I can't believe it. I really can't. Months and months of work and it's finally... here. I actually finished it!

Ah well, I'll go celebrate later. For now, know this: this fanfic is an AU, because it was written before the manga ended, and I'm not gonna change it now. Nope, no way. So this fanfic is officially an AU, as Ed still has his alchemy powers and the automail on his arm. But everything else is kind of... the same; Roy used the Philosopher's Stone to restore his eyesight, same people are dead, same people are alive, etc. Except now we have Digimon. But I can't shake the feeling that something's missing from this first chapter... something that would make it suck less...

Ah well. That's what updated rewrites are for. *pulls out her sword and points it forward* ON WITH THE FIC!

A word to the wise: dimensional travel is the most difficult of any kind of magic, and should be left to experts. The alchemic circles required are incredibly complicated, and God help you if you get one character of the ridiculously long coordinate sequences wrong. One miscalculation, and you could end up in a dimension full of shrimp with half your limbs missing, half an idea how you got there and no idea how to get back. Therefore, dimensional travel should only ever be attempted by the experienced, or the incrediblely desparate.

And the Digimon attempting it now were definitely desperate.

A Terriermon, nicknamed Fletcher (most Digimon were nicknamed, to distinguish between indiviuals of the different species), stood up from the part of the transmutation circle he'd been drawing. He was, by all means, a fairly ordinary Terriermon; he looked a bit like a rabbit, walking on its hind legs, with freakishly long floppy ears, that reached the ground and dragged whenever Fletcher walked (and he hated that. He liked to keep his ears neat, and he despised the dirt and dust clinging to his fur). He had big, dewy eyes and a single horn in the middle of his forehead, and he was colored cream with lime green stripes. Except for an unusual concentration of yellow in his color scheme and golden eyes in place of the normal dark brown. Yes, except for those and a few other things (dehabilitating stutter, shaky paws and a nervous disposition that was rare for the usually courageous little Digimon that Terriermon were), Fletcher was quite normal.

"H-hey Vic, S-sara. I'm finished over here. What about you guys?" He asked.

The two other Digimon in the non-descript location with him were slightly more unusual. They were both part of an uncommon strain of digital monsters that closely resembled Pokemon (ironic as hell, due to certain universes where the two were rival franchises). Vic was an Eeveemon, and looked almost exactly like the Pokemon his kind were named for – tiny, rabbit-eared foxes, with brown fur and a creamy ruff around their neck to match the tips of their bushy tails. However, Eeveemon walked on their hind legs, as opposed to their Pokemon counterparts' walking (or, rather, hopping) around like a normal animal. Eeveemon were also cyborg Digimon, and each had a unique assortment of cybernetic body parts. In addition to bright gold eyes, and an odd fur-antenna, Vic had a metal right arm and left leg. Sara, on the other hand, was a Pikamon, and looked like a Pikachu (rather obviously). Pikamon were fairy Digimon, and didn't just look like the little yellow mouse with red cheeks, long ears and a thunderbolt-tail; they had little wings, and each wielded a short, simple stick topped with a star. A rather unusual anomaly with the data they were created from resulted in each having a unique power, manifesting as an attack called "Memetic Mutation". The story behind it was long, complicated, had something having to do with a place called "4chan," and was none to pleasant for those with weak stomaches.

"I'm done." Sara said.

"Same." Said Vic. He stood up very straight, barely matching the height of his two companions; he a bit smaller than the average Eeveemon (it was something he was a little touchy about). "Right, are we all ready then?" The other two nodded. Vic smiled. "Then let's go!"

He and Fletcher crouched down and put their hands (paws?) to the circle. Vic looked over at the Terriermon. "You alright?" He asked. Fletcher nodded, trying to ignore the fact that his hand-paws were shaking.. "I-I'm fine." Fletcher replied.

"Don't be scared, Fletcher." Said Vic, smiling reassuringly. "Everything's perfect."

Totally ignoring the fact that a very, very similar situation to this one caused an enormous mess that ultimately left two young brothers traumatized for life, they proceeded, starting the trasmutation; the circle started glowing.

"Do we know where we're going?" Asked Sara, as a loud wind picked up out of no where.

"Of course," Said Vic over the noise of the forming portal. "We're going home!"

