"God? God has left the building"-Zachariah, Angel of the Lord.

It was true, but Triss had found him. In Atlantis.

"Of all places God are you sure that determined angel of yours won't find you here?" She asked.

God chuckled, he'd made sure. "Of course."

"Uh…do ya mind explainin' again why the heck you're allowing this…war?" Triss asked taking a sip of her caramel mocha frappichino that she'd brought from Earth with her.

"This must happen Tristinity. There's a lesson to be learned in all of this. Actually quite a few, all for different people too. I'm killing two birds with one-"

"Big ass war," Triss interrupted, earning her a glare. "Sorry," she muttered. Seeming to think on His answer she answered "Ok, you can keep with all your vague crap but I'm outta here, got Angels to keep in line and Demons to send back to their mamma's. One more question God, will my father be set free?" Triss asked, pausing at the portal.

God paused, knowing full well how terrified Tristinity was of her father War, but still God doesn't lie… "Yes." He whispered, sorry it couldn't have been no. She paled, nodded and vanished. Going back to writing everything that'd come to pass, he changed one part, War wouldn't have time to look for his child, it was all God could do. Well, that and he also, slightly just because it agitated Zachariah, he put John in the Corner Office running the army and such in his absence.