Chapter 3

Potter's mask was off and lay by their feet.

The Gryffindor was currently occupied with rubbing himself in the eyes with his forefinger and thumb. And probably nagging himself for underestimating a Malfoy.

Potter finally left his eyes be and switched to combing back the (slightly shorter than the rest) hair that hung in front of his eyes with his fingers.

He took a strand for himself and toyed with it, slipping it back and forth beneath his fingers. Potter didn't even seem to care.

"I admit it's a clever disguise, I think that if I didn't already know who you were, I probably wouldn't even notice the similarities if I didn't take a closer look", he admitted graciously. Potter was Potter, he had always said whatever he pleased to the other man. Just because what he felt like saying wasn't insults didn't mean he had to change that habit. Not when there was only the two of them, at least.

"It's kind of the point, " the Gryffindor said, "I wear it whenever I don't want people to recognize me",

"You say it as if that happens a lot", he stated and let go of the strand of hair, already missing the smooth feeling against his palm, "And, of course, you're Harry Potter, that does happen a lot", he added before Potter got a chance to say anything.

The Gryffindor just nodded briefly and leaned forward to put his elbows on the railing as he stared of into the distance, lost in thoughts.

A small smile lifted his lips before he could stop it, as he realized that this probably was the first actual conversation they had had. With both of them actually knowing who the other was, mind you.

Potter's long hair was still dancing in the wind, but was he watched it he slowly became more and more annoyed with it. It was beautiful, yes, but now that he knew how it was supposed to look… well, it just wasn't Potter. And, he admitted to himself, he was quite… content with the way Potter looked normally.

His eyes abandoned the sight of the long, silky hair and slowly slid down the other man's strong shoulders and smooth back.

If Draco Malfoy had been aware of the hungry look that came over his face as his eyes reached the other man's rear, he'd certainly had done something about it.

"Malfoy, you do know I'm watching you checking out my ass, right?" Potter said suddenly and unmercifully brought him out of his trance.

The grey eyes snapped away instantly.

"Who says I was checking anything out?" he grumbled.

"Well, no one, but your drooling kind of gave you away…" Potter said with a grin.

He took a deep breath and regained his composure, the sight of Potter's rear had left him rather… distracted. After all, there were so many possibilities…

"Well, you can hardly blame me", he said and, before even Potter could react, he reached out and squeezed the other man's ass. They were both seekers, after all; both of them had the advantage of quick reflexes.

The action left him rather lightheaded, to his surprise.

Potter yelped loudly and jumped away from him. He looked like he didn't know if he should blush of glare. But finally Potter seemed to settle with a rather ridiculous combination of the two.

"What did you do that for?" Potter demanded huffily.

He couldn't help himself. He burst out laughing. Oh the look on Potter's face…!

As he slowly managed to pull himself together, he saw Potter looking at him with a funny face.

"What?" he asked, but couldn't quite manage the usual snap through the smile that lingered on his face.

The soft look on Potter's face as he watched him unsettled him a little.

"I don't think I've ever heard you laugh before", the Gryffindor said with a smile of his own, "it makes you look… younger…"

Why did it sound like "younger" wasn't the word Potter had meant to use in the first place?

He pulled a hand through his hair, making soft strands fall down over his forehead, and leaned back against the baluster railing.

"That's probably because I don't do it mu-mhch…"

Potter's hands were on the back of his head, pressing him against his lips. Through his wide-open eyes he could see Potter closing his own. It was not until then he realized that the Gryffindor was not wearing his usual spectacles, but before he could make sense of why that fact made him disappointed his attention drifted to their connected lips. Potter's lips. They were hot against his, damp and so smooth. So soft that it made the hair he'd touched before seem like emery.

He was just about to close his eyes and enjoy the moment when Potter suddenly separated their lips. The Gryffindor's hands, however, were still on his neck, and Potter leaned his no-longer-scarred forehead against his. He found himself missing the scar just as well as the spectacles.

Potter's blazing green eyes met his, looking somewhat dazed.

A smirk slowly grew on his face as Potter's eyes went wider and wider as he realized what he'd done.

"If I'd known that you would do that just because I laughed, I would've done it a lot sooner", he said in his most seductive voice.

For a moment it looked like Potter's knees was about to give in, but then the Gryffindor suddenly jumped away from him as if he'd spontaneously caught fire.