Edward Elric was having a rather confusing and painful day. He was currently standing at Winry's workbench with his younger brother, and watching his childhood friend and, as of recently, girlfriend deconstruct an odd device that had fallen out of the sky while he was enjoying his week off and the tranquility of his hometown, and very nearly given her a concussion.

Said device was a white triangular shape with square wings on the sides. A strap connected the device to a small clip. On the front was a black square within a blue ring, and below it was a smaller blue ring with little arrows on it. Ed and Al had also had similar devices fall precariously close to them (Ed's had actually hit him on the head. He had been nursing the resulting, fairly large lump when Al had excitedly burst onto the second floor balcony to show his big brother what he had found), except Al's was green and white, and Ed's was gold and white. On the front of all three was what looked like some kind of array consisting of rings and circles.

"This is facsinating, I've never seen anything like this before.." Said Winry, focused intensely on her work, as she carefully removed the plastic covering on the weird device and revealed chips and circuits beneath it. They glowed eerily. "Hey Ed, do you think this might be some secret military thing?"

The Fullmetal Alchemist stared at the device, studying it. The symbol on the front had three rings, each consecutively smaller, each within the other. Four lines went out from the innermost circle in an x, and where the lines crossed the circles, there was another, smaller circle around it. "...Maybe," Edward answered slowly. "It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen, but this..." He tapped the circle on the plastic cover. "makes me wonder..."

The circle lit up. It flashed briefly, and the black square on the front lit up as well. The three of them jumped back as a blinding light filled the room Suddenly, Ed felt drained and tired, and his arm tingled, as though all his energy was being channeled through it into the circle. Then, as quickly as the light came, it went.

Ed blinked spots from his eyes. He was about to ask what the hell just happened, when, all of a sudden, somebody knocked on the door.

"Wow, what happened here?" Asked Vic, slowly turning in a circle. The house he remembered spending so much time in, the precious, dreamlike time that was so far off, yet felt so close, was gone. The land around it was overgrown with grass and wildflowers, and burned timbers were strewn across the site, the charred skeleton of a home.

"Gee, I dunno, a fire, maybe?" Said Sara, looking up the old tree that she, Fletcher and Vic himself used to run around when they were just little In-Training Digimon, playing tag with their bonded humans – it definitely bore marks of a flame, like scars on flesh.

"Hey," Vic said suddenly, as a memory flashed to the surface of his mind, "I remember when you got stuck in this tree, Sara."

Fletcher and Vic grinned at each other, like the brothers they weren't. "And you wouldn't come down for like, five hours?" Said Vic. The two of them laughed. Vic only knew what the internet had taught him about the bonds between other humans, but he thought that whatever Fletcher and himself had definitely qualified as "brotherly." "H-hey, do you think Winry's at her house?" Fletcher piped up. Sara just blinked, uncomprehendingly. "Y-know, Winry. Y-you always played with her... always." She just kept looking. Then Vic at her, "You just need a little refresher is all. C'mon, you two!"

The three of them took off down the hill. To Vic and Fletcher, it was just like old times – Vic, Ed, Fletcher, Al, Sara, and Winry. Digimon and their child partners. The way it was for everyone when they were small. The way it was supposed to be.

The Digimon were part way up the next hill, stumbling on the steep climb, when Vic stopped, as though frozen. Sara looked back at him.

"You coming?" She asked. Vic stayed frozen. Then, suddenly, his body started glowing. It grew brighter, and brighter, until Vic was a little fox-shaped star. The star shifted and morphed, into a taller, humanoid form. When the light dimmed, there was a human-sized, anthropomorphic fiery fox standing where Vic was. His short, brown fur had turned orange, with a bright golden tail that flickered like fire, and to match, on the top of his head he now sported a hairstyle very similar to his partner's; bright yellow hair (or maybe it was still fur), with Edward Elric's bangs, braid, antenna and all. The outfit, too, mimiced Ed's, with the jacket and the leather pants and the bright red coat. This was not an Eeveemon; this was Flaremon, a Champion Digimon, and the evolution of flame.

"...well," Vic said, studying his new Champion-level form. "Didn't see that coming," He started up the hill again, as if nothing had happened, and he hadn't digivolved to Champion level for the first time and grown several feet, only stopping or looking back when the others didn't follow. "Hey, are you guys coming or not?"

