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For the 2nd last time…..Here's SparklePire…..

I could practically taste the desperation practically screaming from the pores of this mousy brown girl that I had no time whatever for.

"Make me yours. "







I pulled back and looked at her.

"WHAT?" I snarled down at her.

She looked up at me with eyes that IM sure were meant to be all hopeful, but only made me want to bleed her dry, as quickly as possible.

"Make me ."



Just ….NO.

I could think of nothing worse than being tied to this girl forever.

There was only one thing I wanted from her.

"Bella. That's not gonna happen."

"W-W-What?" She stammered.

"I vant to suck your blood!"

I felt her tense up in shock and surprise as I pulled her in tight to my body, and sunk my teeth into her deliouscious blue veins that practically screamed at me from her pale porcelain skin.


I REALLY wish I wasn't written by some boring Mormon housewife. I could really do with some fangs right now.