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Chapter 1: Honto?

Amu's POV

"Marry me… Hinamori Amu."

There I stood completely dumbfounded.

"K-Kukai, I'm sorry b-but…" My voice trailed off. Kukai's warm smile began to shift into a frown.

He stood back up and thrust his hands onto my shoulders. "Amu look at me… is this about Ikuto?" I looked dead at him yet hid my face. Tears were swelling in my eyes.

Kukai continued," Amu… Amu Ikuto has been away for almost five years," He took his hands off of my shoulders," Can you not forget about him. You were twelve last Ikuto saw you, now seventeen. Ikuto should be twenty-two. What if he already married?"

My heart yelled with pain. I looked at Kukai," If you can give me at least two months to search my heart, I will give you a true answer." I bowed.

Kukai's brain tried to process such words. He finally came back to reality and agreed." Okay. I will wait forever if it gets me a yes.

Kukai offered to drive me home, but I told him I need a book for school.

While at the bookstore I saw a flash of midnight blue hair but all I found was a little boy staring at magazines he should NOT be looking at.

I walk out of the store laughing, remembering the little boy's face as he saw me rushing towards him.

Stopping in mid-tracks, I hear a violin. Is that Ikuto's melody coming from a violin? I check all alleyways and parks near the store. All roofs checked as clear.

I could've sworn that was Ikuto's melody! I say to myself.

I hear the song coming from a radio station on the corner.

While stampeding through the door, I run into something wet. Glancing up I saw a miracle. Ikuto, dripping wet.

With a closed mind I hugged that miracle.

"Ikutooooo!" I shouted bursting. I stepped back from him. Suddenly Ikuto glared at me.

Owww… is my heart supposed to hurt so badly. My eyes got really big. That's when he started to laugh.

I slapped Ikuto across the face in shock, "Honto?"

He placed his hand on my head. "I'm kidding you always were a gullible strawberry." Ikuto chuckled.

No blushing, I thought to myself.

Ikuto's POV

Of course she blushed, last time I saw her I Kissed Her good-bye. And the fact I called her a strawberry.

I realized the drama of the situation. I looked at Amu wide-eyed and open-mouthed," I, um, came back from Argentina. I, uh…." I stopped talking, Amu was giggling.

She noticed my confused face and explained," You changed a bit while you were gone." I smirked. I wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged her snuggly. She grew warmer.

I let go of her laughing to myself.

"I take it back you're still a perverted-jerk." Amu joked. I scooped Amu up in my arms. I carried Amu into a restaurant.

After we ordered I chatted with Amu. The usual stuff when you haven't seen someone in five years.

"What grade are you in?"


"Had any past boyfriends?"

"A few….." She replied innocently.

I mean who could blame those guys? She is beautiful.

"Has anything interesting happened recently?"

Amu's POV

Before I could tell Ikuto, someone slams the piano keys. The announcer grabs the microphone.

"Everyone, we have a special surprise singer! Now introducing….. Takashima Hayami!"

Everyone clapped. An about-seventeen-year-old girl in a black outfit appeared. Her blonde hair reached her waist. I take a good look.

I jump out of my chair and shout," RIMA?"

The music stops. Everyone stares at me. I sit down and say loudly towards Ikuto," Rima is the name of the waitress that served us last here."

The woman that may or may not be Rima gave out a sigh of relief.

Ikuto adds," Yeah, I didn't like her. Highly annoying and nosy." The singer rolled her hands into a fist, but releases and continues the song.

A waiter drops a note on the table. It read,

Meet me in the dressing room at the end of the back hallway.


'Takashima Hayami'

When I finally dragged Ikuto over to the dressing room, I found 'Hayami' putting on lipstick. 'Hayami' noticed the opened door

Rima's POV

I sprinted over to Amu. Picking her up and hugging her I said," Amu, I've missed you so much! And…." I glared at Ikuto.

Ikuto inquired," Hey Shortie, you haven't seen me in a while. Be happy." I smiled.

"Amu how did you find him?" I asked eagerly.

Amu's POV

I froze, I looked at Ikuto.

"Ikuto! I can't believe I found you!" I said hugging him tight.

Ikuto smirked and replied," Why do you want another good-bye kiss?" I flushed.

"No you idiot! Why didn't you miss me?" I asked almost crying.

Ikuto was taken aback. His eyes softened. I didn't miss you," Rima gasped," I needed you." I spun around, embarrassed, to Rima and changed the subject before I started crying from delight.

"So why do you perform under a different name?" I asked.

Rima's POV

That didn't take much thought, I remembered.

"My dad didn't approve of such a career. So he thinks I have a part time job as an accountant. I stay in the dorms of the school I attend, St. Clover High." Amu laughed at my reply. Ikuto high-fived me.

"You've gotten taller, but you're still a shortie." Ikuto joked.

"You still look like a seventeen year old!" I pointed out.

Ikuto's POV

I grabbed Amu's waist.

"Well, we must get going. We have plans for the night.

Rima eyed Amu suspiciously. Amu raised her arms and said," Not that! Rima no!"

"Fine. See you later. I still remember where your house is at." Shortie said.

"Honto? How?"

I got tired of the conversation and hauled Amu out of the room.

Amu wondered," So what are we doing tonight?"

I got really close to her face," Having fun." She got as red as a strawberry.

Amu's POV

I stifled a scream. Ikuto laughed," Wow! You are still a gullible kid!"

"Hmph." I crossed my arms," You're the one teasing me!"

Ikuto stopped laughing and replied," Forget it."

I pouted," No tell me what we're going to do."

Ikuto's eyes twinkled," The same spot where you sang to my violin." He smiled gently at me.

I tilted my head," Honto?"