This story was inspired by a friendship i had formed with another fanfic writer - n9neSTAR. A little history lesson: she wrote a story, i reviewed, we kept in contact and helped each other out and over the months just became really good friends.

But, would we be friends in real life? I mean, in the real world you judge a lot based on appearances. Religion, race, politics, gender etc. I know for a fact when i walk into video game stores they give me a weird look like 'You play video games?'.

So it got me thinking one night, why not base a story on Squall and Rinoa meeting online, without any appearances, just their similar interest in Beginning Reality. And then having them meet in real life and not realising that they are closer to each other than they thought.

I hope you like this story, especially you n9neSTAR - you better like it! Lol.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, they all belong to SquareEnix. And i'm not making any money from this story.

Breaking Through Appearances

Angel_Wings and Renzokuken – two aspiring novelists meet on FanFiction. After realising their shared interest in the Beginning Reality series both instantly become friends.

Rinoa and Squall – two high school students meet at school and can't stand each other. Both belong to different cliques and sail through school life refusing to get along.

Is their cyber bond strong enough to break through their prejudice and realise who they are? Or will breaking through appearances cause a bittersweet end to a blossoming friendship?

Chapter 1 - First Impressions

Rinoa's POV

I scrolled down to the last section of 'The Lionheart Chronicles' on my laptop. It was 2:20am and my eyes were sore from the strain of trying to read the laptop screen. My room light was turned off to deter my father from knowing I was up so late. I had planned to get an early night as it was the first day of school tomorrow. However, while in the process of turning my laptop off, I received a message informing me that my favourite story was just updated. I was about to start reading it, but then was called away by my father, who had chosen the perfect time to help him with putting some files away in chronological order. This of course had taken several hours - not to mention a lot of dust and sweat. Once I had a shower cleaning myself of the dust from the library shelves, I jumped into bed and began slowly reading the story, savouring the moment of every sentence.

Now however, I had reached the end, there were no seconds, or dessert, only the last sentence and then it was over. I smiled and took a deep breath focusing on each word that was written out.

"I love you Aonir, always have, always will," Llauqs softly whispered to her as she looked up at him from the moonlit balcony and met his lips with hers.

The End

A/N: Wow, didn't think I'd get that finished, can't believe this whole story took me nearly a year! I just want to thank all my readers, especially Angel_Wings who has read and reviewed every chapter, corrected my mistakes and gave me the support and encouragement throughout - this entire story is dedicated to you.

Well, I don't know what the future brings, but for now, I must take a step back. I've just moved to another state in Galbadia (moved houses) and so won't have time to reply to all reviews, but know this: I do appreciate each and every one.

- Renzokuken

"Aww, he's so sweet!" I silently whispered to myself, my smile never leaving my face as I clicked on the review button.

My thoughts went back to the first day I came across his story nearly a year ago and immediately fell in love with the storyline. I had followed it through the whole nine yards and along with the increasing affection for the story, I had formed a strong bond with the author.

I started writing my review:

OMG! I can't believe that's it! I can't believe I won't have anything to look forward to each week! Renzokuken you are an awesome writer! I can't wait for you to settle into your new home and then maybe we can read a sequel? XD Lol!

Excellent as usual!

- Angel_Wings.

I sighed looking at the time, it was now 2:35am, and my eyes were feeling like a thousand tonne weight was pulling them down. The MSN Messenger alert box popped up above the small digital clock displayed on my laptop. I grinned as I read the message:

Renzokuken has signed-in.

My grin became bigger as, in no less than a second, a bigger box popped up with a message I knew would most likely be the start of a long conversation.

Renzokuken: I take it you liked the story?

Angel_Wings: OMG YES! I can't believe it's over!

Renzokuken: Yeah, well it's a story, has a beginning, must have an end somewhere, right?

Angel_Wings: Yeah I guess…

Renzokuken: What are you doing up so late? Does your school start tomorrow?

Angel_Wings: Yeah it does. I read you're moving to Galbadia? Can I know where, don't worry I'm not going to stalk you =P

Renzokuken: lol stalk, yeah somewhere in Deling City to be closer to school

Angel_Wings: Cool, I live in Deling too, don't worry you'll love it!

