she had her arms full of a few different things. By the look of it, she knew what she was doing.

Without another word, she began to work on cleaning John's face. Trying to put her focus on her work, she couldn't help but keep her ears open to what was going on around her. She heard the front door open again and the other two men walked into the house, calling out for Dean, and John.

"DEAN!" Sam called out, searching the house for his angry brother. Walking though the kitchen he saw them in the other room and rushed in to see that things had cooled down some. Looking from his angry older brother over to the two on the other side of the room, he saw that his father was getting treated and he hoped that Dean hadn't done more damage to their dad.

Bobby followed close behind him, gun still in hand. Seeing the same scene as Sam, he put the gun down, leaning it up against the wall. Walking up behind Nikki, he looked over her shoulder to see her work.

"Looks like you know what your doin' there kid." He said out loud.

"I've had lots of practice." She answered back, hopping that the atmosphere in the room was beginning to lighten. She hadn't thought that there would have been this much trouble, and she began to think that she should just leave after she knew John was going to be alright. She didn't want to get in the way of him and his sons, and it was due to her that he was attacked by his oldest.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for her to finish her patch up job before they began to ask any more questions.

Once she was happy that her quick fix was going to do the job, she turned around to look at the other two injured men. She could tell that Dean was in more pain than his younger, yet much taller, brother; but she thought that it would do him some good to set there in his pain, just for a few more minutes.

Walking up to Sam, she looked him over to see that he had a busted up lip and a rather nice shiner on his right eye. "You're next." She said and took his large hand in hers and pulled him over to the desk where she had everything spread out.

John, seeing and knowing, that she was going to have a hard time fixing up his youngest due to his height, stood up and pointed to the chair. "Sit down. Bobby and I have things to talk about. Once your all cleaned up we'll talk." He said then looked over to Dean. 'Behave' he said with a glair in his eyes.

Bottle still in hand, John nodded his head to the other room and followed his friend out, giving one more look behind him as to make sure that nothing was going to happen while he was gone.

Sam couldn't help but fell a little unsure when he was told to set and let this young girl look at his busted lip. It wasn't like it was the first one he ever had, and it wasn't going to be the last. He didn't know anything about this girl before him, but his father had trusted her, and had let her clean him up. He would let her do what she felt she needed to do.

Gentle hands cleaned the blood away and it didn't take long for him to understand that she did indeed know what she was doing. Looking over to Dean, he could see that he was watching her like a hawk. Sam knew that he was still mad, but that wasn't going to stop him from being the over protective watchful big brother that he was.

"I'm not going to rip his lips off, you can stand down." Nikki said as if she was talking to a watch dog, and from what John had told her, he was just that. Looking up from Sam's cut lip, letting out a breath that she didn't even know that she was holding, she looked over to Dean.

"You know, your dad saved my life, he didn't have to but he did. We didn't talk all that much on the way here, but when he talked about you two, I could hear how much he loved you, how proud of you he was." She said, leaning back over to pick up what she was going to need to stitch the cut lip. "This is going to sting for a few minutes and it's going to feel like a little pinch." She said in a clam voice.

Knowing that talking while he was getting stitches in his lip wasn't the best idea, Sam just mumbled that he understood.

"Yeah, well he could have called to let us know that he was alright." Dean said, his temper had cooled down and he knew that he may have hell to pay latter when his father was feeling better. He knew he really flew off the hinges this time.

"I'm sure he has a good reason for not calling you. Keeping you safe seems to be on his top to-do list." She said, still focusing on her work. Once she was done with Sam, she walked into the kitchen and got some ice for his eye. When she was sure that she was done with him, she pointed to Dean and made a movement with her arm, telling him to sit down.

"I can tell that John isn't the kind of man to go around telling you what is on his heart much, and I'm sure it's safe to say that he didn't tell you both he loved you enough growing up, but his actions speak louder than any words could." She said, looking Dean right in the eye.

"Yeah and I bet that your father told you every day that you where his little angle and tucked you in every night with a kiss." Dean said trying to redirect. He didn't like that someone who he didn't even know, could see things so clearly about his family.

With a soft smile she couldn't help but nod to what Dean had said. "Your right, he did. He told me he loved me morning, noon, and night, and five times in between. And you know what, when I needed him most, when I needed him to tell me that everything was alright, he kicked me out of the house, called me a whore and slut. Told me that it was all my fault that I was raped, he told me that's what I got for dating older guys. But that doesn't matter right, because he told me that he loved me." She said. The tears where gliding down her cheeks but she did nothing to whip them away.

Knowing that she had work to do, she looked past the tears and saw that Dean didn't need anything stitch, just needed some ice. Turning to walk back to kitchen she made her way to get some ice.

Dean looked down and then turned to look at his little brother. They both felt awful and knew that they should have never over reacted. Hearing someone walk back into the room they both looked up to see their dad standing by the door.

"Once you're done, come into the living room." He said and then left.

"Here," Nikki said as she walked up to him, holding a bag of ice. "Hold this to help keep the swelling down." She said then started to pick up the mess she has made.

Standing up to walk to the other room, Sam stopped allowing Dean to get ahead of him. "Look I'm sorry, about this whole mess."

"It's ok, I understand that there is a lot going on. It's part of life." She said with a smile.

Sam couldn't understand how she could be so accepting of everything, but thought better then to question it right now.

It's didn't take her long to clean everything up, and she even washed the left over dishes in the sink. She knew that the men needed some time to talk everything out, and it would go a lot smother if she wasn't there. Once she cleaned the dish she heard boots walking up behind her and turned to see Bobby behind her.

"Uh, Sorry, I hope that you're not mad but I thought that I would just do the dishes while you all talked." She said, looking down.

Bobby couldn't help but give a small laugh, John was right, she did like to clean and keep busy. "Honey, I think that you and I are going to get along just fine."

Hearing his kind voice she couldn't help but look up and smile.

"Why don't you go get a shower or bath, whatever it is you girls like. I have Sam and Dean getting a room all set up for you. Once you had some rest I'll send the boys out to get some food." He told her. "Your room is going to be the one upstairs, right next to the bathroom. Sam already got your bag up there."

"Thank you." It seemed like she should have said more, but she hoped that he understood that she was truly thankful for what he was doing for her.

Without another word he left her, and she made her way up the stairs. Sam and Dean had just finished cleaning up the room and where walking out.

"Everything is clean and fresh." Sam said with a smile, as he walked out.

"Thank you." Again it felt like she should say more, but couldn't find the right words.

"Get some rest; you don't have to worry about anything creeping in this house. It's safer then Fort Knox." Dean said coming out of the room and headed down to the lower level. Sam followed.

Walking in she saw that everything was a little run down, but clean and it gave off a very homey feeling. Seeing her bag next to her bed, she walked over at sat down, only to hear that she sat on something. Standing up and turning to see what she had sat on, she picked up the yellow bag of peanut M&M's. Looking over the package she saw the word 'sorry' written in thick black marker.

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