Rose P.o.V

I lay in bed listening to the silence. The house was empty, I being the sole occupant as Chris and Sammy had accompanied Holly and Blake to their interview, Tasha and Dimitri had disappeared somewhere in the early hours of the morning, Adrian had taken Drac and Luke out to go go-cart racing, Lisa had taken Sophia, Christy and Abigail out shopping and to the beach, Basil and Georgina had been taken to some stay with some relatives in the area and Christian and Rosie had disappeared along the way.

My mind was blank as I stared out across the lush green back yard through my window wall I was so proud of. Grabbing an abandoned diary from under my pillow I started to scribble down the events of the last few days, something I'd been unable to do in all the commotion. When lyrics to a new song came to me and I poured them out all over the page, accompanying instrumental flowing through my mind.

When a giggle on the wind interrupted me, my gaze jerked over to the window where I spied a small girl dressed in a pink sundress run across the yard closely followed by a manly figure.
Stepping carefully out of bed I returned the diary to its hiding place under my pillow and pulled on a simple pair of jeans and a yellow off the shoulder top forgetting shoes I raced down stairs and out the back door. Carefully approaching the couple now laying on their backs together gazing at the clouds.

"Lay down and join us." The voice of my past still shocked me of how little it had changed over the years. I hesitantly accepted the offer and laid down on the side of the man that was still free.

"Look Daddy! It's a rose, see daddy. Daddy!" A high pitched bubbly voice spoke.
"I see it Rosie. What about the horse over there with that point on its head."
"Silly Daddy that's a unicorn not a horse." Rosie giggled covering her mouth with her hands. I don't know how long we just laid there after that but eventually the poor little girl was tired out and she fell asleep resting on Christian's shoulder.

"I named her you know."

"What?" I asked confused.

"Rosie, I named her not Lisa."

"That's nice."

"She was a great person, I always thought of her as a younger sister."




"You similar to her in a way, you seem to share a good heart. You should be proud of your kids, they take after that heart."


"At least they have a bit of their father in them. Wouldn't want they to be to much like you, hey?" We laid there a while longer until he stood up with Rosie in his arms. "I better take her inside. She'll wake up with an appetite soon. Not the best thing to deal with."

"Holly was the same."

"I'm sure she was." And with that he slowly walked off back into the house carrying his young daughter.

"He was gone. It had been three moths since he left to guard Tasha and start a family with her and now I was pregnant. With twins. I couldn't stay here, no one could find out. I didn't want to bring Liss into this mess I'd made, nor did I want them to be used like I was when Victor found at about me and Liss. I'd already made up my mind I was going to run away and not look back.

I had ended up leaving the academy on my eighteenth birthday after I had made sure Liss was safe and at class. No one could stop me, so I just walked out.

Once I got to the main road I hitched hiked to the nearest airport and brought a ticket for the first flight out of there which I ended up paying for with a card I'd swiped from Adrian, turns out I was heading to New Mexico. I ended up sitting next to a really cute blond haired blue-eyed human boy and his twin sister who were just a bit older than myself. We started talking and turned out they were from Washington but were going to visit their grandmother then head to New York with their band, Searchers. I ran into them again just before they were about to leave two weeks later when I had a new identity. Marie Mazway. And after hearing me sing them invited me to join them, which I did. When we were in New York I changed my appearance and started a relationship with the boy, Evan, as Searchers grew more and more popular. Evan was there for me when I gave birth to Holly and Blake but one night when the twins were 18months old Evan and I went out for a night on the town and were attacked by Strigoi, he didn't survive.

That's when I realized no matter how fast or far I ran I would never truly be free of my past life. As soon as the twins could travel I left the Searchers and my life in New York and moved to California. My music career blossomed as a solo artist while I started training myself again and I went out hunting in the night, which is where I met Sammy and Chris. We became fast friends and soon a routine formed, Sammy would stay with Holly and Blake at home and Chris and I would hunt Strigoi."

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I found that some how I had ended up in the lounge room listening to the TV, where I could now see Holly and Blake on stage with the host.

"Now Holly we are all very proud of you I mean growing up without a Father, starting a music career with your family at such a young age, now separating in a sense you future and music from your mother's, a movie deal, hosting fans in your very own home. I must ask how much longer do you expect this to last?" the reporter of TV inquired.

Holly visible froze on screen. "Pardon?"

"Not forever surely I mean you have some pretty tough rivals."

Holly chuckled, "You can't be talking about Rachel Badica, I know she is no threat I can't handle."

"Good answer." The interview continued easier from then but there was something in Holly's eyes for the rest of the duration. "Well folks that's all we have time for now don't miss your chance to meet Holly and Blake and the rest of the family tonight at the Convention Centre."