Renzokuken: Deling is massive.

Angel_Wings: Yeah, it's because its so populated, they just built around the surrounding plains.

Renzokuken: I'm more used to small towns like Balamb and Winhill.

Angel_Wings: So how come you moved?

Renzokuken: I only lived in Balamb during summer. I was normally in Winhill during school but the commute was so long and tiring my Dad bought us a place in Deling so it'd be easier on me.

Angel_Wings: Lol you're the only person I know that lives in three different states.

Renzokuken: Hmm…

Angel_Wings: Well I'm tired and school is going to be a pain this year

Renzokuken: How come?

Angel_Wings: Oh, just some changes the school is going through

Renzokuken: Yeah I understand, I gotta start getting used to a new campus

Angel_Wings: I can't wait till school is over; I'm going to travel the world like Llauqs did XD

Renzokuken: Lol, Angel it's just a story

Angel_Wings: I don't care; to me it meant more than just a story


Angel_Wings: Anyways Renz, I gotta go to bed, chat to you soon!

Renzokuken: Okay

Angel_Wings: BYEEEEEE! =)

Renzokuken: Bye

Squall's POV

I turned off my laptop and got into bed, covering my body with the bed sheets. It was now 3am and I had only four and a half hours of potential sleeping time before I had to get up for school. I cursed at my need to log-in and see if Angel_Wings had reviewed my story. She was a cool girl. I remembered when she first reviewed my story; the entire review was full of capital letters and exclamation marks expressing her love for the story and the need for my continuation. Over the months, I started getting closer to her, the funny thing being that we didn't even know anything about each other. Our conversations were mainly on our stories and interests in video games. Occasionally, we'd talk about school and family life, but it was very brief and we'd both skim over it not giving out too much information - you can never trust anyone over the internet.

But Angel_Wings was different, somehow. I kept refreshing my inbox page hoping she'd review but she had disappeared just as I had updated. I wanted the update to be a sort of present to her for the new academic year.

I was getting tired and was about to log off when in that instant I finally received her review. I had to log on and speak to her directly; she gave me so much support I had to thank her in person. I know it's just a story but there's just some deeper meaning in her efforts that I've never been able to think any less of her actions.

I closed my eyes, willing sleep to come quickly. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Our school, Galbadia Grammar School, was closing down due to some new government initiative to integrate students in a school for mixed abilities. Basically, it meant I was now being forced to attend a school with ignorant superficial teens. The merge of the two schools was now being moved to a bigger campus that could encompass both schools' students. The only thing I had to be glad about was that at least my friends were there to suffer this ordeal with me, but then again, the school now implemented school uniforms. I guess they were decent uniforms, dull blue cotton jackets and pants with white t-shirts for boys and the same jacket and skirt with a white collar shirt for girls complete with a black and yellow silk scarf.

I kept my eyes closed, both now on the verge of popping from the overtime I had made them do in order to get that chapter completed and posted. Finally, sleep came to me and I greedily embraced it.

Rinoa's POV

"Bye Dad." I kissed my Dad on his cheek and ran out the house running into Selphie's Jeep. It was a bright yellow Jeep with four wheel drive that she had gotten as a present for her final year at Deling High, now known as Deling City Comprehensive School (DCCS) since it was merged with Galbadia Grammar. I couldn't make a fuss as everybody else in our school was making about the merge since my father was the one who helped implement it. Whatever the new school was like, I was positive I could tackle anything thrown at me; after all I am a Caraway-Heartilly.

"Hey Selphie!" I cried as I took her into a hug once I had gotten into the passenger's side.

"Rinny!" she screamed a bit too loud for the morning. "This year is going to be so much fun! New school, new people, maybe you might even have your first boyfriend?" she cried again.

"Selphie! I don't need a boyfriend, I am completely content with the way my life is, I don't need a bag of emotions to rummage through and make me completely disorientated," I pouted and looked out to the wide road as she drove by my house and onto the main street.

My house isn't a house; it's a mansion, but I don't like telling people that because they think I'm a 'Daddy's little rich girl'. Well, I am rich because of my Dad and I guess 5"3.5 is little for some people, and well I am a girl… no wait! I do not fit that label - that's what I meant to say.

