Five Months Later…

Sephiroth grinned as he read his magazine while sitting in his hammock. Even though he knew back in Midgar there was snow on the ground, it always intrigued him how Costa del Sol always had the same weather all year long: sunny, hot, and sometimes windy. Luckily for him and his family, their house was next to the beach and whatever wind blew off of the ocean kept the temperature around them cooler. He smiled when a familiar shadow appeared over him and looked up into the beautiful blue eyes he loved for many years.

"I take it that you came back from going shopping with ma?"

Cloud giggled.

"How can you tell?"

"The large cream floppy hat you're wearing still has the price tag on it…along with your white bathing suit wrap. You look sexy by the way…especially since I know you're not wearing anything underneath it…" Sephiroth said with a grin on his face as Cloud smirked.

"Let's just call this a pre-anniversary present…" Cloud said as he purposely swayed his hips around to the other side of Sephiroth before crawling onto the hammock with Sephiroth and laughing when they both almost fell out of it. Sephiroth wrapped his left arm around Cloud and rested his hand on his hip as Cloud sighed and placed his left hand on his chest.

"Where are the boys and ma?"

"Lucrecia is over at the neighbor's for her weekly meeting with the women of the neighborhood and the boys are on that field trip to Icicle Inn for snowboarding."

"And you didn't want to go to either?"

"No… I felt like spending my anniversary with my husband, you know, like all married couples do! Obviously you forgot that!" Cloud said while rolling his eyes at the chuckling Sephiroth.

"I didn't forget, love. In fact…"

Sephiroth carefully leaned over to grab the small box he placed underneath the hammock and gave it to Cloud. Cloud looked up at Sephiroth confusedly before going to open the box, which Sephiroth stopped him from doing so.

"Hold on a sec."

Sephiroth took Cloud's left hand and pulled off the 4 karat diamond ring and chucked it over towards the beach with Cloud staring at him in shock.

"Did you just… DID YOU JUST THROW MY WEDDING RING OUT THERE! OH MY GOD! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT SEPHIROTH! NOW I HAVE TO GET IT BEFORE SOME FUCKER TAKES IT!" Cloud yelled as he tried to get out of the hammock, but Sephiroth stopped him.

"It's alright Cloud; you don't need that anymore…"

Cloud stared at Sephiroth with tears in his eyes.

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Open the box and see."

Cloud slowly opened the box not knowing what to expect and gasped in shock before slowly picking up the 20 karat diamond ring with tiny diamonds surrounding the band. He looked at Sephiroth, then back at the ring, before looking back at Sephiroth, who was smiling at him.


"…I made it myself. All that time I was down in the basement, I was cutting the diamond the boys stole from Reeve into this for you. The band is made of about 150 small diamonds give or take, that it-"

Sephiroth was cut off from explaining how he made the ring by Cloud kissing him on the lips with tears running down his face in pure happiness. Not only did Sephiroth get him a bigger diamond ring…he made it himself, which made it all the more special. Sephiroth pulled away and wiped the tears that lingered on his wife's face with a smile before slipping the ring onto his wife's finger.

"Happy Anniversary Cloud…"

"Seph, I love you…"

"I love you too."

"Great, now I feel as though my present to you is soo mediocre…"

"What is it?"

Cloud blushed a dark red and fiddled his fingers.

"Umm…we have to be in the bedroom in order for you to see it… I don't want to take the chance of someone seeing…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened and grinned mischievously.

"Is it a tattoo?"

Cloud shook his head negatively.

"Is it a piercing?"

Cloud looked away from Sephiroth as squeaked when Sephiroth lifted him up into his arms before running into the house with Cloud giggling at his husband's actions.

Meanwhile in the house next door…

"Oh my- Francine! Tell Lucrecia that I can hear her son and her daughter-in-law going at it again! My gosh they sure are rude!"

"Louise, how many times must I tell you not to stand on your balcony to smoke during the daytime? You already know that they hump like rabbits during the hours of 2p.m to 5p.m and from 12:30a.m to 3a.m." Lucrecia said as she rolled her eyes at the woman holding a hand up over her heart and gasping when she heard 'Aisu' yell for 'Katou' to go faster and harder and to not touch 'her' there because that is still sore from the piercing.

