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The French vamp just waltzed into a house full of vampires and a pack of wolves, all ready to rip him apart. He looked at me with crimson eyes, smiling a little. Colby growled at him, putting me down and standing up in front of me. Everyone was still, tense, waiting for his next move. He couldn't be so dumb. He had to have some kind of back up somewhere, but where would that be? If it's beyond all of their sense's ranges, it couldn't possibly rescue him in time, and the only one who didn't leave a trail Colby had ripped apart earlier.

"Well, aren't you protective.." he trailed, looking at Colby, who was noticeably shaking, hostile, then at me, eyeing me from head to toe. "I will never understand your mating rituals, mutt. She's barely a child. Does it make you feel superior? Do you get off on little girls?"

By the time he had finished that sentence the sound of clothes ripping and growling overwhelmed me. Surprisingly though, it wasn't Colby who'd phased.

It was Dad.

I gasped and took a step back. It was one thing knowing Colby and the other wolves and a whole other thing seeing my own father, whom I grew up with, and saw every day of my life, morph into a horse-sized beast, ready to pounce. Everything just dawned on me - the scene, the people. I was surrounded by a whole bunch of creatures whose only purpose was to protect me.

I wasn't going to take it.

"What do you want, Frederick?" Carlisle spoke, walking towards him, "Did you really come here to seek revenge for your mate, willingly stepping over the most powerful clan and their allies?"

"I came here for him." He pointed at Colby. "I came here to continue her mission."

"I think we have already made it clear that none of us are interested in the position she'd offered us," Colby hissed, "Especially not me."

Wait, what?

"Think about your loved ones," Frederick said, "Think about your safety. What do you think will happen when every clan knows about The Volturi's death? Complete chaos. You're the most powerful, and our safety depends on it."

So all this time, the reason we were being targeted by that Jemma - the reason Colby was so distant - was because he didn't want to replace the Vampire Royalty? He didn't want to be in complete control of every clan on Earth? Who in his right mind would deny that?! Why would he leave this kind of power for an ordinary life in Washington?

But wait. "What's in it for you?" I asked, standing now in front of Colby, my arms crossed. I could feel everyone staring at me, burning holes through my back, but I didn't care. When he didn't answer, I asked again. "Why can't you just step up yourself? Why Colby?" I stepped a little forward. "Why us?"

Us? Colby asked mentally, Al, please, don't interfere.

I gave him a stern look then glanced back at Frederick, who was raising an eyebrow. "I cannot possibly face all of those powerful clans alone. I need powerful allies - powerful leaders."

"Is running after someone's imprint really the way to win them over?" I scoffed. "Come on."

Colby's teeth were gritting, hard. He glanced at Edward and the next thing I knew, I was upstairs. He'd carried me into Nessie's spare room and as soon as he shut the door, I heard growls and screeches, like someone was ripping metal apart and I froze, horrified. I was extremely aware of their nature, aware of how they could and probably would rip Frederick apart but I had never imagined it. Edward left me there to join them and I just sat down on the bed, startled. It took me a while to collect my thoughts but as soon as I did, I walked up, as quietly as I could, to the window, which had a giant tree in front of it. I climbed down, my knees scraping a little in the process. I knew that if someone had concentrated, they would hear me, but I bet they were all caught up in killing Frederick and disposing his body. As I ran, I could see smoke emerging from inside the mansion.

I didn't care.

All I could think about was how everything was just wrong - the divorce, Colby treating me like I was too helpless, Dad lying to me about being a wolf. I didn't know why it was always about me. Me, my parent's mistake. Colby's burden. My school's weirdo. Why couldn't I just belong somewhere?

The wind ran through my hair as I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me, aimlessly. My legs felt so light, so free. I breathed in as much air as I could, spreading my arms beside me.

Breathe in.

This wasn't over.

Breathe out.

I would always be helpless.

Breathe in.

Why would I want to add to their list of burdens?

Breathe out.

I wish I could run forever.

Breathe in.

Where should I go?

Breathe out.

Maybe I should stop.

Breathe in.

But I wasn't that girl.

Breathe out.

My legs gave in. I was panting hard. I lay down on the grass and let my hands rest on my tummy, looking up at the sky. "I need a break," I whispered to myself. It wasn't like anyone was out here to call me crazy, you know? "I need to restart all over." But I couldn't. I knew I couldn't. I was merely thirteen. My parents were divorced, and I was stuck living with my father mainly because I didn't really want to be involved with my pregnant mother and I didn't want to start over at a new school. I barely made friends in Forks. I wasn't going to give that up.