"Don't tell me, you're waiting for your Internet buddy to come and whisk you away," Selphie teased.

"Shut up!" I stuck my tongue out. "I knew I should never have told you about him."

"I'm totally kidding, I think it's cute you've found some interest with at least one boy. But remember, people on the internet aren't always who they say they are."

"I know, Mum," I mocked. "Seriously, I'm not stupid. This dude doesn't know anything about me other than I live in Deling City - which is huge, I doubt he could find me if he was a stalker - and that I like Beginning Reality."

Selphie didn't say anything further on the issue and I let it drop.

We neared the road that led on to the school and then shortly made our way into the car park. This school was so huge! Deling High was like 1/4th of this gigantic campus. We quickly got out both giggling in excitement and ran towards the school anticipating what's inside.

Squall's POV

I was getting bored already, I wish I had made my own way to school rather than wait for the others. But they were my friends so it wasn't like I was able to ditch them.

I had to pick up Zell on the way to school and then had to drive back to pick up Quistis - who had just gotten her licence. She was feeling scared to drive by herself and so I painfully, and begrudgingly, let Zell drive my cherished black Lotus Evora, while I sat in the passenger seat of her red VW Beatle convertible, with it's hood down.

We had finally arrived at school, which I calculated is only a ten minute drive from my house, and got into the parking lot.

"Okay, park up," I instructed Quistis once she had chosen a lane she wanted to park into.

"Okay, which bay?" she asked very concentrated.

"You're not on a test, just park anywhere," I said a bit agitated.

"Erm. Squall, please just tell me where, I can't pick a bay," she looked at me pleadingly.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "That one." I pointed to one that was nearer the building and seemed a bit more spacious than the other bays. It'd be easy for her if she were to make a mistake.

She drove up to it and past it, before putting her car in reverse. I turned around, as did she, to get a better look and could see Zell parking up my own car near a yellow Jeep.

She was getting closer to the bay, her front end now sticking out and causing the cars that had turned in to stop and wait while she parked. Suddenly, we see two boys wrestle onto the parking lot completely oblivious to Quistis's approaching car.

"Ah!" Quistis screamed and stalled her car. Had she not stalled she would have probably run one of them over.

"Bloody hell," I whispered under my breath at the two idiots; did they literally have no where else to fool around?

Cars started honking at her and Quistis desperately tried to start her car up again but failing miserably from the nervousness.

"Get out, let me park," I instructed and she made her way out as I hopped into the driver's seat and parked in an opposite bay.

I got out just in time to hear Quistis yelling at the idiots who she had nearly killed.

"Dude chill, it was an accident, ya know," a tall, broad shouldered and tanned skinned boy explained holding his hands up in mock surrender.

"I just passed last week and you would have gotten me into an accident!" she screamed at the guy.

Now, Quistis was a very nervous and scared driver. But once out of the driver's seat she somehow draws some kind of power that she challenges anyone that opposes her regardless of their size.

"Listen blondie, I don't give a damn," another guy spoke back. He was a tall blond about 6"2 with broad shoulders and piercing green eyes. He also had a scar that ran along the bridge of his nose down his cheek identical to the one I had across mine.

"Almasy," I called out to him. He looked my way from the sudden call of his name. Once our eyes met he laughed and shook his head.

"No way, Leonhart what are you doing here? Thought daddy would've sent you to another grammar school in Esthar," he mocked, looking at me up and down.

"Well you thought wrong," I countered back.

Zell had appeared next to me now giving Almasy a look of disgust.

"Hey Chicken-wuss! I see you grew into those hot pants your wearing," he teased.

"Get lost Seifer," Zell replied ignoring Almasy's comments. Zell and Seifer Almasy never got along, Almasy would always bully Zell, who tried to fight back just as hard, but not always successful.

It was difficult to compare myself to Almasy, neither of us would admit the other was stronger, nor would we admit we were the same. My mind flashed back to the fight that took place between us, resulting in us both getting hurt. It was about a year ago, a fight gone too far, and thus resulted in the scars above our foreheads and Seifer's expulsion from the school. Of course, he blamed me for that and accused the school of favouritism because of who my father was. But there was more to the story.