"How can you sleep at night while hearing Aisu scream like that?"

"Ear plugs usually work…"

"Heh! Screw the earplugs I would ask if I can join in!" a woman said with a snort before grinning.


"What! Do you hear how loud she moans? Obviously Katou can put in work…"

"I love how a 53 year old woman talks about having a threesome with my son and daughter…" Lucrecia said while laughing.

"Well, that's how I used to roll back in my day…"

"Francine, you were…were…" Louise said as she stared at Francine in shock.

"Bisexual? Fuck yeah I was! And still am today! Quit being so prissy Louise! I can loosen you up if you want me to… Why do you think my ex's preferred to call me Frank?"

Lucrecia busted out laughing as Louise almost passed out on her couch as the other women stared at Francine in shock.

"On a more serious note, why doesn't Ai come to our meetings? I would love to know how she keeps her figure." A younger woman asked excitedly.

"Priscilla, if you stand out on the balcony, you can hear how she keeps her figure."

"Way to be blunt Lucrecia. I like it…"

"Please don't start coming onto me, Francine… I already told you those days are over for me…"

"Tch. Always a tease."

"You know it!" Lucrecia winked at the woman sitting next to her before sipping her tea.

"But really! I want to meet her! Since I believe her and I are around the same age, it'll be nice to have someone who can relate to me who isn't 50 years plus!" Priscilla said while pouting. Lucrecia sighed. Cloud was going to kill her...

"I'll bring her with me next weekend. She probably won't be doing anything important."

"Great! Now we can learn all of her sex tips!" Francine said excitedly.

"Now why would we need sex tips from someone who's younger than the most of us? Me and my husband are just fine in the bedroom."

"Louise, please. From the look of your husband, you both are in need of dire tune-up…"

Louise blushed a dark shade of red before huffing and walking away.

"Aww, don't leave!" Francine said while laughing as she got up to follow the pissed off older woman.

"This is why I hate coming to these meetings…" Lucrecia mumbled to herself as she placed a hand on her cheek and leaned against the arm of the couch. She couldn't wait to go home, for good and bad reasons. Not only will Cloud start to yell his ear off when she gets home for forcing him to go with her next weekend, Sephiroth will be somewhat upset that he and Cloud's routine of sex in the backyard will be ruined. On the other hand…she gets to ask Cloud what piercing he got. And with that Lucrecia smirked.

The End?

A/N: Heck no it's not over! In fact, I already started writing the sequel. :) Now for that last tad bit with Lucrecia at her weekly meetings with the ladies of the neighborhood, that is what Cloud will be participating in on his weekends since he has nothing better to do as Lucrecia puts it ;) So, want a little snippet of what's to come in the sequel? Then read below…

"Who's the brunette? I've never seen her around here before…"

"The locals say that her name is Aisu. She and her family moved here not too long ago."

"And who's that walking with her?"

"That would be her oldest daughter, Yoko, and her youngest daughter, Pita, sir."

"Her family has money doesn't it?"

"Judging by the large diamond wedding ring she wears all of the time, I would say yes. The ring alone looks like it would be worth at least 500 million."

He grinned.

"I believe I have found three new candidates for my brothel… Keep an eye on them for me and when I give the word, I want you to snag them away with no witnesses…"

"Yes, sir…but I must warn you of a recent rumor that has been flowing throughout Midgar."

"What is it?"

"Some of our spies in Rufus' camp say that Evil Eye is secretly living here in Costa del Sol."

"Well then, that's even better news to me…"

"Why is it, sir? Evil Eye is-"

"The biggest serial killer of all time, I know, I know…but what they don't know is that he's the one who killed my brother in the orphanage to save his little blond slut. If I find him before Rufus does, then I can exact my revenge on him… Update me with any new information on Evil Eye as soon as possible. Understood?"

"Yes Don Corneo."

"Good, now leave…"

A/N: Muhahaha! Turn into the sequel to find out what happens next…

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