It had been difficult for everyone who had been close to Hermione. They had taken small consolation in the fact that she had been resting in sleep. Although they had managed to see her at the end, Harry and Ron had both cursed themselves that they had not arrived earlier. Albus on the other hand was grateful that he had chosen to come and visit her on that day. He had been with her nearly the entirety of that day and the evening. The entire experience had been hard for him, and that night when he had returned home, he had taken comfort in Scorpius' arms, distraught. He had known what was coming.

On the 22nd September, Hermione Jean Granger Snape had peacefully passed from the world. The light of the Golden Trio had been extinguished; now it was just Harry and Ron who were left. Hermione had gone to a place that neither of them would be able to follow, at least not for a little while. For the first time in their life, they would have to go it alone.

The funeral had taken place a few days letter and it had been a very sad affair to say the least. The entirety of the Hogwarts faculty had showed up, there were some members of the ministry, the Weasley family, the Potter family, the Malfoy family. Even the Minister of magic had showed up with her companion, and that really was an honour. Rainey Maguire didn't really have much time to spare. She had taken a seat at the very back, despite several other's urging her to move closer to the front. As was in her stubborn nature though, she would not move any further forward lest she run the risk of causing offence. She had not known Hermione well after all.

Much to Scorpius Malfoy's delight, his cousin Marina Krum had emerged from hiding to attempt to support him as best she could. She was well aware that this would be an upsetting but mainly awkward experience for him. She was also showing respect and reverence for a woman who had been nothing but a friend to her, and who her own father had once declared had been the love of his life. Viktor had been unable to make the journey, and Marina made sure to tell this to the Potter's and the Weasley's.

"Unfortunately my father will not be able to make the journey. He passes on his best wishes and regards though. My mother would join me here but she never really knew Hermione well." Marina stated, her accent long gone but her pride in her homeland still strong within her. It was a lie, for the most part, but it was far less damaging than the truth. Her father had been inconsolable and there would have been no way that he would have managed to attend. When news of her death had reached him, it had been the final straw for her parents. Marina's mother had left and she was now residing permanently in England, leaving her father in Bulgaria to mourn the once love of his life. He had never really moved past the feelings he had for Hermione. At the same time though, he had still loved her mother, and it had broken him inside.

"That's okay Marina, we understand. It was good of you to come." Ginny had said, holding her arms out to embrace Marina. She roughly embraced the red haired woman and then let her go, quickly moving to lay a supporting hand on Scorpius' shoulder.

"You are a Malfoy before all else. We are strong." Marina said, squeezing Scorpius' shoulder and then moving away to find a seat. As hard as Scorpius would look to try and find her, he would not be able to. That was the last time he was ever to see his cousin. Sadly, Marina had been suffering many years from the pain left over from the explosion that had killed her entire workforce in Rome, apart from herself. The pain had been too much, and the dark magic that had damaged her heart eventually got the best of her, and she died a few months later.

The funeral of Hermione Granger Snape had announced for the world to know that she had been the brightest witch of her age, one of the kindest witches in all Britain and that she had been an example for generations after. It had covered the sad fact that she left behind no children of her own blood, and that she had never married.

Harry Potter had stood through the service to make a personal speech of his own concerning his dear friend.

"Hermione has been my friend for decades, and we had only once faltered in our friendship, through no fault of her own. Hermione had always been the more mature one, and I had still had a lot of growing up to do at the time. Still, we managed to move past that and our friendship became as close as ever. Through time and experience, we had grown apart physically but in our hearts, our friendship had only grown stronger. She is just as dear to me as my own beautiful wife, my wonderful children and the entirety of my family. I will miss her so much, but I will be happy in the knowledge that where she is now, she will be so very happy. As we bid farewell to our friend here today, I know that right now she is exactly where her heart had longed to be for years. Thank you." Harry had then returned to his seat and had unashamedly cried, burying his face into his wife's shoulder and taking comfort in her arms.

5 months later

Albus and Scorpius had been discussing the matter since Albus' aunt had passed away. Finally, they had decided and agreed that they would try for a baby. Albus had been over the moon, to say the least, and he had been telling everyone in his family all about it. Scorpius had been very reluctant to do the same but he had eventually managed to stutter out to his father that he intended to have a son with Albus. Draco had taken it surprisingly well, and was more proud that Scorpius wanted to continue the Malfoy family name, even if it was with the son of Harry Potter.

It had only taken Albus a matter of a few days to tell everyone he knew, and then there had been only one person left to tell. For that though, he had to journey to Hogwarts.

It had not taken very long to reach Hogwarts, and had knocked on the door of Headmaster Longbottom's office, hoping that he would be inside. He had been pleased that Headmaster Longbottom had been in his office and not sequestered away in his greenhouses, as was usual for him.