I just stared at him, and he stared back. He was the first to cave; he kissed his teeth and looked away chucking his bag over his shoulder.

"You want to save yourself from another scar? Stay out of my way." And with that he walked away and disappeared into the building.

Quistis turned to me surprised. "Squall, was that him?" she asked, staring at me worriedly. I nodded to her in reply as we made our way into the school building.

Quistis was originally from Balamb, we used to attend the same elementary school when I was living in Balamb with my Dad. Our families were good friends, so by the time I moved to Winhill and started Galbadia Grammar we were still semi in contact. Six months ago her father had gotten a job in Deling City and so she too had moved and started to attend Galbadia Grammar School. She never met Seifer, but only heard the story behind the guy that gave me my scar.

Rinoa's POV

The auditorium was huge! All the students were running around meeting new people, meeting old people and finding out who was their new form tutor. I had just collected my timetable and my form tutor's information when a hand poked me from behind.

I turned and saw Seifer raise his eyes at me expectantly as if to ask me what I was up to.

"Hey, I got my timetable, what about you?" I asked. Seifer was a cool guy. He was misunderstood a lot of the time because of his bad behaviour and lack of initiative towards school work. But deep down he was an alright guy that just couldn't find a place in life. Like he was always searching for some unknown and unlikely accomplished dream.

"Yeah, there are some people I want you to meet, come on," he called and led me to a table with a girl and guy sitting around it.

"This is Fujin and Raijin, my posse from my old school. Guys this is Rinoa, my girlfriend," Seifer made brief introductions.

"GIRLFRIEND?" the silver haired girl questioned unbelievingly.

"He's joking," I corrected her. "I'm Rinoa, Seifer's new step-sister."

"Oh, so you're the one with the strict dad? Seifer's keeps getting in a lot of trouble, ya know." Raijin stuck his hand out and I shook it giggling.

"Well our parents only got married two months ago, so even for Seifer that's a record," I joked. We talked for a few minutes about how long the guys knew Seifer and if we all had any classes together.

"Well, it was nice meeting you guys, Seifer always talks about you both. I gotta go and find out where my friends have got to, I'll catch ya later," I called out and walked away after hearing their goodbyes.

I found Selphie with her boyfriend, Irvine Kinneas, comparing their timetables. I was getting hot in the stuffy room as more students had come in and the place was looking a bit frantic. I told my friends that I wanted to start heading to class so we made our way towards the exit.

Selphie was jumping from joy at the start of the day; she was so energetic I was curious to what she ate to have that much energy. I was looking at my timetable to see what I had first, and like everyone else, I had tutor period first thing Monday mornings. I looked up at Selphie's bouncing body and noticed her accidentally collide with another girl. The girl was taller than Selphie; she had straight blonde hair and cool blue eyes with pouting red lips. She was very pretty with her striking features and slim build. The girl had her timetable and books knocked out of her arms as they fell to the floor in a mess. It didn't help when a student ran past stomping on the papers leaving footprints behind.

"You klutz!" the girl screamed at Selphie catching the attention of a couple of other people.

Squall's POV

I looked at what happened to Quistis and rolled my eyes, here we go. Quistis's day was getting worse. First, she nearly run over Almasy when parking, then she had to go through the ordeal of finding out her timetable had so many clashes and had to wait for a new one to be drafted and printed out, and now some cheerleader just knocked down all her books.

I bent down and started picking up her books when I noticed some one else doing the same. I couldn't see her face properly as I had my head down; all I could make out was her raven black hair.

"I said sorry," the brunette girl pleaded.

"Yeah Quistis, come on I'm sure it was a mistake," Zell tried to calm Quistis down.

"Well sorry doesn't make things better; I have dirt all over my books now," Quistis complained crossing her arms.

"A little dirt isn't going to harm you," the raven haired girl spoke up handing Quistis the books. She didn't look my way, she didn't even notice me, she just looked at Quistis with frowned eyes. "She said sorry," the girl was very beautiful; she had long sleek black hair and huge chocolate brown eyes in the shape of almonds. Her skin was fair and smooth with a tint of pink at her cheeks that complimented the pinkness of her full lips.