With a little distance it was admittedly easier to take in the marvelous sight of Potter's body, but he still preferred the closeness.

He met Potter's gaze steadily and liked his lips. They tasted like Potter. And Potter tasted wonderful. His eyes slipped shut without him even intending to. When he opened them Potter was staring at him with wide eyes and a furious blush covering his cheeks. Potter's eyes left his lips and slowly, jerkily traveled down his body. Until they suddenly stopped.

He followed the gaze on himself and realized with a crushing wave of pleasure that Potter was staring at his groin. Where a quite evident hard-on was showing through the fabric.

He looked up at Potter's face to see his reaction. To both his delight and surprise he saw the Gryffindor absentmindedly lick his lips.

Potter's eyes suddenly snapped up and met his. He smirked wickedly.

And Potter blushed even more as he realized what he'd done.

As if the green-eyed man no longer was able to just stand still, he started walking back and forth over the large terrace.

He suddenly realized why he wanted Potter to restore his usual hair, to put on those stupid glasses and remove whatever spell it was that concealed the scar. He wanted Potter. All of him. Spectacles and stupid lightning-bolt mark included.

Of course, his dear aunt Bellatrix would be able to do not only ice-skating, but also build a whole snow palace in hell before he admitted to that fact.

"I hope that you are aware that pacing is utterly ridiculous…?" he said and raised his eyebrows as his eyes followed Potter's aimless wandering.

Potter continued walking. Somehow, the black hair that flowed behind his previous nemesis reminded him of a vast black ocean.

"Pathetic much?" a dry voice said in his mind.

"Will you stand still while I talk to you?" he asked with an oncoming frown, "And please, chop of that ridiculous hair while you're at it",

Potter's eyebrows rose. "I was under the impression that you were rather fond of my 'ridiculous hair'?"

"Yeah, well, you are prettier as yourself."


No he hadn't. Please, say he had not.

The Gryffindor's eyes went as wide as saucers as he finally stopped and stood still.

Oh yes he had.

"Okay, if that's what you want", Potter said hesitantly.

"It is", he confirmed tightly, closing in on Bellatrix glistering new castle.

Potter held his eyes as he slowly drew his wand and flicked it towards his hair. He didn't really know what he'd expected, but it certainly wasn't what happened. Potter's hair seemed to melt down until it was nothing but dust-particles that the wind swept away in a glittering black cloud.

He was actually aware that he stared; he just couldn't do anything about it. How in Merlin's name he had been able to be in Potter's presence for seven years without shagging him to a wall – or any other fitting flat surface – was suddenly a mystery to him.

"The scar…" he managed, his voice hoarse, "can you…?"

Potter flicked his wand again, and the scar was there.

Glassed or no glasses, this was enough of Harry Potter to make him go slightly… mad.

"I'm sorry, Harry, but I think I might have to kiss you", he said hoarsely.

The Gryffindor's eyes went wide again and he started to slowly back away. He followed, step by step, faster and faster. Suddenly the glass-wall stopped Potter's retreat, and he pinned him up against it. His arm snuck around Potter's waist and he placed his other hand on his neck. He pressed himself as close as humanly possible without crushing Harry. Their faces were so close that their noses bumped. The Gryffindor's soft, warm breath against his face smelled heavenly. The other man's lips were slightly parted as he leaned his head back against the glass behind him. He had never been gladder that he had a few inches more than Potter to work with. In the above-the-ground way of speaking. In the other… well, that was for him to find out, now, wasn't it?

Potter trembled a little under his pressure as the wide, green eyes met his.

"Or do you want me not to?" he asked softly. His lower lip bumped in to Harry's as he spoke.

He could see Potter's Adam's apple rise and fall as he swallowed. The strange urge to lick Potter's throat suddenly overcame him, so he did just that.

"Of course," he said, his lips still on Potter's neck, "there's much I could do that doesn't necessarily have to involve kissing you…?" he said it like a question to give Potter a chance to protest, but as he spoke he let his arm sneak around the other man's waist, squeezing his ass and pushing his pelvis forward to meet his, making sure that Potter wouldn't be able to present any objections at all.

And to his immense delight, the only thing that escaped Harry's lips was a low moan.

Now his only problem was moving Potter and himself away from public display without snapping the Gryffindor out of the state where he wouldn't protest. He decided that apparition would be the fastest – even if not the most discreet – way to get them out of here.

