A/N: Written for a 78 tarot writing community over at LiveJournal, using the prompts 24 - Ace of Cups, 28 - Two of Cups, and 32 - Three of Cups, respectively. It's not one story, but rather three separate ones, linked together by the same connotations: love – though sometimes one-sided -, promises kept (though not to the ends originally intended), feelings not returned, and rifts in relationships. It starts with only one, but it takes three to despair.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Left side

Anzu had always considered Yuugi to be the kind of friend she could always rely on. She could trust him, she knew that he wouldn't try anything funny, and they could have unlimited fun together. He'd cheer her up if she felt down and would make her believe in herself whenever she wavered (which wasn't all that often, but definitely more than Jou or Honda got to see). She wouldn't, however, consider going out with Yuugi. They were just too perfect as best friends and a part of her didn't want to ruin that. While the other part of her… Well, there was Yami.

Yami was Anzu's dream come true. From the first moment she saw him, she knew that he was The One. She had been the first one to notice the changes in Yuugi, even before Yami himself had went on to explain everything about his true identity – or lack of it – because she was closer to Yuugi than Jou and Honda. And she fell in love with him; terribly, utterly, impossibly. Yami, however, did not respond with the same. He would have much rather considered her a good friend – just as Yuugi did.

Anzu didn't think it tactless to ask Yuugi's help in arranging a date with the Pharaoh. She wasn't brave enough to ask him in person, correctly guessing that the spirit was too concerned with his own problems to regard her. And Yuugi was too in love with her to refuse. Yuugi had hoped that this selfless move (though not as selfless as he wanted himself to believe), no matter how heartbreaking, would make Anzu see him as something more, but alas! It only made her more distant, though Anzu didn't notice any of this. To her, Yuugi was still her friend, still a person whom she could turn to and a person whom she would help, no matter what. She just didn't know how to express it properly, and all her attempts at it tended to go terribly astray.

A/N: Ace of Cups - stands for either love or a rift in a relationship.