"Hello Headmaster Longbottom. How are you and Mrs Longbottom?" Albus had questioned politely.

"Hello there Albus! Good to see you back again. Ah, Hannah and I are doing fine. I still do miss her quite a lot though, and Stephanie too." Neville had replied, gesturing for Albus to take a seat.

"Is she not staying with you now?" Albus asked, taking a seat in front of Neville's desk.

"No, she won't be back till Christmas. She wanted to spend the autumn with Hannah in France." Neville explained a touch of sadness in his voice. He really did miss his daughter and his wife. Hannah Longbottom's job had been hard on Neville, but it had thankfully not affected their relationship.

"Oh, well I am sure she misses you too." Albus said, smiling gently. Neville nodded his head in return and leant back in his chair.

"Yes. So, what can I do for you today Albus? You are very lucky to catch me; I was actually just about to head down to greenhouse 3." Neville explained.

"I was actually here to see Aunt Hermione, I have some really important news to tell her. " Albus stated. Neville pointed to a space just behind Albus and he turned. The portrait of Albus Dumbledore, one of the men he was named after, beamed down at him proudly. Beside Albus was the portrait of Severus Snape, the other man Albus was named after. However, Severus did not even acknowledge Albus; he was far too busy with his sweetheart.

Neville coughed loudly.

"Hermione, you have a visitor." Neville called loudly.

Hermione Granger Snape pulled away from the passionate kiss she had been sharing with Severus Snape and looked around, a little curious to see who was visiting her. When her eyes landed on Albus she smiled brightly and waved at Albus.

"ALBUS! Oh how I have missed you! Why did you never come to visit me before?" She questioned, just the tiniest amount of hurt in her voice. Severus tightened his grip around Hermione's waist and pulled her a fraction closer to him.

"I did Aunt Hermione; you just weren't ever at the Ministry when I came by." Albus explained. Hermione nodded her head and placed her hand on Severus'.

"Yes, I have been a little pre-occupied. What can I do you for today?" She asked, looking away from Albus to smile at Severus. Severus' lips twitched a little into a small smile which he very quickly wiped off his face and replaced with this trademark scowl.

"Scorpius and I have been talking, and we have decided that we are going to have a baby together!" Albus exclaimed excitedly, jumping up and down happily. Hermione squealed and clapped her hands together.

"OH! That's wonderful Albus! I am so happy for you!"

"Congratulations are in order Potter. " Severus stated, nodding his head in Albus' direction. Albus blushed a little and lowered his head. He always did get terribly embarrassed whenever Severus Snape spoke to him.

"Yeah, we have already decided on a name, if we have a girl." Albus said, looking back up at Hermione. Hermione cocked her head to the side a little, inquisitively.

"Oh?" She questioned.

"Yeah. We spoke about it and we both thought it was the best name. Hermione Marina Malfoy Potter." Albus said shyly. Hermione was silent for a few moments before wiping her eyes to avoid any potential tears that she had begun to feel welling up.

"After me and his cousin." Hermione explained to Severus who nodded his head.

"Oh, Scorpius really does miss her a lot." Albus stated, sighing heavily.

"Why? What happened to her?" Hermione asked.

"She died, about a month ago. She had a strong heart, but the explosion when we were in school... It had damaged her more than we had ever thought it would." Albus explained sadly. Hermione bowed her head respectfully.

"She always had been a strong woman, strong mind, strong will and a strong heart. I hope wherever she is now that she is in peace." Hermione commented. Albus nodded.

"We spoke to one of the doctors at St Mungo's. He said that she had been on some very heavy pain potions for years and eventually even they had stopped working." Albus said sadly.

After that, the conversation had turned to nicer topics and eventually Albus had left with Neville.

"Is she happy with him Headmaster Longbottom?" Albus asked as they made their way down to the grounds of Hogwarts.

"I haven't seen her that happy in years." Neville replied.

"Then I am glad. She had been waiting to be with him for years." Albus commented.

"Let's just hope they don't have an argument." Neville said jokingly. They both laughed and then Neville bid Albus farewell. Neville retreated into his greenhouse and Albus made his way down the path to Hogsmeade to return home.

Hermione Granger Snape and Severus Snape remained with each other for the decades following on from her death, and centuries later they were still together with one and other. After Harry and Ron had passed, Hermione had split her time between Hogwarts with Severus and the Ministry with Harry and Ron. As they years had passed by, they had watched the families they loved and cared for growing larger and brighter. They had watched new lives grow and older lives pass into the next world, and for the rest of their days they would do this, together.

Hermione Granger Snape and Severus Snape, a couple who had been brought together after the wounds of war had been inflicted, and a couple who had waited decades before they could be with one and other. For centuries after, they had been known as the love story of Hogwarts, and no one would ever forget their names. They had found their happiness within each other's arms, and they could wish for nothing more than that.