Fletcher and Sara blinked twice out of shock, then, still surprised, followed their friend.

That entire thing took place a few minutes before the Elrics heard the knock at their door. A few minutes later, the Elrics followed Winry down to the front room. None of them had any idea who could've come calling; Granny Pinako was making a house call to a client, and there were no other appointments scheduled for that day. In all likelyhood, it was one of the other villagers. It was just a neighbor, on an errand, maybe. But for Ed, the paranoia from their last little adventure hadn't worn off quite yet. Nothing like nearly getting killed a million times to hammer in a little caution, Ed thought, when he realized he'd been planning on how to defend his girlfriend, his brother and himself in the unlikely case that, oh, who knew, a ninja with alchemic superpowers had come to call.

Winry opened the door, and what happened next happened very fast; Ed had time to register a fire-colored blur and a loud cry of "ED!" and his paranoid side saying "ha, see, I was right!" before he was tackled to the floor.

A minute or two earlier...

"Do you think they'll remember us?" Asked Fletcher. I don't want to ever forget Alphonse, the Terriermon thought, and I don't want to have forgotten me, but what if he has forgotten? What if he doesn't recognize me? Would he want me near him or would he be alright with having a Digimon – I mean, I know everyone has one but what if Alphonse doesn't like Terriermon or thinks it's weird that I'm all yellow or-

"I'm sure they will." Said Vic, still a Flaremon, cutting off his not-brother's frantic inner monologue and giving him a reassuring smile. He seemed to be full of energy for some reason; he'd come charging up the hill, barely winded, frolicked all the way up to the front door like a sugar-high schoolgirl, and after knocking enthusiastically (less like a sugar-high schoolgirl and more like a slightly psychotic Girl Scout hellbent on selling a box of Thin Mints) was bouncing on his heels. He looked a great deal like Edward now, if Ed has a fiery tail, large fox-like ears, and furry orange skin. Suddenly, the door opened, and Fletcher heard Vic joyously shout "ED!" before he disappeared inside the doorway.

For Ed, he would later look back on this and decide that getting glomped by Vic was a bit like getting jumped on by himself, albeit a furry version of himself. And Vic was now nuzzling him happily, his rough, warm fur brushing Ed's cheeks, while gushing something about how "it's been so long" and "missed you so much." Of course, Ed would only learn Vic's name and that the Digimon had been not trying to kill him, but instead was very happy to see Edward himself, sometime later. Right now, Ed was being hugged and cuddled while he flailed around and tried to hit or shove off or do something to the thing that had him in what, to Ed, seemed like a bear hug meant to restrain him while a knife was shoved in his back. Finally, Ed managed to push Vic back, and hurriedly trasmute one of the plates on his auto-mail arm into his trademark blade. "What are you?" He demanded, aiming the blade at the orange furry thing, which to him looked incredibly bizarre, with the way it looked like him, only furry and with freakishly huge eyes.

Mr. Furry Orange Thing didn't fight when Ed pushed him off. Instead, he sat back, with his head cocked to one side. Ed studied the odd creature, scrutinizing it – he didn't know what this fuzzy duplicate of him was, or why it had jumped him, but it didn't look angry or scared or anything else that might've lead it to act aggressively. But it did look a bit... hurt. Hurt and confused, in a way that looked almost... human.

"Ed, you don't remember me?" It asked. It was male, judging by the voice. He had a very open way of speaking, like he was talking to a close friend. "I mean, I look a bit different right now, but it's me, Vic. Remember?"

Ed opened his mouth to say something. Exactly what, he didn't really know. No, possibly.

But he didn't say that, because he did know the weird look-a-like sitting across from him. Sort of. Something deep inside of him knew. An old memory, from a long, long time ago. Ed did know him... no, not him, Vic. But how? The little talking fox called Vic had been an imaginary friend he had made up, something Ed had forgotten after the nightmare of that failed transmutation, and concluded was nothing but part of a game, or a dream, when he'd grow older. But here Vic was, sitting just across from him, solid and tangible as Winry or Al was. Vic was a little different than Ed had imagined him – he was much taller, and bright orange – but something within Ed told him this was his old imaginary friend. It was like there was a tiny, invisible string that connected the two of them.

