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Ikuto's POV

Amu still had two minutes before she was supposed to meet me when she came sprinting around the corner to me. She looked amazing and had really outdone herself.

Amu looked up at me and panted," Am... I late?" This was followed by more pants and I ruffled her hair.

"A minute early." Amu sighed loudly in relief and locked her arms around my neck, hugging me. I didn't want to let her go but I had to. Stupid inability to stop time! Amu took my hand and started chatting to me about her family and her plans after high school. I was glad my pinkette was finally graduating soon enough.

Amu stopped and I ran into her. Before I could see where the heck we were she spun me around and I was turned around to where I couldn't see the surprise behind me.

Amu blushed and started to talk," I-Ikuto, I of c-course choose y-y-you. Because I-I love you-u." I couldn't contain my happiness so I picked her up into a hug and kissed her passionately.

I still didn't try to ruin the surprise for myself so I faced away from the building," Amu," I got down on one knee and opened a little box holding the ring in it.," My little Strawberry, will you ma-" At that moment Amu talked me and and squeezed me tightly while gently kissing my lips. I slipped the ring on her finger while she kissed me. Amu gazed at the ring with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Yes, Ikuto. I couldn't love anyone like I love you." I ruffled her hair and we kissed one last time.

"I love you too." Amu smiled but it then changed into a smirk.

"Now Ikuto, my surprise." Amu yanked my arm and I was forcefully turned around. I had expected a romantic restaurant or a party maybe waiting for us but instead...

I gazed up completely shocked," A wedding planning agency." I laughed and Amu giggly cutely by my side. We locked hands and walked into the beautiful and convenient building.

The lady at the desk frowned," Shame a good-looking guy like you is getting married." She tried to hint to me and I coughed to hide a laugh.

Amu growled," Yeah well we've been through a LOT together and he JUST proposed outside." The lady's frowned deepened and I pounded my fist on the desk.

"Can we just meet a wedding planner? It'd be kind of helpful considering your business." Amu laughed and the concierge dialed a number on the business phone and handed me a slip of paper with a room number on it. Amu and I found the room and a girl in a formal purple kimono and her violet hair up in a traditional style spun in her office chair to greet us.

She cheerfully stated," Konichiawa, I am Temari. I'd like to interview your ideals to decide on the decor of your wedding but first... the date." Amu and I exchanged glances.

I thought cleverly and spoke," There's no need to rush it," Amu gazed up at me hopefully," I'm not going anywhere." Amu started to cry but I kissed her and only one tear escaped.

Temari giggled," Okay so what season would you like it to be in?" Amu let go of my arm and answered Temari's question.

"I want it winter so my dress can match the snow!" I shook my head.

I told Temari my own opinion," What happened to traditional spring weddings under the cherry blossoms? And besides Amu, you do know white means purity right?"

Amu blushed and screamed in my ear," I am not losing my virginity before marriage! And spring weddings are cliché."

I fakely pouted," But Amu..." I used puppy dog eyes on her and she was about to smile but then she stomped her foot.

"No. I want a wedding during either fall or winter!"

"Well I want a wedding during spring or summer."

"How about in October?" Temari interrupted our argument," It's in between... sort of."

Amu's eyes sparkled and I nodded giving in," Okay then your wedding is ten weeks and four days from now." Amu and I were shocked.

Amu grabbed the desk calendar off of Temari's desk and scanned it," It's already July nineteenth?" I was surprised too.

I smirked at Amu," Who knew two months could go by so unnoticed." Temari clearly didn't understand but ignored it because she was enjoying watching us make a fuss.

I calmed myself," Okay, so where?" Amu laughed shortly as if she already had a place in mind.

Amu pulled a rolled up magazine out of her purse and opened it to a marked page," Hotel Ame & Hi (Rain and Fire) has a banquet room the I've always dreamed of." I noticed Amu's dreamy gaze and agreed quickly.

Temari took in the scene and began to make a few calls. She dismissed us with the wave of her hand. Amu had colleges to look at but I insisted I meet her parents.

Amu disagreed with me once again," I told you they're on some trip with Ami in Canada! I can't make it possible!"

I stared at her in disbelief," I'm marrying you in a few months and I haven't met your parents yet! Call them! I don't want to meet them as your dad walks you down the aisle!" Amu stifled a laugh. I began to laugh too but then ceased abruptly.

"But seriously." I held the phone to her face.

Amu took it and put her arms up in defeat," Okay, okay."