He made sure Potter was properly… distracted by attaching his lips to the Gryffindor's earlobe as he raised his wand. They left with no warning.

Potter, who had been leaning heavily against the glass wall, stumbled backwards until his back hit a tree. An oak, if his slightly pre-occupied mind wasn't completely out of it.

His hand found Potter's hips as he gently bit down on the man's ear, continuing as if nothing had happened.

He was just thinking that the trip had gone surprisingly well when Potter suddenly demanded "Stop." in his ear, and when he didn't obey quickly enough, the green eyed man took his hair in a firm grip and pulled.

He clamped his eyes shut and hissed, leaning backwards to ease the pain, surprise making him unable to conceal it. His hair and scalp had always been sensitive. It made washing it a blissful experience, but otherwise he could do without it.

He opened his right eye a little, managing a one eyed glare.

"Where are we?" Potter demanded firmly, eyes burning with something… intense.

Mental note to self: Harry Potter ridiculously powerful. Hence, he could kill you if he wanted. End of note.

He stared at the man before him. The eyes that he knew so well, now also with a familiar emotion. The angular face, a little naked without the customary spectacles. The scar that marked the forehead, which he suddenly got the urge to kiss.

By Merlin, I think I just fell in love with him.

"I have no idea…" he admitted with hoarse voice, pain suddenly forgotten.

It was almost true, actually. They were still in the Malfoy gardens, the oak being an old tree as he'd climbed as a child. But no one had a name for the place, and therefore, he had no idea where they were. The answer had been the truth, though the short version.

Potter's grip on his hair eased and smoothed over it a little, seeming suddenly aware of the pain he had inflicted.

"Why did you take me here?" was the man's next question, eyes still unyielding.

"I don't know if you noticed, but I had you pressed up against a glass wall", he drawled.

Potter blushed a little, but still kept his eyes steady.

He swallowed harshly but held Harry's gaze just as firmly.

"I didn't want anyone walking in on us", Draco admitted lowly.

"On what exactly?" Potter wanted to know, grip firm again.

This time he was prepared, and the pain actually helped when Draco slowly picked up his Malfoy mask and pressed out a glare.

"Well, I had something else in mind, but right now I just feel like kicking you ass", he spat. Two could play this game, after all.

Potter glared back at him but let go of his hair.

"Well, forgive me for being a little touchy, but I was kidnapped four times last month, and I'm getting a little tired of it",

Draco fought it, he really did. He fought it with ever little bit of Malfoy-control he had, but for some Merlin forsaken reason he just couldn't stop it. Potter thought that he'd just been using him in order to kidnap him, when he really…!

There just was something with Potter that made Draco act strange. He couldn't help it.

He burst out laughing. He doubled over and tried to muffle the sound with a hand over his mouth while the other held his cramping stomach.

Tears were in the corners of his eyes, he still hadn't caught his breath and his smile was still wide enough to show a little of his teeth as he finally straightened up.

Potter was looking at him with that funny face again.

"You should really laugh more often, Draco, it makes you look beautiful",

As chock settled over his amusement the smile died on his lips. Suddenly the only reason to why Bellatrix wasn't able to arrange a full-on hokey-tournament was the severe ice age Hell suddenly was suffering.

Draco and beautiful in the same sentence? From Harry Potter's mouth!

"I believe 'young' was your previous choice of words", he choked out finally.

"That time I remembered to think before I spoke",

Draco let that excellent moment for an insult pass in favor for the hope of not being hurt as he leaned closer to the raven-haired man. He pressed his lips to Potter's forehead and when the man didn't protest in any other way than stiffening a little, he stepped closer. His hand sneaked up to Potter's hip and gripped it tightly.

"What exactly are you planning to do, Draco?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything unless you beg for it", he mumbled their lips close to touching, not sure if it came out as an assurance or a tease.

He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around Potter's waist and buried his nose in the man's neck, taking in the scent.

Potter hesitantly wrapped his arms around him too.

"Do you think that you could consider doing something else to my ass than kicking it?" Potter asked softly.

"Is that your idea of begging, Potter?" he whispered in Potter's ear.

"Depends. Does it work?"

He took Potter's earlobe in his mouth for a second before he answered.

"Only this time, because I find myself quite impatient", Draco admitted and leaned back a little to be able to see the other man properly.

Potter's bare, green eyes stared back at him. His gaze traveled to his red mouth, opened a little to let his heavy breaths out.