Vic saw the flash of recognition on Ed's face. "You do remember! I told Sara and Fletcher you would!" The Digimon embraced Ed, overjoyed, as his body began to glow again. He shrank, becoming lighter and smaller, until he had reverted to his Rookie form; the small, brown fox with metal limbs, a creamy ruff, and long ears. "Ah," Ed said, dumb with surprise. Vic was looking a bit more familiar now. But this was all still so strange... "I think... I remember. But.. you're not supposed to be real."

Vic jerked a thumb at the door. "Neither are they." Ed looked over Vic to see a big, long-eared, yellow mouse and a white rabbit with long ears and green stripes standing shyly in the doorway. Al and Winry followed his gaze, and soon joined Ed in his surprise.

"What the hell?" Ed asked, "...did I hit my head harder than I thought?"

"Oh, that's right." Vic laughed, a tad nervously, "I guess I should explain."

"Like hell you should," Ed grumbled, shifting and nudging Vic off of him, then standing up and reverting his arm-blade to its natural state as an armplate.

"So, there it is."

Artemis, a Lunamon, was pointing at the large mountain in front of the little group. As a Lunamon, she looked a lot like a rabbit, if rabbits were pearly white; walked on their hind legs; and had an extra set of ears (which were tipped with purple, and didn't look much like rabbit ears to begin with); a curly antenna that faded to purple at it's tip; a crescent moon mark on their foreheads; large hands tipped with black, blunt, claw-like fingers and also marked with cresent moons; a pink ribbon looped around the neck and fastened over the chest with a large brooch adorned another crescent moon; and no legs; just translucent, dresslike skin that hovered and shifted across the ground.

Artemis's two companions were a Lunamon, this one with a straighter, golden antenna and mahogany colored eyes (which were highly unusual for the species. Lunamon usually bore color schemes of whites, blues and violets, with little pink and yellow accents. Warmer colors were almost unheard of), and a Coronamon; a little fiery lion cub-like Digimon with red-orange fur and a sort of metal headpiece that eminated a flame. This particular Coronamon had black tiger stripes criss-crossing his body – his own personal defining mark. The two had hired her as a guide to assist them in finding three other Digimon, who they would supposedly find at a place where it was easy to jump between worlds. Why these two wanted to find them, Artemis didn't know or care. But if the target Digimon were doing what she thought they might be doing, things were probably going to get interesting.

"That's one of the biggest dimensional weak points in the entire Digital World." Artemis continued. As she spoke, her comrades watched as the sky seemed to shift and bend around the dark peak, like a bubbling, boiling sea. Images, ghostly pictures of other worlds, flickered across the bright, bald blue expanse.

"You think they went there?" Asked the other Lunamon with the mahogany eyes and golden antenna; this one was named Blue Aurora (and usually just went by "Aurora"). Artemis shrugged in response.

"I don't know these guys, but if I was trying to jump to another world, it's the first place I would try." Artemis replied. She had a strange voice. It was musical, but with an odd, slightly raspy accent to it; an accent that pronounced the W's as V's.

"Right." Aurora stared at mountain's summit and squinted. Was something going on up there?

Yes, there was; lightning was going on. Blue lightning flashed around the peak, the color of it a signature sign of alchemic transmutation.

"Something's going on up there!" Shouted the Coronamon, who was simply called Corona.

No duh, Sherlock. Thought Aurora. She would've said this out loud, except her conscious just realized the connection her subconscious had made a minute ago.

"Oh God, they're already doing it!" She cried. "They're making the jump!"

Artemis cocked her head to one side. "And what's so bad about that?"

A dramatic wind picked up as the sky seemed to shatter, and the blue lightning formed a sort of bridge to nowhere in the middle of the sky. "You know what happens when you make a crack in a pane of glass?" Aurora demanded, over the wind. Loud cracks, snaps and booms filled the air, like thunder. "It's kind of like that. No, exactly like that. This kind of transmutation is a fairly crude way of getting around, and it makes a sort of crack between dimensions. When you make a crack between dimensions, the crack just gets bigger until the whole pane shatters. It gets worse when you try to push something through the crack."

