How to Brood - A lesson to Mormon Housewives Everywhere

I walked into the cafeteria doing my best at a sexy swagger, the way I knew got the girls panties wet.

Thats when I saw her. The new girl. I read Jessica's mind to find that the new girl's name was Bella.

Hmmm. Things were feeling a little...STRANGE. I can't read Bella's thoughts.

It's like she has a mental block or some shit...I involuntarily licked my fangs...oops I mean teeth.

I don't Have fangs. Only real non sparkling one's not invented by mormon housewives get that.

I swaggered across the cafeteria, trying my best not to look like I didnt wanna fuck bella to death on the table with my granite cock

(MAN I hope I'm pulling this sexy swaggering panty-melting-for-all-the-cougars look off).

I think I need to brood for a little bit.