A Notice from the Author

Sorry, everyone, for making you wait so long on the next chapter. D: See… the few chapters were supposed to be finished ages ago… but real life has been intervening and I repeatedly find myself unable to focus on my work. ;;

So I'm taking time off to write things further (and by "write further" I mean "finish the draft of the first arc", which is about seven more chapters…), go over some past mistakes and try to improve upon them. Soooo, while the fic itself is on hiatus for a while (but it looks like it'll be a long while at this point…), it is still being written and worked upon. So please don't go thinking I've given up on it entirely. This fic is my baby, and I love it far too much to do that. The Unseen Days, however, will still be updated. I'm trying to do a chapter a month… which means two back-to-back chapters next update; three if I insist on laying around until May. xD;

Look forward to Alchemists omake chapters shortly!