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"Uh...Gotta pee."

Naruto looked up to see Shino and Kiba still asleep. There was no sign of Hinata anywhere in the tent, she probably had to go to. He prayed that he wouldn't run into her outside while going to do his own business, that would be both embarrassing and awkward. He quietly slipped out of the tent and went deep into the forest, if Hinata were anywhere she wouldn't be here.

Naruto pulled down his pants and began to do his business. A few minutes and a couple of grunts later he was done and was about to head back when the sound of water deterred him. It sounded like a waterfall nearby, it wasn't too long until morning so he wouldn't lose too much sleep if he wanted to investigate.

The walk there was nothing short of interesting. On the way he heard distinct sounds, sounds that couldn't be coming from the waterfall. There were consecutive splashes, then nothing, then more splashes. They were light and airy in a sense, as if the owner was walking on the water, not treading in it. There had to be someone there, that piqued Naruto's interest even more.

A few minutes later he arrived at the waterfall. It was beautiful, the water cascaded of the cliff at just the right ark. The splash at the bottom coupled with the moonlight created a sort of lunar rainbow. The mist coming from the water crashing down was thick and was going everywhere, Naruto could even feel sprinkles hit his face from where he was standing.

A figure moving out in the middle of the lake caught his attention. It wasn't near any moonlight so it was cloaked in darkness. Although he couldn't see much, he could tell it was the figure of a woman, beautiful at that. She was dancing out on the water, her movements graceful and flawless. It also appeared that either she was wearing skin tight clothing or was naked. The sensible part of Naruto hoped she was clothed but the curious adolescent boy that was the other part was hoping for the latter.

As she moved the water moved with her. It didn't seem as though she was using jutsu though, the water followed her directions so naturally and there were no hand signs. It was perfect. That was the only word to describe it. Naruto was mesmerized by her beauty, even though he had yet to see her face. Her form was outlined by the little light that did hit her, which was enough for Naruto to make out her blue hair. The shadow of the trees kept her identity a secret from him, almost teasing him to come closer and see for himself.

With a final wave of her hand the water surrounded her in a flawless circular sphere. Bits of water went everywhere and sparkled around her. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. She stopped for a moment, as if to begin another dance, but during Naruto's trance he hadn't realized that he had moved ever so slightly so that his foot was resting on a slippery rock. With a loud yell he fell into the water face first.

"Ite! Hey sorry if I scared-huh?" The entire area was empty. It didn't even seem as if there was ever a human presence there. Naruto was discouraged, he really wanted to meet that girl. Not only for her beauty but she also seemed to draw him somewhat. Her presence was alluring enough that he had lost his focus and embarrassed himself.

There wasn't even a sound except the waterfall falling a little lighter.

'Lighter?' He thought

Naruto walked over to hear the water had indeed sounded lighter, as if some of it wasn't even hitting the lake. He looked at it hard for moment before he could make out the same silhouette of the woman he's seen moments ago. She was shaking slightly, probably because it was so cold outside. He still couldn't tell if she had any clothes on, the waterfall hid everything except her figure.

"Hi, I'm Naruto, are you okay?"

The only response he got was a shrill "eep!" after he announced his name.

"I could come in and-" this time the girl made the same sound except louder. Shino and Kiba had probably heard it back at the campsite. She moved back further in the waterfall until she was behind it. The sound of roaring water became louder, most of the water was now hitting the lake.

"Well you don't sound that well, if you come out-" Naruto was interrupted by a hand coming out of the waterfall. It was smooth and delicate, he wanted to feel it but that would be taking it too far. It raised one finger and made a shaking motion which meant 'no'. Then it made a shooing motion, but Naruto wasn't leaving. If this girl needed help then he wouldn't leave her.

"I can't leave if I don't know what's wrong with you. Could you at least say something?" The finger made the same shaking motion, telling him no.

"Well I need to know, I'm not going to just leave you, let me see what's wrong."

Naruto's face was level with the hand as if he was talking to it. He looked at it for a moments as it made frantic shaking motions with the finger. That wouldn't do, if she was hurt he would help. Naruto took a breath, closed his eyes, and stuck his head in as far as it would go. When he felt the water finally lift he opened his eyes to come face to face with...a nipple? He looked up into Hinata's mortified face. She released a shriek so loud it was bound to have Kiba and Shino running to her at any moment. Sure enough the next thing Naruto heard was...

"Hinata! Where are you? Are you okay?" Kiba yelled

Naruto hurriedly pulled his head out, anxious to get away. Kiba's voice was getting nearer though, if he was discovered in front of the waterfall with a naked Hinata inside then it would be trouble. Shino and Kiba, mostly Kiba, were very protective of their female teammate. As far as Naruto knew they had helped her out every time whenever she had fainted, most were around him. There was also their sensei...

'If they tell Kurenai-sensei she'll think I'm a pervert and then she'll tell Baa-chan!'

Naruto was near tears. The beating that would come from Tsunade-baa-chan would be bad for sure, but any additional beatings by Sakura, who was bound to find out, and Kurenai-sensei, whose specialty was genjutsu, which he had no talent for releasing, would probably kill him. That was if there was anything left after Kiba and Shino got to him. Naruto was interrupted by Hinata's hand grabbing his jacket and yanking him inside. His back was to her so he couldn't see anything.

"H-Hinata, I d-didn't mean t-to interrupt y-you while y-you were b-bathing. G-Gomen." His stutter was almost as bad as hers.

"N-N-Naruto-kun, I-It's m-my f-fault f-for b-being s-so l-loud."