Aurora then looked back at the mountain, trying to discern what she could from this distance. They were far too late to try and intervene now. "And those cracks have rather... unpredictable effects on things around them." She added apprehensively as the thunder grew louder, and the cracks in the sky spread. "We should get away from here."

Artemis waved a hand-paw dismissively. "We're far enough away, I'm sure we're fine."

Corona suddenly smacked his hand-paw against his face. "Oh, you just had to say it, didn't you?"

"What?" Artemis asked.

"I'm sure we're fine. That's one of the most common fate-tempting phrases EVER! Now that you've said it, some bad IS going to happen!" Corona shouted.

"That only happens in stories." She scoffed. "You've been on that TV Tropes website too much."

Unfortunately, this little exchange distracted them from a crack opening in the ground, as a final boom, the loudest of all, resounded through the sky. The world shattered, exactly like the pane of glass Aurora described, and the three Digimon all slipped and fell through.

The three of them landed in a narrow, dark alley. Corona was the first to recover.

"I told you so!" He said.

"Oh, shut up," Artemis snapped. She got up from her sprawled position on the cobblestone ground and looked around. They were in a rather old-fashioned-looking city that was painted in beiges and blues. A lot of the buildings looked new, like they were built recently, and more cobblestones paved the streets. "Where are we?" Artemis wondered.

Corona took a look at their surroundings. "Some kind of alley way. Outside of that, no idea." Once more, way to go, Captain Obvious. Aurora thought.

Then, Aurora jumped up, shushing them both. "We shouldn't be so loud." She whispered. "There are people here."

Instinctively, the other two Digimon looked around, and froze on the spot when they saw a pair of humans in blue and gold military uniforms. The two men had seen them, and now that the initial shock was wearing off, they were shifting to a very common human reaction to something otherworldly; get rid of it.

"RUN!" Aurora yelled, and all three Digimon made a mad dash for their lives.

It was a strange thing, meeting someone you'd known so well, after so long, when you'd almost forgotten about them. You used to be able almost read each others thoughts, and now you really don't know what to say, but the years put themselves between you, like brick walls, and there's an awkward silence as you try to get around them.

Al was the one who finally broke it. "So, if you're not just part of our imagination, what are you?" He asked the three weird little animal-like creatures.

"We're Digimon," Vic responded, "that's short for digital monsters. We're like little parts of a human's spirit, or heart or soul or whatever you want to call it. We manifest in our own world, and it's made of computer data, which is why you don't see us around here all that often. There are different kinds of us, too. I'm an Eeveemon, Fletcher is a Terriermon, and Sara's a Pikamon. There are hundreds of different Digimon, all made of different kinds of data."

Al blinked, not expecting that response, and decided not to ask just what a "computer" was yet. "So why did we see you when we were kids?" Vic continued, clearly eager to share.

"That happens to everyone. No one's quite sure why. But," Vic, gathering steam now, held up a finger to emphasize his point. "I do have a theory. As I just said, Digimon, are as much a part of the soul as they are data. The data is just how they manifest physically, and how their abilities manifest, but the soul part gives each Digimon a connection to a human, and there's something about a child's soul and mind that let's them see them, or meet them in dreams, kind of like an imaginary friend. It's when they get older and their minds become more grounded in reality that the connection fades. It's still there, but barely, and the memories fade out of focus.

"But sometimes, in a rare few cases, the link stays strong. And other times, only one of them remembers the other. I think what causes the latter is a sudden cutoff, or reality snap, brought on by heavy trauma. That's why I remember you, Ed." Vic smiled. Trauma or not, he was glad he remembered Edward.

Ed nodded, but it was a fake nod. He remembered playing with a little animal called Vic – exploring with Al and Winry while a little, brown, talking fox hid in jacket, and once – maybe once – he could remember watching the moon and stars outside with his tiny friend, in the deepest hour of night.

But that piece of his childhood come back to haunt him, after all that had happened; the transmutation, Father, the Homoculi... this was too much.

Suddenly, the phone rang, snapping them out of a kind of trance. A phone ringing was something ordinary, and seemed to contrast so sharply with the sudden arrival of the Digimon. "I'll get it." Said Winry, sounding a bit relieved. She got up, and after a short, clipped exchange with whoever was on the other end, called, "It's for you, Ed. Someone from the military."