"Only to clarify, you aren't out to kidnap me, are you?"

"That depends", he answered, battling himself to not break his promise to Potter.

"On what?"

"On whether you are planning to escape or not", the corners of Draco's mouth twitched a little, "But then again, tying you up might be a better option",

Before he really knew what was happening Potter's lips was on his, prying them open. Harry's lips moved gently along with his, separating a slightly before closing again, capturing Draco's lower lip between his. He let his tongue dart out to softly stroke his warders. The velvet skin was warm and wonderful.

Potter gasped a little at the touch, probably out of surprise, which let him further in into the other man's mouth. His tongue met the other man's, stroking the tip softly.

"You're beautiful", he said as their lips met yet again.

"Strange," Draco said in between the light kisses, "That was exactly what I was about to say to you."

At Draco's words the kiss changed; it became fierce rather than sweet, and Potter was devouring his mouth as if he had gotten a taste of heaven itself.

Draco was so distracted that he didn't even notice that Potter's hands moved lover on his back, until they actually were squeezing his arse, pulling him even closer than before.

How he had managed not to notice Potter's erection by now was beyond imagining. As their hips groins clashed together, he had to tear his mouth from Potter's in order to breath. After composing himself a little, he managed to grin a little at Potter.

"What do you say? Shall we do something about this?"Draco's hand moved lover as he spoke, cupping Potter's groin at the last word.

"Merlin, yes…" Potter gasped, throwing himself back against the tree so harshly Draco was almost surprised that it didn't fell over.

With a smile at Potter's displeased sound as he removed his hand, he set at getting Potter nude as fast as possible. Delighted, Draco found the buttoning of Potter's long black robe to be at the back, so he spun the man around harshly and tore the first button open; kissing the skin that was revealed eagerly. He was rewarded with a throaty moan from Potter.

Button after button, more of Potter's back was uncovered. His smooth and pointed shoulder blades, his barely visible ribs, down the narrow valley created by his spine and finally to the slight hollows at the small of his back.

Draco was practically drooling.

As the last button came loose, Draco carefully pulled the clothing forward, baring Potters broad shoulders and pulling it off his arms. As he drew the robe over Potter's hands he couldn't resist; he stepped closer, pushing his whole body against Potter's, his hardened cock nestling neatly in between the Golden Boy's arse cheeks.

Potter gasped, and eagerly shook the robe off and stepped out of it as it pooled by his feet, kicking off his shoes while he was at it.

Draco took a step back to marvel at the view that was a half naked Harry Potter. Potter's hands were gripping almost convulsively at the bark of the tree, and his back was like a sculpture; a work of art.

With a slight moan he stepped forward again and wrapped his hand around Potter's waist, sneaking down to unbutton his pants, grazing his fingers lightly over the man's hardened shaft through the clothing as he did so.

"Draco…" the gasp escaped Potter's lips so softly that Draco almost didn't hear it. But he did. And almost came on the spot.

"Harry…" he managed to reply, just as breathily. Because truly, what man would call another by last name when he had just moaned your name?

Draco fell to his knees as Harry's pants finally agreed to open, and slid them down his legs, dragging his hands along Harry's thighs as he did so.

And soon, he was kneeling in the midnight dew behind a stark naked Harry Potter. Unable to resist the irony of it all – amongst other reasons – he leaned forward slightly and pressed a light kiss to Harry's left arse-cheek.

He could hear the Gryffindor's breath hitch in his throat. Encouraged, he bit down slightly just below the delicious bend that marked the separation of thigh and rear. Harry moaned delightfully.

A close to wicked grin spreading over his face, he leaned closer and pressed his tongue to the top of the crack that separated Harry's buttocks. Potter positively whimpered. He kissed up Harry's spine, tracing his chest with his hands as he did so, slowly rising to his feet again.

Fully on his feet, he couldn't resist. Leaning forward and pressing his forehead against the nape of Harry's neck, he carefully skidded down his flat and hard stomach until his fingertips brushed over the underside of Harry's cock.

Draco released a heavy breath over Harry's skin as he felt the man's breath hitch in his throat. Harry's shaft was velvety soft and so hot it was close to burning. A shallow layer of softness, but under it; completely stiff. He caressed the top of the head swiftly with his thumb, feeling wetness smearing over it.

He had barely realized it until he lifted his head, but Harry had abandoned the tree, and now leaned heavily back on Draco instead, pressing his body as close as possible. Harry's hands were on the edges of his arse. He suspected that the innocent Potter wasn't even aware of it.

