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Anonymous P.o.V

"HE'S THEIR FATHER." I knew she would snap eventually and spill her dirty little secret but I can say I was shocked it was this dark.

Drac P.o.V

She was gorgeous, inside and out. I'd watched her sing to Abigail and that alone could prove my point. Taking a long drag from the cigarette perched between my lips I leaned forward over the balcony railing. My room was above and to the side of hers and I could see her balcony and part of her room if I just leaned a bit more.


Pulling back I spun round to face Dimitri my stepfather. A confused look upon his face as he came out and joined me, quickly plucking the cherished cigarette from my eager lips before tossing it in the little bin.

"That's rude you know."

"You shouldn't spend away your life like that. What would your mother say?" he asked solemnly.

"Nothing. Natasha doesn't care about my welfare, hell, she doesn't care about me full stop. She gives no motherly love to any of us. All she cares about is bearing you a child." I yelled storming back inside and over to the mini bar. Sitting on the top of it I opened the door and grabbed the first bottle talking a long swig. The burning liquid slid down my throat, dulling the pain I was feeling inside.

"I should probably go check on your mother, I'll see you later."

"Bye." I muttered a little less than half-heartedly. Even though I spent more time around Adrian, I felt that Dimitri was more of a father figure to me. I knew he wasn't my father and I never really cared that I'd probably never meet my real one.

Ah hell; like I even cared! Chugging down the rest of the first bottle and all of the second, I stumbled over to my bed before collapsing drunk.

Blake P.o.V

"Hey kid wait up." Turning I was surprised to find Christian running up to me.

"What's up?" I asked as he fell into step beside me.

"Sammy was looking for you she said to tell you that your mum isn't feeling well so if you can take over and prepare Holly and yourself for that interview thing. Dude how do you even know what to do? I had to search up a speech on Google for a fancy dinner I was the guest of honour and even that was shit." He sighed.

"I knew that speech was to good to have been written by you." A delicate voice spoke from further down the corridor. We both glanced up surprised to see his wife, Lissa.

"I'm hurt." Christian faked placing his hand on his heart.

"Yeah well you'll get over it." She muttered as we approached her.

"You guys are good together."

"Thank you, that's very sweet." Lissa said wrapping her arm around Christians waist.

"Just the truth. Anyway I gotta get going, no doubt Holly is gonna take a while."

"I really wish she would lighten up a bit around us, we aren't trying to impose on your family." Lissa sighed.

"Same here."

"Bye Blake." Christian called as I took off running to my office. Fifteen minutes later I had trapped Holly in my office, well more like I had strapped her to my comfy leather armchair, and we had finally started going through the questions.

My office was more like a grand antique library with high ceilings with shelf-covered walls full of ancient and modern books ranging in a vast spread. My favourite armchair backed the large wooden desk in the centre of the room.

"So Holly I understand that you have recently released a new album named Father, which happens to be full of songs more or less about the absentness of a father we are wondering if this is based on the absence of your own father?"

"Really how did you come to that conclusion?" She muttered sarcastically sounding very much like our mother.

"Holly this interview is important what's it gonna take for you to realize that." I snapped.

"Yesh don't get you knickers in a knot." She laughed. "Well reporter you have come to the correct conclusion but these songs were also created for all genres of family loss, whether it's your mother or father or even your brother or sister who has left you."

"Back to your music there are rumors that you are starting a new single but that's about it? Can you tell us a bit more?"

"Why of course. I have singed a deal to record a single but I am still working on the lyrics."

"Does this mean you separating your career and music from your mothers?"

"In a way yes and no. I am going to do more things solo now but I will continue singing and making music with my mother."

"Your brother also seems to be making a big name for himself in the world of the famous."

"Yes Blake is doing amazingly in many aspects but his greatest accomplishment is being a great big brother though it may only be by sixteen minutes."

"I've also heard that you have been approached by the highly esteemed movie director Luei Manimoan and have been asked to female star in his latest movie, To See You, in which a blind boy meets the brand new it girl in Hollywood in an accidental occurrence. Of course this encounter leads to a romance but the couple faces odds from all aspects and overcome great hurdles."

"Those rumors are also true and I am very much looking forward to the start of filming."

"Now to all that juicy gossip. We are all wondering if you will be attending Rachel Badica's home coming party?"

"Of course I wouldn't miss it for the world, you know what they say. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer." She says grinning evilly.

"So Holly how is life with strangers living in your home?"

"I am meant to say it is a valued experience to be able to interact so closely with dedicated fans but truly it is simply ridiculous, they should just go home back to what ever pathetic life they came from." She hisses leaning as far forward as she can.


"No, Blake I can't do this, their invading our home."

"They aren't invading they are guests."

"They used mum!"

"They were her friends and frankly I can't see why she left them." SLAP, my head whipped to the side and I was sure my check was a bright pink from her hand, which had come free of its bond from her incessant struggling.

"You wouldn't understand." Holly muttered calmly untying herself.