The phone rang only once before excited voices filled it," Amu, I can't believe you're calling! You haven't contacted us in forever!" Amu coughed and her family's chatting stopped.

"Momma, Papa, Ami... I'm getting married in a few months." Complete silence was left and Amu was about to say something but-

"MY SPARROW! WHAT BOY? HOW DARE HE NOT ASK FOR MY BLESSING! Well I won't give it to him!" I could her Amu's mom attempting to calm him down and Ami's cheers.

Amu complained," A-Actually Momma met h-him a couple of y-years ago. It's I-I-Ikut-to!" Amu tried to sound joyful but her voice was filled with worry.

"Amu, that's fabulous! Ikuto-san is so good for you! How has he been all these years?"

I took the phone from Amu and smirked," I've been doing pretty good thanks."

Amu's father gasped," HE'S WITH HER?"

"Yes Honey, calm down Ikuto-san is very kind and mature."

"HOW OLD ARE YOU?" Amu's father directed to me.

"Twenty-one, almost twenty-two."


Amu yelled back at him," I just graduated dad! I'm perfectly old enough!"


"I'm. Marrying. Ikuto. Whether you like it or not, I love him." With that Amu hung up the phone and proudly smiled as she turned it off and shoved it in her back pocket.

"Yay, Amu told her parents she loves me!" Amu was annoyed by this but blushed a bit too. I loved her blushing face so much and now I would get to see it every day.

I grabbed Amu's hand and we walked back to Amu's house; her engagement ring on her finger. I couldn't resist anymore so I wrapped my arm around Amu's waist and pulled her in to a gentle kiss that grew more passionate but as Amu wishes... she can keep her virginity until after the wedding. Besides we were in the middle of a sidewalk.

~Wedding Ceremony~

I shakily positioned myself at the end of the beautiful walkway. The whole room the wedding was taking place in was breathtaking but as soon as the music started, the doors opened. And Amu walked through.

She was so dazzling that I stopped breathing as I looked at her form. Her dress was a mermaid style and it was, of course, white. However it had white embroidery on the sides that made swirls and patterns. Her hair was curly and in a bun with her veil over it. I sent a smirk her way as she walked down the aisle and she blushed immediately.

After we said our vows, which Amu blushed throughout both of our vows, and after the man read all those things, we said our do's.

"I do." Amu cried and I wiped her tear away as she smiled beautifully.

The man continued with my part," I do."

"You may kiss the bride." I was about to kiss Amu but Utau pulled Amu from the bridesmaid line and Rima, also from her bridesmaids, applied lip gloss to Amu's luscious lips and I daringly scooped Amu into my arms and kissed her roughly.

Everyone clapped and congratulated us, Kukai and Nagihiko wolf whistling. All of which embarrassed Amu, whom was still in my arms.

I carried Amu to a dark blue convertible and we made our way to the honeymoon I had been aching for.

~Skipping... certain parts~

I woke up in mine and Amu's hotel room in the mountains and smiled next to my strawberry who had his herself under her covers after our little event last night.

I had to give Amu credit; she actually went through with her promise. Although after a terrible few months I had too. Amu woke up and held her covers to her. She blushed terribly and pulled the covers over her head.

I chuckled," Amu, what's wrong? You merely expressed your love."

Amu hit her legs on the bed," Don't say it so easily like that! I feel embarrassed and exposed!"

"So you didn't have a good time?" I whined. Amu stopped moving and lay flat. I could feel her face heating up.

"Come on Amu, say it. Although I could tell how you felt considering how you-"

Amu jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom with her clothes," Fine I had a great time! It was a good first experience! Are you happy?" I stood in awe of her honesty. As soon as she came out of the bathroom I pulled her into a surprise kiss.

Amu blushed and pushed me off of her," PUT ON SOME CLOTHES FIRST!" I smirked and laughed in her mind.

"Why? You already saw-" Amu groaned loudly. I could've made a remark abbot it but kept it to myself.


"I love you too." I got dressed and wrapped my arm around her.

Amu smirked and my face showed a bit of concern at it," You know what our first kid's name is gonna be?"

I gulped," First kid? What?"

Amu tackled me into a hug that brought both of us to the ground as she answered me," Aruto!"

I lay on the ground with Amu on top of me smiling like a child," That's my dad's name."

Amu nodded," Yup and I like it a lot!" I smiled lovingly and held my favorite girl in the world who surprisingly didn't blush through any of that.

"I love you so much, Amu."

Amu put her head on my chest," I l-love you too, Ikuto."

..." You stuttered." Amu blushed into my shirt.


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