Draco lifted his head just a bit more and took the lobe of Harry's ear between his lips and sucked lightly before he pulled back again and released a low moan. To Draco's immense delight, he felt Harry's cock twitch beneath his soft fingertips.

Somehow, Draco got out his wand and swept away all branches from the area behind them, leaving only soft, damp grass. He wrapped his arms around Potter yet again, and somehow managed to get him on his back on the grass.

Harry stared at him with wide eyes from where he lay sprawled for Draco to admire. And admire he did. Harry showed no signs of shyness at his exposed state. And bloody hell, he didn't have any reason to; if a half naked Harry Potter was amazing, this was bloody epic.

Harry looked like the very image of masculinity where he lay in the moonlight, his short black hair tousled, his lips reddened from their previous kissing. The dewed grass was clinging to his body like not even it could resist the temptation it proved to be. It was basically bare from all body hair, except for the black curls that adorned his groin. Draco's mouth almost watered.

Harry's voice was hoarse when he spoke, looking up at him with clouded eyes. "Bloody hell, Malfoy, why are you still clothed? And why in Merlin's name is that mask still on your face?"

After living through the surge of blood Harry's voice sent through his veins, Draco touched his face in surprise and realized that, yes; he was still wearing the mask.

He grinned at Harry. "Want me to strip for you, Potter?" he joked, winking.

But to his surprise Harry's eyes darkened visibly.

"Godric, yes."

For a moment Draco was at loss. This what not at all what he had expected when he had tried to seduce Harry Potter. But then again, this was so much better.

He kicked off his shoes and dragged of his socks, loving the feeling of the grass between his bare toes. The mantle over his shoulder came off easily, and he threw it at Potter. Who of course caught it easily. And brought it to his face and drew in a long breath.

"You smell like heaven, Draco…" Harry mumbled into the satin. Draco was a bit puzzled; he hadn't really done anything but showering, but he decided not to comment. Instead he pulled his robe over his head and dropped it on the grass at his feet.

Harry's head snapped up instantly at the rustle of the cloth. Draco actually took a step forward at the look on Harry's face. Sure, he was used to people staring at him, but this… the look in Harry's eyes was so intense it bordered on angry. A moan slipped past his lips as he loosened the first button on his pants.

"Let me do that," Harry demanded hoarsely, and was on his knees in front of Draco before he could reply.

"Salazar…" Draco breathed and let his head tip back and his eyelids fall shut, moving his hands from his pants to Harry's exquisite shoulders.

Like he had done himself just minutes ago, Harry pulled Draco's pants off swiftly, taking his briefs down with them.

Draco drew a sharp breath as the cold air hit him, but it turned into a strangled cry as he was enfolded in warmth not a second later. It really didn't take much to figure out what had happened, but it was so unbelievable that Draco had to look down to see it for himself anyway.

Harry Potter was on his knees in the damp grass, with his cock in his mouth. Draco's hands moved instantly to Harry's head in order not to fall over.

"God…" he rasped, his head falling back again, "sweet mother of Merlin, Harry…"

As a response to his mindless rambling, Harry hummed around him, drawing an undignified whimper out of Draco. He buried his hands in Harry's hair. His hair, his stupidly marvelous hair that had started all this.

Harry suddenly drew a whimper out of him as he pulled back a little and lapped at the underside of his cock. Draco's grip changed to a pull in order to get Harry to quit what he was doing.

"Salazar, Potter, you need to stop that, or I'll come all over your face…" Draco growled, horrified with himself in the next second.

His head snapped down to witness the damage he had caused. Harry's green eyes were widened as they stared up at him, but the flash of lust that drew over his face was obvious.

Draco, who would currently be more than willing to give away every galleon he owned to regain at least enough self-composure to keep quiet, groaned.

Deciding that he desperately needed more control over this – after all, Potter was the one being seduced – dropped to his knees, keeping his hands in Harry's hair.

"Not this time," Draco said, hoping to be subtle in his suggestion for more than one night, "I have something else in mind."

He untangled his hand from Harry's raven locks and let his hand slide down to his rear, squeezing. Harry's eyelids fell shut as he moaned lightly. A surge of heat shot through Draco's body as he intensely studied Harry's face. He needed to watch the man come.