"Well dirt is obviously nothing to dirty Deling rats, but where I am from its not presentable to have books looking like this," Quistis remarked holding up her books for them to inspect.

"We're not rats, you stuck up moron!" the brunette harshly spat out pointing a finger in Quistis's face.

"What did you call me?" Quistis cried stepping forward as if she were about to smack the girl any minute.

"Stop!" the raven haired girl shouted at both of them and I was now aware we had quite a fair amount of attention on us.

"Tell your tramp of a friend to get her ugly sausage fingers out of my face," Quistis demanded from the raven haired girl.

"What's all this then? First day on the scene and you Grammies already starting trouble?" I watched as Seifer entered our circle walking up slowly and stopped next to the raven haired girl. He put an arm around her and bent his head down to Quistis's level looking at her expectantly. I realised the raven haired girl was probably his girlfriend.

"Whatever, you loser," Quistis retorted and flicked her hair back. "You're just sour because you got kicked out of our school."

"Heh." Seifer laughed. "Leonhart tell you that?"

"Alright! Get to classes now!" A man's voice came nearer as he reached our group. "I will have no trouble on the first day of school. Clear?" he asked mainly looking at Seifer.

"Sure." he replied insincerely. And walked off with his arm over the raven haired girl's shoulder.

I walked up to Quistis handing her the rest of her books and we made our way to our first class.

Rinoa's POV

"Seifer who is Leonhart?" I asked as we walked to our tutor class. Seifer and I were in the same tutor class, this year our tutor was Mr Nooj; a funny and kind teacher. Everyone loved Mr Nooj because of his easygoing personality and welcoming smile.

"He was the brunette behind the blonde girl," Seifer answered.

I couldn't remember seeing a brunette boy, I only noticed the blond boy with the tattoo across his face but that's only because he spoke out. I cursed myself for the daydreams I go into causing me to miss out on focal points. "I don't think I noticed him."

"Heh. Hard to not notice with that scar on his face," Seifer remarked.

"Oh! Is that the same boy you had that fight with?" I asked. Seifer had once told me how he got his scar, how some boy in his previous school had brought a knife into school and used it on him.

"Yeah, stay away from him, he's nothing but trouble," he warned as we made our way into the class room and sat down, waiting for the teacher to turn up. There were still only a couple of minutes left before the bell rang.

I looked around the class room as each table had tags with people's surname on it. It was obviously assigned by Mr Nooj to help integrate the students from each school. My table was on the middle column of the last row while Seifer's was right bang in the middle of the classroom. A large boy sat on my diagonal right, blocking me from Seifer's view, and him from mine. The teacher walked in just as the bell went off, along with the last remaining students.

I looked at one of the boys that entered the classroom. He was tall; 5"8 give or take, muscular yet lean with fair skin and soft shiny brunette hair that fell down to his cheeks. He had what looked like a chiselled nose, high cheek bones and soft medium pink lips. His eyes are what caught my attention most. They were piercing steel blue-grey and boy was he smoking hot. He looked right at me as he approached the seat next to mine and that's when I distinctly noticed what ran across his face. The scar that mirrored Seifer's. I hurriedly looked away so he didn't think I was some retard with a staring problem.

He sat next to me and I could feel my nerves rising and my heart pace quickening. I tried concentrating on what Mr Nooj was saying hoping to ignore Prince Charming next to me.

"Right, well I am Mr. Nooj and I'll be your tutor this year. I am a Drama and Literature teacher, I previously taught in Deling High, as some of you may know," he said smiling straight at me, "So what I would like each of you to do is work in pairs. If you look at your cards you will either have an A or a B, this means A people your partner is person B sitting on your left. And B people your partner is person A sitting on your right."

I looked at my card and instantly my heart skipped a beat. A. I guessed he was a B.

"Right, now what I want you to do is interview each other asking some questions about each other's personality and maybe what subjects you're studying. Then, you will get up and introduce your partner to the class. Simple? Let's do it then," he said cheerfully.

I took a deep breath and turned to my left looking at the boy next to me.

