forget-me-not - memories and current happenings

Up in heaven both Alice and Sirius are talking about the past and Alice's son Neville Longbottom who below them at the moment was with Hannah Abbott lying in a meadow of various flowers.

"I hope you forget-me-not," says Neville, quite smoothly, sitting up as he gives her, the pretty flower. Hannah takes the pretty blue flower and inhales softly.

Alice smiles as she looks at her son.

"Sirius I think my son will grow up to be a very fine man indeed," says Alice, smiling.

"I say that you are right he will become a very fine man indeed," agrees Sirius, nodding his head.

Below them Hannah smiles at Neville.

"How can I forget you," says Hannah sweetly, "you will always be etched in my memory even when you leave me."

"Yes but will I need a forget-me-not to forget you not hmm," replies Neville smiling.

"I-I-I don't know," stutters Hannah, shyly, as she continues to smell her flower.

"I vow to never forget you not if you vow to never to forget me not as well," says Neville determined.

"Of course I will vow to never forget you as you will never forget me," says Hannah, smiling.

"How sweet," says Alice, looking at Sirius, "isn't it that sweet?"

"Oh, yes, it is," says Sirius, quickly. "Speaking of forget-me-nots here is one right here," Sirius is at that moment holding a forget-me-not, "and I shall give it to the fair lady for being by me at this very memorable event."

Alice takes the flower and smiles. "Thank you Sirius, I hope you forget-me-not as well."

"Me too," Sirius says, smiling.

At that moment below the two in heaven Neville and Hannah are hugging and up in heaven Sirius and Alice are doing the same out of happiness.

For Persephone's flower's Flower Challenge

word count: 298