Equally unwilling to let go of Harry's ass and hair, he debated with himself for a moment before he released Harry's arse cheek in order to conjure some lube (thank Merlin his pants – and thereby wand – weren't far away). Meanwhile he put his other hand to even better use and pulled Harry into a kiss.

A slow one, this time, one that Draco was in control of. He nibbled on Harry's lips slowly, dragging his tongue over them lazily, slipping inside if only barely. He was rewarded with yet another moan, which transformed into a gasp as the cool lube slicked Harry's rear.

"May I?" he asked breathily in Harry's ear, realizing that was a question he had neglected.

"Godric yes." Harry breathed back and pushed his pelvis forward, causing their cocks to rub together blissfully.

Draco didn't wait. Quickly throwing his wand a bit to the side, his hand found its way back to Harry's delicious rear and squeezed again. But this time, he didn't stop there.

Harry moaned as he pushed a first finger inside.

Harry held him tight as he kissed his neck while driving his finger – and soon fingers – inside of him. Draco let his mouth wander downwards over his collarbones and into the hollow of his throat. He dwelled there only shortly before he moved lower and took Harry's left nipple into his mouth. The surprisingly vocal Gryffindor moaned loudly. He took this opportunity to easily shove a third finger inside of Harry.

Harry's right hand was on his face instantly and pulled him up so harshly that Draco's fingers slid out of him. This drew a gasp from the lips that were kissing him in the next second.

"Now, I want you inside of me now, please… Draco, now…" Harry moaned against his eager mouth.

If Harry's previous begging had been inadequate, this sure made up for it. And more. Draco almost thought he would come on the spot. But no; first Harry. He needed to see Harry first.

"On your back, then." Malfoy said smoothly, and mentally patted himself on the back for not sounding as desperate as he felt. Harry captured his lips again and dragged him with him to the ground, wrapping his legs around Draco's waist.

"Now!" Harry demanded, and Draco didn't need to be told again.

He pushed inside quickly, hoping that's what would cause the least pain in the end. He changed their kiss to the softer nibbling Harry's lips gently, hoping to distract him from the pain.

Apparently it was working.

"Move," Harry breathed against his lips.

Draco was more than eager to oblige.

"Merlin you're tight…" he whispered gently, and was rewarded with a chuckle and a squeeze of his own arse. Surprised at his own sensitivity, he drove deep into Harry with a gasp.

The sound that came out of Harry… Draco almost thought he would faint. A sort of whimper, bordering on a mewl, and he was almost completely positive that he heard his own name somewhere in there.

Desperate to hear something similar he picked up the pace driving deeper into Harry with each thrust. And Harry's hips soon moved with him, his hands on Draco's shoulders, gripping hard.

"Yes," Harry moaned, "God, sweet Merlin, yes…"

Somehow Draco managed to keep his balance despite moving his hand from the ground in order to be able to wrap it around Harry's by now throbbing cock.

And suddenly Harry's hands moved from his shoulders to his face, angling it so their gazes met perfectly. Harry's eyes were as green as the grass beneath them, twinkling and surprisingly awake considering their situation; Draco himself felt like every cloud that had ever passed England had taken up residence in his head. But there was something in them that made Draco's heart positively ache; joy, utter and unshielded.

"Draco…" he gasped, his eyes slid close and his back arched, and he came. And so did Draco; harder than he had ever before. He pumped in and out of Harry a few last times, until they both were completely spent, and then he collapsed atop of the other man.

Unable to contain a small laugh he pressed his lips gently to Harry's cheek and drew in the smell of his hair and their sex through his nose.

Harry chuckled as well and hugged him tight, but then let go with a light: "Now get off me, I need to breathe."

Draco complied and pulled out gently, but it still drew a gasp from Harry.

He collapsed on his back and rested his head against Harry's outstretched arm.

"That just might be the best thing… ever…" Harry said breathlessly. Draco glanced sideways at him, finding him staring up at the leaves and the starry night visible behind them. Harry had a beautiful face.

"Yeah…" he agreed, turning his head up, too.

"Oh, the danger isn't over yet," he joked. But when Harry chuckled delightfully, he realized the truth in his own words. He was not prepared to accept this as a one-off.

"Harry..." he said softly.


"I don't think I'll let you go",

Harry looked up at him with a surprised look on his face, and for a moment he thought that the other man would protest. But then he smiled instead.

"Good. You wouldn't have had much luck in getting rid of me."


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