Here you go, a new one! I seem to have lost my readership though, or the tiny part who writes reviews anyway - if you're still out there, readers, please let me know!
Ok, enough with the begging. This one introduces Amy to Jack Harkness, but so far, I've only seen the episodes up to S3E09, so if I've got the relationship the Doctor and Jack would have at this point in time completely wrong (if, for example they hate each other or something now), then please ignore that and just go with me on this one, yeah? Hope you like it!

I own none of this.


There was a knock on the TARDIS' door. Amy stared at the Doctor.
"Was that a knock?" she asked, and the Doctor nodded. "Like an actual person, knocking on the door of the TARDIS? Just like that?"
"That would seem to be the case, yes," he replied.
"Who does that?" Amy asked, incredulous.
"Well," the Doctor replied, smiling as he headed for the door, "only one way to find out." And at that, he opened the door. Amy, who had followed him, looked over his shoulder expectantly. Outside, she saw a dark, handsome stranger with a charming smile. Hello, hottie, she thought, and smiled at the man.

"Doctor?" the man asked as he peered into the TARDIS. Amy noticed he had an American accent, and was wearing some sort of uniform.
"Well, if it isn't Captain Jack!" the Doctor said, and opened his arms to hug the newcomer.
"Good to see you, old friend!" Jack replied and, to Amy's surprise, leaned forward and kissed the Doctor on the lips. "It's been too long."
The Doctor looked uncertain. "Yes, umm... How long would that be, exactly?"
"Three years, old man!"
"Oh, right. Well..." The Doctor stepped to the side, letting the other man in. "But here you are, looking the same as ever!" Jack laughed.
"The same can't be said for you, my friend. I see you've gone and had yourself another little Time Lord facelift. And not a bad one, either!"

As Jack stepped though the doors of the TARDIS, his eyes fell on Amy.
"And who is this beauty you're hiding from me, Doctor?" In a clearly audible whisper, he added: "I see you've gone back to the twenty-somethings."
"Oh, right, yes. Amy Pond, meet Jack Harkness," the Doctor said, choosing to ignore the last remark.
"Captain Jack Harkness," Jack corrected, and kissed the back of Amy's extended hand. "Enchanté, as the French say."
Amy giggled, and the Doctor shot her a warning look. Jack noticed their little wordless exchange, and smiled to himself. Still got it, he thought smugly, and went off to inspect the TARDIS.
"I like what you've done with the place!" he shouted back at the other two from the opposite side of the control room.

Amy approached the Doctor.
"I'm confused," she said in a low voice. "Was he flirting with me, or with you?"
"Oh, I'd say both," the Doctor replied casually. "That's Captain Jack for you – he goes for anything with a post code."

Hope you found it at least slightly amusing - though I can't take any credit for that last bit though, that one comes straight from John Barrowman!