a.n. I literally wrote this in ten minutes. Just a little angst-y drabble I thought up when I saw the shield vanish in 'The End 1' Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I still own nothing. I'm getting there though.

Beast boy stared in shock as Raven ascended the rapidly appearing staircase to the giant stone hand. What was she doing? How could she be so sure this was meant to happen? Why would she leave her friends, leave him? She was sitting in the middle of the hand now, in her meditation position. He silently begged, No, please don't Raven, don't. None of the other titans noticed the tears trickling down his face as he watched Raven begin to chant.

It was all Beast boy could do not to scream with her as her body was slowly consumed by the energy. Why would you do it Raven? WHY? He suddenly felt irrationally angry, angry at Raven for doing this, angry at Trigon for putting her through it, and most of all, angry at himself for not doing anything about it. He felt the rage that only someone or something threatening Raven could bring forth and fought with all his might to contain the Beast. It had gotten out earlier, but then it had had a purpose. There was nothing it could do now.

Beast boy was in complete panic. The flames forming a wide portal, the rubble flying in all directions, the grim looks on the faces of his teammates. The remnants of Ravens agonized screams, which were already fading. He had seen the penny fall from her hand, and the tiny part of him that was not terrified, angry or sad was happy. He was glad that she cared enough to keep it and not leave it lying on the ground. Not that it mattered right now, as he saw the beginnings of the giant demon rising from the portal.

It was then that Beast boy realized, stunned. The shield. The shield that Raven had summoned to stop them getting to her. It was gone. It had dissolved. Raven would never have let that shield down. She must have, she's just biding her time before she fights Trigon, right? He thought desperately. He glanced around the chamber, willing Raven to suddenly appear, willing her to just beam out of the floor behind him, like she had done so many times in the past. Please Raven, come back, call me stupid, throw me out a window, go read in your room; just COME BACK! They could deal with an inter-dimensional demon. He could deal with the apocalypse.

He could not deal with the truth that was slowly taking over him. There was only one reason that Raven would have let the shield down. If she had no choice in the matter. The only reason she would have stopped them from getting to her was if it was too late to help. She was dead.

It was only with supreme effort that Beast boy stayed standing. Raven was dead. How could she be dead? She couldn't just die; she had her while life ahead of her. There were so many things he had never got to tell her, never got to say. But it didn't matter now, because with the dissolving of that shelter went all of Beast boy's hope.

Raven was dead. His world had ended.

a.n. I know, I know, I'm morbid. Deal with it.