Chapter 1: Hotsuma's Monday Blues

"Hotsuma, wake up or you are going to be late for school."

Renjo Hotsuma opened his eyes a little, and saw his best friend and Zweilt partner, Usui Shusei looking over to him.

"Mmmmm, five more minutes," The God's Voice said.

"No way! We are already running late as it is and you were late to school last Friday. I'm making sure that you are not going to be late on the first day of school of the week! Don't make me force you out of bed."


Shusei then went to the windows and drew the curtains opened. Sunlight shone in and Hotsuma covered his face with his other pillow. Shusei then went over and pulled off his blanket and took the pillow away from him.

"Get up Hotsuma!"

"OK, OK FINE!" Hotsuma grumbled.

He got out of the bed unwillingly and walked heavily to the bathroom. He took his toothbrush and brushed his teeth, yawning in between. Shusei went inside and hanged Hotsuma's school uniform and towel on the railing.

"Take a quick shower and be down in five minutes! Or I'm leaving without you!"

This made Hotsuma quicken his pace. He hated it when Shusei leaves without him to school. In five minutes, carrying his school bag, he walked down the staircase to the front door, still yawning. Shusei was waiting for him by the door.

"Ah congrats. You made it. Yuki, Tsukumo and Toko had already left but they are going to stop by at Takashiro's place first. Anyway, lets go."

Hotsuma looked at him unhappily.

"You're such a sadist. How are we late when it is only 7:50am? Classes only start at 8.30am! Man.. are you some old geezer who wakes up at the crack of dawn?"

Shusei snickled.

"Ouch… old geezer.. Anyway, who was it that insisted last night that I must wake him up before I go to school?"

"Bahhhh I know I know! I did say that but you don't have to go so early."

"I'm in the student council. You know very well that I have to be there earlier."

"I know…. Ahh forget it, its fine," Hotsuma said.

Hotsuma looked over to his best friend. He had known him for over ten years but sometimes even he can't read The Wielder of God's Eyes mind. In his opinion, Shusei was always very discreet and didn't like to be around a lot of people. So, on the day when Shusei told him that he had joined the student council, Hotsuma was shocked! Since he had known that Shusei didn't like to hang around big crowds. And the fact that Shusei was going to be hanging around the student council a lot does not make him happy.

Shusei noticed that Hotsuma was staring at him and turned his gaze onto him.

"What's wrong? Is there something on my face?"

"No. It's not that. I was just wondering…. Ahh never mind."

Shusei smiled. "If you have something to ask then ask. You know very well that I will never lie to you."

"Fine… there is something that is indeed bothering me. Why did you join the student council? I mean why all of a sudden? You know that us Zweilts are fated to fight Duras for the rest of our lives. School is just a chance for us to be normal teens and all but why do you burden yourself with more chores when we are already so busy as it is?" Hotsuma glanced over to his best friend and saw that Shusei was staring into the horizon.

"Indeed I know that being a Zweilt guardian, I can never have the freedom to be a normal school student. It's just so happen that one of my classmates who is the President insisted that I joined the council. She kept insisting everyday till I gave up and agreed to it, since she has rather good persuasive powers."

"Baka! Why in the world did u agree to such a ridiculous thing? The person who is the class pres….in your class… Isn't it some girl named Sakura?"

"Wow, not bad. You actually do know some of the student council's members." Shusei teased.

"Its not that. Its just that I heard you calling her the other day on the phone." He glared.

"Ah that was just to tell her that I've done the name lists and stuff."

"Do you like her or something? This is first time I heard you call a girl by their first name. You don't even call your previous generations of girlfriends that."

Shusei laughed.

"Hotsuma… haha… Sakura is her LAST NAME! Her full name is Sakura Kyo. And I've only gone out with two other girls….what generations of girlfriends?…"

"Whatever, who you like is not really any of my business but for you to have agreed to it for her meaning that you and her must be close right?" he said frowning a little.

"I suppose she is what I would call a friend. But of course you will always be my number one, if that is what you are concerned about, " Shusei said giving Hotsuma a smile.


"I'm just worried that you are overdoing it, that's all." Hotsuma said after that.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." Shusei said and smiled at his best friend.

They reached to school in five minutes (7.55am). Shusei went to the council room after saying goodbye to Hotsuma. Hotsuma then went to his classroom, (I-VII). "tsk, why does Monday come so fast?" He thought angrily. He then went to his seat, threw his bag onto the table and lied his head down on it and closed his eyes, oblivious to his surroundings.