"Hey, I'm Rinoa." I offered a smile at him. He just looked at me with the corner of his eye and faced the front again. "Okay," I said, laughing lightly to myself and turned back to the front. He was so rude.

I took out my notepad and pencil case to write down his information so I wouldn't forget it. I felt a bit silly because my notepad had Beginning Reality's logo scribbled all over it along with it's words and a picture of Angelo, my dog, in the slot for where the photo's go in with his name written in cute calligraphy. I took out my sky blue pencil and sky blue rubber from the pencil case they came with. It was a set I saw in the store and thought 'Hey why not? Blue is my favourite colour'. I only realised some people might find it a bit childish since I looked like I was getting ready for middle school.

"Okay, well, what subjects are you studying?" I asked the boy next to me.

He didn't answer, he just looked past me and I was pretty certain he was staring at Seifer. I encouraged myself to not give in and look at the direction he was facing.

"Well, what part of Deling City do you live in?" I tried again.

He still didn't answer. He looked down and put his right hand into his pocket and I could feel him rummage around before bringing his hand back up and placing it empty handed on the table. That is when I heard it, the distinctive sound of music that was turned up. The cheek! He had ear plugs behind that mane of hair that fell across his ears. He was so rude; I mean its one thing not wanting to share information, but another to completely ignore me. I was starting to think maybe these 'Grammies' were stuck up.

"Whatever, retard," I accidentally slipped out and turned to face the front again.

He looked directly at me now and pulled out one of his ear plugs. "What did you call me?" I guess the music wasn't that loud after all.

"Oh, are you deaf as well retarded?" I asked. To be honest, I didn't know where this came from, but this guy had some nerve. I mean, he didn't even know me yet he completely disregarded me, talk about lack of manners.

He looked at me in disbelief. "Listen, you don't know me, so don't give me that kind of attitude," he spoke lowly.

"Well you don't know me either, but that didn't stop you," I countered back.

He looked at me up and down. I moved my torso back a bit from his scrutiny. He was making me feel really uncomfortable.

"I didn't give you any attitude," he said and turned back to his normal sitting position.

I looked at him with my mouth slightly open. Was this guy for real? "So what was that before? I asked you questions and you completely ignored me."

"What's your point?" he asked bored.

"Er, my point is you were being rude," I shook my head waiting for a response.

"Whatever," he dismissed me again putting his ear plug back in.

I didn't know what to do; he was being such a moron. Why is it that the more good looking a guy is the more attitude he has? I just pulled a face at him and turned back to my normal position hoping we wouldn't be called out to introduce each other.

I was wrong. We were the first to be picked out. I was worried Mr Nooj would think badly of me, but I couldn't make stuff up right? I thought it would be best to go to him after class and let him know that the boy refused to answer my questions. The class just looked at us waiting for one of us to go first. I sighed and opened my mouth to let the teacher know we hadn't exchanged answers.

"This is Rinoa," the boy next to me spoke. I turned to look at him in surprise as I saw him point a thumb over at me. "She went to Deling High. In her spare time she likes playing video games, namely Beginning Reality. She also likes to take her dog, Angelo, for walks and her favourite colour is light blue," he said while counting each point on his fingers.

He looked down at the table with the same bored expression he had before.

"Okay, well done. Now Rinoa, your turn, introduce your partner for us." Mr Nooj smiled at me expecting a well detailed introduction, but I had nothing. This guy didn't even tell me his name.

"Ahh," I stuttered. I didn't even know what to say, I was so shocked at how much he knew about me. I gulped, everyone was staring at me.

"Rinoa?" Mr Nooj asked grabbing my attention.

"Tell them my name, Rinoa," the boy looked at me speaking like he was some old friend.

"Erm," I still didn't know what to say, I couldn't even think, everyone just kept staring at me making me more nervous. "Leonhart," I blurted out remembering his surname.

"My first name, Rinoa. Don't you even remember my name?" he asked looking hurt. I just looked at him in disbelief. He was some character, the whole time he refused to answer my questions and now he was acting as if he was some lifetime friend.

"Okay, Rinoa, please pay attention to your partner's answers. Could you introduce yourself?" Mr Nooj asked.

"I'm Squall. I went to Galbadia Grammar, and I want to go into Literature in the future," he said very briefly.