"No it isn't," Naruto said regaining his confidence, despite the fact a naked girl was behind him. "I came into the waterfall because I was being stupid. Don't blame yourself. Now Kiba will probably find us and kick my ass, if he can. Then Baa-chan and Kurenai-sensei will probably beat me. If Sakura-" Hinata stopped him by kicking the back of his heel with hers.

"K-Kiba-kun and S-Shino-kun w-won't f-find u-us i-if w-we stay in the w-waterfall. K-Kiba-kun c-can't s-smell us and S-Shino-kun's bugs d-don't l-like w-water t-that m-much."

Naruto sighed, he might just get off the hook with this. If they just kept quiet then he would live. Oh Kami he hoped Hinata didn't squeal again, that would definitely give him away. She had only done that because he had peeked at her, unintentionally of course.

"She's not here Shino, Maybe she's with Naruto?"

"It is a possibility seeing they both are missing."

"Then what was that high pitched noise? It had to be Hinata but I've never heard her scream like that before."

"She's with Naruto. We should go back to camp." with that Shino calmly walked back towards the tent.

"Hey! What do you mean she's with-" It took Kiba a few seconds to piece together what Shino had most likely meant, after which he exploded with anger.


He stormed away with Akamaru on his heels, not even aware of what the dog was carrying.

Naruto shook from his place under the waterfall. Now he was certain that there would be trouble. He started to turn around to Hinata but remembered she was naked and stopped.

"I-I s-should g-get m-my c-clothes."

Naruto nodded knowing she wouldn't see it anyway. Hinata took off towards the rocks where her clothes should have been resting. It took all her willpower not to faint during this entire embarrassing episode. The only thing that overrode all her faint commands was the fact that Naruto-kun would have to carry her nude body back to camp, which she didn't mind much but she didn't want him to be burdened with it. Not to mention he probably thought she was disgusting for what she had been doing out on the lake in the middle of the night. It was training but he didn't know that, it also didn't have to be without clothes on but she felt more comfortable when she was free of her garments. She wore them all day and they never became any cooler.

When she finally arrived at the rocks her clothes were nowhere to be found. The only thing on the ground was her headband, everything else disappeared. She had put them all in one neatly arranged stack, even the underwear were missing! She shuddered as she headed back over to the waterfall, it was getting cooler outside and she would probably develop a fever if she didn't put something on.

"N-Naruto-kun m-my c-clothes d-disappeared."

"Nani!" He sighed. "Alright you can borrow my jacket and my pants until we get back as thanks for not ratting on me Hinata. I'm sorry for spying on you," he spoke while removing his jacket. "What were you doing out here anyway?"


"Training? Wow you're really committed Hinata."

"T-Thank y-you N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto held out his clothes to her but she didn't take them. Instead her hands slowly inched beside his head and tied something around his eyes. It was her headband, she probably didn't want to risk him getting another peek.

"G-Gomen N-Naruto-kun, I-I j-just-"

"I understand Hinata." he said with a smile as he turned around unable to see anything. She still felt incredibly embarrassed since he was facing her even though he couldn't see anything.

Hinata took the clothes and put them on. It took her a little longer due to her staring at Naruto's chiseled chest which she could see the outline of through his wet shirt. Her eyes didn't dare go any lower, that would be invading his privacy even though he didn't know it. The thought did repeatedly cross her mind though.

"Ready Hinata?"

Hinata nodded her head but then remembered he couldn't see with the headband still on. She removed it and nodded her head. They started walking back to the campsite slowly, Naruto was in no hurry to face Kiba and Shino. Hinata actually enjoyed most of the walk due to her being bundled up in Naruto's jacket.

"G-Gomen Naruto-kun. I-I k-know y-you d-didn't want to s-see-"

"Don't worry about it Hinata, I don't mind." He smiled wide, Hinata blushed "It was amazing what you were doing, the way the water moved, the dance, it really was beautiful" Hinata's blush intensified

"A-Arigatou Naruto-kun."

They made it back to the campsite moments later. Hinata opened the tent flap and almost gasped loudly enough to wake Kiba, who was snoring loudly in Naruto's bag. Akamaru was in Kiba's bag chewing on her clothes in his sleep. Shino was, well she didn't know what he was doing. He always slept with his glasses on so when she opened the tent flap and saw him staring at her she didn't know if he was awake. It startled her.

'Now I have to buy a new pair of clothes, and undergarments.'

Naruto walked in and tossed Hinata her bag. She returned five minutes later dressed in her normal clothes. Kiba hadn't moved from Naruto's sleeping bag so he would probably have to sleep on the floor without one tonight. That wasn't a problem, if Kiba woke up and he was sleeping next to him there would be questions and beatings, the latter coming first.

He curled up on the floor and made his best effort to fall asleep. After ten minutes of not even beginning to feel sleepy he sat up and looked at Hinata, who seemed to be staring at him. She shyly motioned for him to come over, he looked at her strangely but understood.

"N-Naruto-kun i-if you're uncomfortable w-we c-could s-share."

Naruto looked at her incredulously. He has just seen her partially naked a few moments ago and she was willing to share a sleeping bag with him? Hinata wasn't your average kunoichi, the average kunoichi would have kicked his ass and told him to sleep outside. He wanted to talk to her more often, to know who Hinata Hyuuga was. She was a little strange but she was strong too.

"Arigatou Hinata."

Thats how they slept that night. Back to back because neither wanted to make the other uncomfortable. Hinata was red the entire time,and for some strange reason, Naruto was too.

Remember, Letters of Love chapter two tonight. It's titled: Photos.