The grass ruffled beneath me as I rolled over on my side, stretching my legs. It was starting to get cold, but it wasn't my priority. I didn't want to go back now. I needed to figure things out for myself first. I wasn't about to settle for being everyone's fragile burden, nor was I going to run away from them. For one, I wouldn't want to do to Colby what he did to me when he ran off for months. But the main reason was because I just wasn't that type of girl. I didn't back out. I didn't run away.

I glanced at my watch. It had been thirty minutes. Sure, I was absolutely awesome, even for a burden, but I couldn't have gone very far, and the fact that Colby hadn't tried to contact me even though I was pretty sure he was alright, and I was within their hearing range and Alice's vision capacity, reassured me that he was listening somewhat. He might claim he was less stalkerish but, boy, he was still the same weirdo who threw a rock at me inside my room the first day I met him to get my attention.

"Come over here," I breathed, "I'm too tired to get up. And we need to talk."


I sighed. "I know you can hear me, Weirdo."

I heard a ruffle and heavy panting behind me and I smiled. I sat up and turned around to find a dark wolf, drenched in blood, looking at me with menace. This wasn't Colby. I only saw Dad in his wolf form briefly, but it looked like him. Before I could speak, he was growling at me. "Dad!" I stepped back. "Dad, calm down. It's me! Dad!"

The wolf continued growling, and a figure showed up behind him. I tried to figure out who it was, but I could feel my breath being knocked out of me, again. I gasped for air, my heart racing, my vision getting blurry. This was all-too-familiar. The panic attacks we thought was caused by Jemma came back, even after her and her mate's death. Pure-breed wolves didn't have special powers as far as I knew, so it had to be whoever was with him.

I was close to losing my consciousness when the figure approached me and placed an ice-cold hand on my face. "If you're going to continue being with that puppy of yours, move away. Leave John Anderson. Stay away from your mother and her child." She moved her hand to my throat and my supply of air stopped completely. "This is your last warning."

Before I could add up my thoughts, everything faded to black.

Beep, beep, beep.

I opened my eyes to find myself an exhausted version of a marionette, except my stage was a hospital bed. I scanned my surroundings to find no one in the room but an overly sized teddy bear. Why was I here? What happened? Who brought me?

Who was that vampire? Was the wolf Dad?

Am I sick?

Maybe I'd been sick all along. Maybe I was one of those comatose people who dream of alternative realities. I'd probably find my mother coming through that door any second now, telling me how I was hit on the head during gym class because I was too terrible at it and couldn't look out for my own head. She'd probably be pissed, and my father would be worried, and I would find out that Colby was merely a figment of my imagination.

Except he wasn't.

Instead of my mother, Colby walked through my room's door, carrying a huge bag. At first, he didn't notice I was awake, but then I moved my arm to remove my oxygen mask and he looked right at me. His emerald eyes were dull, his clothes messier than usual. He didn't smile. He didn't come over to hug me or tell me how great it was to see my obviously amazing face awake. Even when I smiled at him, he just stood still.

"Wow, you sure are a blast," I said sarcastically, "Oh my God stop being so happy it's not like your imprint just woke up totally fine-"

"Do you think this is funny?" His voice was dripping acid. I froze.

"What?" I frowned, "What's this?"

He dropped the bag on the floor and snapped the door shut. "You run off in the middle of the fight, and I find you sixteen hours later, in an alley in Port Angeles, barely alive?"


"And when I take you to a hospital I find out you've been doing drugs and you almost OD'd?" He was visibly shaking.

I blinked. I was doing drugs? What drugs? I wouldn't know drugs if they hit me in the face! But again, how did I even get to Port Angeles? Maybe I was imagining things. Maybe what I remember wasn't what really happened. Maybe I did do drugs. Maybe. My head was too fuzzy and I felt drained to my core. I had no idea how to react or what to say.

"How did I get to Port Angeles?"

He raised an eyebrow. "What's the last thing you remember?"

I was about to speak up when I stopped myself. I didn't want to say anything I wasn't even sure happened. "Where's my dad?"

Colby frowned. "You left him a text saying you were going to your mother's, for good, and that you couldn't see him after you found out his secret. Don't you remember doing that?"

I shook my head. "I didn't even have my phone on me when I left." The look on his face suggested he didn't believe me.

He sighed. "Look, Allison," he said, "I know those last few months have been especially hard on you, and I can help. I want to help. I know I haven't been exactly the best support, but I'll try. Just, tell me what happened and we'll move on from there. We'll get past this."


He believed I just left, without warning, after I'd been by his side until the last minute, for good? He thought I went to Port Angeles and somehow found myself a drug dealer when the only drug I had ever taken in my entire life was for the flu and I was a thirteen-year-old and I ran off with no phone or money? And not only did I manage to get to Port Angeles with no money or phone and get drugs but I also had so much of them I almost died?