Edward went into the kitchen and took the phone from Winry, puzzled. He was on vacation, why was he getting a call now? He took a minute to push old memories back into the depths of his mind. He'd think more on the Digimon issue later. "Fullmetal here," He said into the receiver.

This, Winry thought, as she walked back into the living room, was turning out to be a very unusual day. First the little Digimon creatures showed up, now Ed was getting a call from the military during his downtime. She avoided eye contact with the Digimon as she sat back down, then suddenly threw a suspicious look at them. Vic and Fletcher looked away, but Sara looked back, staring at Winry with a blank, disappointed sadness.

Then Ed walked back into the room. "They've found something in Central. They want me to come in and help out." He said tensely.

Al gave him a questioning look. "What'd they find?"

"They didn't say," Ed replied, irritated. "but it sounded like it was some weird animal. And since I've dealt with some weird things before..." He trailed off, though Winry thought that "weird" was a bit of an understatement.

Ed stomped up the stairs, "I'll be back in a few days, we can talk more about digital monsters then." He didn't sound like he was looking forward to that discussion.

Then, Vic bolted from the couch and followed Ed up the stairs. No one said anything, and the tense silence set in again. Winry, suddenly desperate for something to distract her, dug into her pocket, pulling out the odd little device. She studied it, finding solace in the weird chips and intricate mechanics, and relaxed a little. At least this was something she could understand... or try to. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before.

A thought struck her, and Winry looked up at Sara. Could this thing be related to the Digimon? As if to answer, the black square in the center lit up and a holographic circle spread out from it. Winry jumped, and dropped it. The circle vanished as it hit the floor, and Sara perked up and stepped forward to examine it. "A Digivice?" She asked, as Winry scooped up the device. The circle appeared again, displaying a picture of Sara with the word "Pikamon" written under it in big, bold letters. Smaller texts were written around it, saying things like "attack points" and "special attacks".

"Wow..." Winry whispered, incredulous. She took her other hand and tried to trace the letters, watching as her hand went right through them.

"These are legendary..." Sara said, "They symbolize the connection between a human and partner! Did we cause..." She stopped, and looked up at Winry. Winry slowly drew back and slipped the Digivice into her pocket again. She'd been right...

"Hell no!" Came a sudden shout from the stairs, making both Winry and Sara jump. Ed was yelling at Vic, Winry noted with an odd satisfaction. "You aren't coming with me!"

And so Edward left on the next train to Central (Winry and Al saw him off. The Digimon stayed at the house. Ed didn't see Vic the entire time, but thought nothing of it; this was a big mistake). He sat down on one of the seats, only to feel a prod on the back of his leg.

Ed looked down. Vic was under the seat. Or at least, he thought it was Vic. This sickening cute little fox looked like the Eeveemon, but smaller (which was saying something, as Vic was pretty small already) and without the metal limbs. It was exactly like the Vic of his childhood.

"Vic?" Ed asked, quietly so as not to alert the other passengers. Something hit him when he saw Vic like this; surprise, coupled with nostalgia, like a swift squeeze to his heart, coupled with an electric shock.

"Yup!" Said the smaller Vic, just as quietly. "I stowed away in your suitcase! I had to de-digivolve to fit in, but I snuck out as soon as you put it in the luggage compartment."


"Ed? You're mad, aren't you?"

And, in the end, despite his best efforts, Edward did alert the other passengers. Witnesses later described the enraged strangled howl as a bit like a cat being horribly violated.

"Well, this sucks."

"...Thank you, Captain Obvious."

So said Corona, and so Aurora responded. They, together with Artemis, had been caught due to the military's superior numbers, as well as size; it's very hard for a tiny Digimon to take on a fully grown human, even with their powers, when said human has about sixty friends and all of them are armed with guns. The three of them been knocked out, and when they awoke they were each in their own individual cages, which they had discovered had been alchemically fortified when they tried to either melt or freeze their way out. Then, hours later, just when Corona was getting sick of Artemis vocalizing whatever bits of datastream she'd tapped into (very boring talk radio, with the only interesting story being about a man who wanted to marry a sheep), the door opened, and humans in blue uniforms and white labcoats walked in.

