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Kimiko awoke with a start. Her fists were clenched in the sheets and sweat was dripping from her brow. She tentatively raised a hand to her face and realized that she had been crying.

"Kimiko? Are you alright?" Omi came by rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He had gotten up to get a glass of water when he heard Kimiko wake.

"U-Uh I'm fine. It was just a bad dream." Kimiko raised the blanket to her face and rubbed the sweat and tears off.

"Wanna talk about it?" Omi sat down next to her. She lowered her head not letting her eyes meet his.

"Was it about the showdown today?" Kimiko quietly shook her head.

"It's just…it was such a stupid dream!" She said in a half shout in order to avoid waking the others. "I mean…I don't know why it scared me as much as it did."

"You can tell me. On my Xiaolin honor, I will not tell anyone."

"I dreamt…that Chase turned me into a cat…See! You're secretly laughing at me!" This time Kimiko almost did wake the others, for they had turned over in their sleep.

"I don't know it's just…for some reason the idea of turning into a cat scares me so bad. I think it's the thought of not being in control of myself. You're completely under his control and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Kimiko, your fears are completely understandable. Though I was only a cat for little more than a day, it was not a pleasant experience."

"A-And I'm just so scared that he'll come for me this time. Everyone else has already been tempted to turn to the Heylin side…"

"You fear that you are next to be chopped to bits?"

"Next on the chopping block Omi…"

"That too."

"I'm just so afraid…what if I'm not strong enough to resist? What if they succeed? I don't want to turn into that!" Kimiko hugged her pillow close to her and held her eyes downcast.

"Kimiko, you are one of the most strongest people I know. And even if you give into temptation the first time like Raimundo did, I am confident that you will be strong enough to walk away from it."

"Thanks Omi. That was really sweet of you to say."

"Men must be both strong and sweet when in the presence of a lady."

"For once, I agree with you. Goodnight Omi and thanks." Kimiko laid her head back down and shut her eyes. Omi quietly got up and went over to his futon and went back to sleep as well.

A/N: Kimiko may perhaps be a bit OOC in this. But I hope it is not so much so. I think she has some legitimate fears that had the show continued, I'm sure would have addressed this in some form or fashion.

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