How could he even consider this? How was this rational on any level?

"Okay, I'll tell you what happened," I said, "I ran off with tons of money and my phone then hitch-hiked my way to Port Angeles then called my favorite drug dealer, whom I had on speed-dial and found myself a comfortable ally to die in," I snapped, "Because this is freaking reasonable and it makes total sense." He blinked. "Go to hell."


My monitors were beeping rapidly. I choked back tears. "It's true - I need to go away but not like this!" I yelled, and he got by my side and held my IV-clad hand, his eyes startled, "I don't want to die, and I definitely don't want to leave you behind. This whole mess is probably because I wouldn't leave you anyway."

"What are you talking about?" His voice was lower, less angry. His eyes were full of questions, but before either of us could say anything, Carlisle ran in, leaving the nurses out. He got by my other side and checked my monitors.

"Breathe, slowly," he said then looked at Colby, "Maybe you shouldn't be here right now."

"No," I breathed, "No, it's okay. I need to tell him."


My twelve years of being the Alpha of a wolf pack and a member of a highly organized clan, with all the troubles, never prepared me for this. In my whole life, I was never in that much pain, even when I felt the suffering of my brothers and sisters - even when I had broken bones. Never in my life had I been so scared, so irrational, and completely out of order. Ever since I found out Allie had run off from the mansion at the time of the fight and my senses heightened. I tried listening to her, to find out where she is but I couldn't hear a hiss within my hearing range, and her future was completely blocked off Alice's visions. I couldn't even organize a proper search, so Dad had to take over. We divided ourselves into groups and went on a radial search. We scanned every part but there was no sign of her. Her scent was everywhere and nowhere, and there was no way she could have gotten farther away on foot in that amount of time.

All my memories of my kidnapped, tortured sister from years ago took over my brain. All the worries that she might have phased as well - I had no idea what could have triggered it, but she had to have the gene, being a direct descendant and all. None of us could hear her thoughts when we were in our wolf forms, though, and I couldn't feel anything from her. Not pain, not happiness, nothing.

I was almost sure she was dead.

Until her father's phone beeped. He had left it at the mansion when his clothes ripped as he phased, Esme was home in case she returned and she saw the message. She immediately contacted Bella who told everyone. That was how we thought to extend our search to Port Angeles. As soon as her father heard, though, he disappeared. He was extremely distraught and thought he had scared her off for good, which was the least of my concerns, personally. He told me to make sure she was okay, and to tell her he loved her, and he took off. We tried contacting her mother, but no one answered, and when we reached her apartment, no one was there either.

After ten hours of searching the city, Alice finally caught a glimpse of her. She showed Edward what she had seen and he was able to identify the place. Thankfully, I was the closest, so I drove there, only to find her crumbled on the floor of an ally, sweating, panting, shaking, barely breathing. I couldn't process anything. The next thing I knew I had her in my Ferrari and on our way to the hospital where Carlisle used to work; he talked to the Chief there and asked if he could gain temporary privileges there to tend to a referral case that couldn't be transported to his current work location in Canada. We had no idea what could have happened to her so we didn't want to risk any human doctors digging up and asking questions. Thankfully, the Chief agreed, and we admitted her.

After several tests, they found out she had swallowed a lot of prescription pills and almost overdosed on them. They did all the necessary procedures to save her life and stabilize her. They told me she was going to be asleep for a while, so I left, still in shock, and went to her house to get her some clothes. Her father wasn't there, so I grabbed whatever I could find and stuffed it into a bag and came as soon as I could back.

On my way up to her room, I figured it. She was depressed, all those months she was depressed and I couldn't see it because I was away most of the time. And what happened today must have sent her off the edge and she decided to give up, no matter how unlikely of her that sounded. She was only thirteen, and despite her Paul-like attitude I knew she was very vulnerable. She was my responsibility, and I failed her.

So when she woke up, acting all normal, it pissed me off. I couldn't stand being treated like that - like she had to lie to me or act cheerful because she thought I would leave or whatever. She was baffled, she had no idea what I was saying. She even got upset when I suggested what was obvious, and when she said she needed to get away, it was my turn to be completely confused.

What happened?

How did she get there?

"Carlisle," I said, "Please leave us alone." He looked at me disapprovingly. I knew what he was thinking - that she was psychologically ill and we needed to watch our steps around her. But I had a feeling that was not the case. "Trust me."

He grimaced. "Everyone's outside now, but they can't get in. Please be brief, she needs her rest." He walked out.

I looked at her. "Spill."

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