"Roy!" Corona called, joyously. It was indeed Roy Mustang, who looked considerably alarmed at being addressed by what appeared to be a small, flaming tiger with overly-large eyes and proportions that could only be described as cartoon-ish; and by his first name, no less.

"Hey, Roy!" Corona continued, "It's me, Corona! Remember me? Er, I bet you don't, but it's me!" But Roy seemed to be pretending not to hear him, even when Corona started shouting louder.

"Why exactly am I here again, Dr. Stein?" Roy asked over the noise, "I'm not exactly an expert in bio-alchemy, and what we're looking at is clearly the result of that."

Dr. Stein replied without taking his eyes off the Digimon, studying them intently. "Well, these are simply too advanced to be one of our experiments. And, Colonel Mustang, given the events of last year's little... incident, " If you could call it little, what with everyone in Amestris getting their souls sucked out and then put back in, and Roy nearly losing his eyesight, amongst other things... "we thought you might know something about this. Perhaps it's one of that Father character's leftover creations?"

Corona was now trying a different tactic to catch Roy's attention. Since yelling didn't work, Corona had moved on to making faces at him.

"This really doesn't seem like his style, though, doctor." Roy answered, recalling the chimeras Mei Chang had told him about, in the days after the final battle; the ones that guarded the tunnels to Father's lair. "The chimeras under Central would look like monsters, so to scare people off. These things are too... cute."

"HEY!" Corona snapped, loud enough to throw them off their guards and make them pay attention to it. "Who're you calling cute? I'm a ruthless fighting machine, just watch!" He then started gnawing on the bars of his cage, while Aurora's palm said "hello" to her face.

"...those chimeras weren't capable of human speech either." Roy added, as Corona tried to burn his way out again with spinning wheels of flame, all of which fizzled out harmlessly.

Suddenly, one of the aides appeared at the door. "Dr. Stein, Colonel Mustang?" She said. "The Fullmetal Alchemist has arrived. He'll be here in a moment." And, as she said, in a few minutes, Edward was there.

"Well," Edward asked. "what do we have here?"

"Fullmetal," Said Roy. "Do you have any idea what these things might be?"

Ed took a good, long look at the captive creatures. An orange one was making faces once more, and was either trying to make flames or flip them off, a white and purple one that looked like a rabbit looked both annoyed and embarrassed, and another white and purple one that looked incredibly similar to the first purple and white one was ignoring everything around it, and seemed to be humming an odd little tune. There was something a little niggling in the back of Ed's mind that he knew what these things were, and yet...

They're Digimon too, said a little voice in his head, soft but familiar.

...hold up. What the hell was that?

At the end of the day, the investigation yielded no results. Ed rubbed his templed, frusterated. None of the Digimon (if the first sign of his coming insanity was correct) would let them get close enough to touch them, and that meant no physical examinations. But, they would be doing it again tomorrow, with tranquilizers, if necessary.

Ed went back to the military's hotel. As much as he would have liked to pretend the Eeveemon wasn't there, he would have to talk to Vic about this. Once there, however, he got another surprise.

"Winry, Al? What're you doing here?"

His childhood friend and brother were standing beside the front desk. The both of them had suitcases and their Digimon with them, though Sara and Fletcher both looked strangely limp and seemed to be trying not to blink, like they were trying to pass off as dolls.

"We thought you might need ... some help." Said Al, but the way he said it, the pause, and the subtle "this is important" look on his face clearly implied some other reason behind it. They didn't say anything else until Ed had led them back up to the room.

"Alright," Edward demanded. "why are you really here?"

"Vic told us to come," Said Fletcher. "Well, he told me to come. I mean – uh, he didn't say it really, I kind of felt it... we... uh, share a kind of bond most Digimon don't have, we can do that." He added, stuttering as everyone looked at him. Edward listened, suddenly fascinated.

"...you can talk to each other without having to be there?" Ed inquired, "Like some kind of telepathy telepathy?"

"More of a feeling than anything." Fletcher replied with a shrug, flushing.

"And you didn't tell us this... why?"

"We thought you'd already know." Fletcher looked over at Vic, embarrassed. "Like I said, it's not a common kind of thing, so we'd thought it had something to do on your end, right Vic?"