"Good, thank you, okay next please," the teacher moved on to another couple.

I just sat in my seat feeling embarrassed and cursing Leonhart next to me. I couldn't believe he pulled a stunt like that.

I was playing with my eraser when I looked at its colour. I looked at my notepad with its easily visible Beginning Reality logo and the picture of Angelo. I opened my mouth so wide I swear a train would have fit into it. I spun around to face Leonhart and caught his smirk. He realised I had put the puzzle pieces together. I couldn't believe it; he had improvised with the contents on my table.

I had no comeback; I didn't know what to do. So I just stuck my tongue out at him and turned back to face the teacher.

Squall's POV

I was sitting in the large cafeteria with Quistis and Zell eating my tuna and pasta salad. They were talking about their first lessons and how Quistis finally got her correct timetable.

My thoughts went back to my tutor class; the look on that girl's face was priceless when she figured out my game. I couldn't believe she didn't catch on while I was saying all that crap. It was all too obvious sitting there on her table.

To be honest, I only refused to answer her questions because of the looks Seifer was throwing at me. Yeah right like I wanted to socialise with his girlfriend, I really didn't want to give him a reason to start something here. This was my last year and I needed to concentrate if I wanted to get into ECU.

I got home feeling very tired, Zell had driven Quistis's car home with her and I had driven straight home since I didn't live far.

I took a shower first thing when I got home. No one was home and so I had the place pretty much to myself. Once I had my shower I went down to the kitchen and heated up a microwaveable pizza. I ate it quickly while flicking through the channels not finding anything interesting to watch on T.V.

It had gone past 6pm when I went up to my room and logged on to my laptop. I checked to see if anyone was online and noticed Angel_Wings signed on.

Renzokuken: Hey

Angel_Wings: Hi, how was your day?

Renzokuken: Ok, yours?

Angel_Wings: CRAP!

Renzokuken: Why what happened?

Angel_Wings: Some jerk at school, just gave me a hard time is all.

Renzokuken: Idiot. Just ignore it, some people have no life and get satisfaction out of making other people's lives hell.

Angel_Wings: I know, it's just, it was my first day of school and he ruined it.

Renzokuken: Well don't take crap, next time he tries anything hit back just as hard.

Angel_Wings: Lol you mean with a baseball bat?

Renzokuken: Lol no. I mean play him at his own game, so what did he do exactly?

Angel_Wings: Ahh, it's so long. Basically long story short he made me look like a retard.

Renzokuken: Hmm, well maybe next time if he tries something like that throw him off guard. Find your enemy's weakness and use it to your own benefit.

Angel_Wings: Ok. =D. You always make me feel better Renz. I wish I had you as a real friend.

Renzokuken: I'm glad. And I am your friend.

Angel_Wings: No I mean like, in real life. I like my friends but I dunno, I feel better coming to you with my problems.

Renzokuken: I understand. Well, even though I'm not there with you, you can come to me. Though, you should always learn to fight your own battles. You can't always depend on others - don't learn the hard way.

Angel_Wings: Ok. But you know its ok to depend on people sometimes right? That's what friends are for.

Renzokuken: I know. But I prefer not to burden others with my problems.

Angel_Wings: I see. Well, in case you do ever feel like burdening someone, I don't mind being that person.

Renzokuken: oh…

Angel_Wings: Yeah well, that's if you want to tell me your problems.

Renzokuken: I do. It just feels weird because I'm close to you but I don't even know you.

Angel_Wings: You do know me, I'm your Angel.

Renzokuken: Lol. I guess that's why I like talking to you, because I'm not scared you'll judge me.

Angel_Wings: Yeah, I feel the same way. =)

Renzokuken: To be honest, I care too much about what people think of me. I hate that side of me. So I prefer not to talk about my problems. That's a secret between you and me, got it?

Angel_Wings: Got it =D.

I smiled at the computer screen, I knew she couldn't see me, but I knew she'd feel my smile. There was something about Angel_Wings that made me feel free. Like I wasn't the introvert unfriendly guy everyone at school thought I was. I guess that's why it was easy to talk to her, because in this world, the cyber world, she was breaking through appearances.

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