"Right," Vic confirmed. "being able to communicate with the mind, or heart or whatever, is commonplace between a Digimon and partner, but a Digimon-to-Digimon link like that doesn't happen unless that kind of bond already exists between between their own partners." He sounded like he'd recited it out of a text book, as though he'd memorized what he was going to say. Vic did that a lot, Ed noticed, and the long speeches were kind of irritating.

Wait, Ed remembered now. He and Al were connected through their souls, and had been that way ever since they'd added their blood into their botched transmutation of their mother; ever since Al had regained his body, Ed could recall instances where he felt what his brother was feeling, especially in those first days after Al was restored to flesh and blood. Ed had felt incredibly drained while his brother was recovering from severe malnourishment, and Al had told him of times when he could feel a kind of blissful, fluttering feeling in his chest that he somehow knew didn't belong to him (Ed later realized Al got this feeling when Edward himself was alone with Winry. He had resolved not to mentioned this to anyone). Their bond ran much deeper than that of normal siblings, so would their Digimon share that?

And speaking of bonds...

"I heard a voice in my head when I was looking at the things they captured," Ed remembered. "it said they were Digimon. Was that you, Vic?"

The Eeveemon cocked his head to the side. "Might've been. I know I felt other Digimon earlier today, other than Sara and Fletcher, I mean, but I don't remember seeing them myself. What'd they look like?"

Ed called up images from earlier that day in his mind. "One of them was loud, and annoying, and it looked like a bright, orange, cartoon lion, or tiger, or something. It had this circlet on it's head, it might've been metal, but we couldn't get close so we couldn't be sure. It talked a lot, and it kept trying to catch Colonel Mustang's attention." He paused and then quickly described Mustang for the Digimon. Vic looked thoughtful. "Did the orange tiger have black stripes?" He inquired.

Ed thought about it for a moment. "Yeah, it did."

"And did it look like it was on fire?"

"It did, but it wasn't radiating heat, outside what's normal for a living creature."

The three Digimon exchanged a look. "It's Corona." They said together.

"Who's Corona?" Asked Al, looking curious.

"Corona," Fletcher replied, "is a species of Digmon called a Coronamon; he's a friend of ours, and from the sound of it, he's the partner of your friend Mustang."

"...wait, Mustang has a Digimon too?" Asked Ed.

"Everyone does. Vic already said that." Sara said in her quiet voice. "If that was Corona, then the 'white rabbit' must've been Aurora." She looked up, and quickly added, "She's a Lunamon. She can be a bit harsh, but she isn't all bad, really. And she and Corona are quite close. But I don't know," Sara paused and looked thoughtful, "who that other Lunamon is."

"What they're doing here is the bigger question." Vic interjected. "Unless..." He trailed off, looking thoughtful.

"What?" Ed interrogated, a thousand questions in his mind, and the intent to ask every one before Vic got sidetracked by the sound of his own voice. But exactly what "unless" meant, he would never find out, because at that moment a loud, bellowing, roar snapped them out of their thoughts.

"...what was that?" Asked Winry slowly as Vic leapt over to the window. The little Digimon pressed his nose to the glass. "Not good," Vic said, his golden eyes growing wide. "this is not good at all!"

"What?" Asked Ed, moving over to the window. Vic was hooking his paw-fingers under the window sill. "Ed," he said. "I'm gonna need your help for this. Meet me outside. Bring the Digivice!" He opened the window. "The what?" Ed asked. "The little plastic thing!" Vic exclaimed before jumping out the window.

Ed watched as Vic landed, several stories below, with no harm done to him. Then, another roar, closer than the first, resounded across Central. "Stay here," Ed told Winry and Al as he made sure the Digivice – that was what it was called, apparantly - was still in his pocket and ran out of the room.

This is getting too weird, Ed thought as raced out the door and down the street. It was night, and there weren't many people out, so he wouldn't have to worry as much about getting spotted. The confusion, puzzlement, frustration, all the emotion from earlier was back with a vengence now. A so-called imaginary friend showed up at the door, turned out to be a digital monster, and these Digimon could sense each other and talk with their minds, and change shape and use the elements and who only knew what else-

Then, a giant reptilian shadow loomed in view. Edward stopped dead. "No way," he said to himself, "no way in hell..."

He'd found the thing that had made the roar.

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