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Right side

Yuugi watched Anzu change and these changes broke his heart. She wasn't treating him any differently than before – no, they were still friends. They could still hang out together, have a good time, talk about everything, but anything more than that was out of the question. He'd been too shy to approach her before Yami had come into his life, and after his appearance it became impossible. For one, he saw through his mind's eye, through their shared link, how Anzu looked at Yami. He could hear it in her voice – that love and admiration. And with each day he realised how further away they got from each other. He could no longer ask her out without doubting her motives. He now would never be able to stop questioning her; and himself as well. Was she with him only because Yami was a part of him? Or was she there because of him – the Yuugi she'd known for years?

In all honesty, Yuugi feared the answer. He feared that, once Yami left him, so would she. Even if she didn't love Yuugi, he was content to be her friend and didn't want to lose that. He would keep on loving her in silence. He would remain by her side the way she stayed by his, even if he couldn't shake off that smidgeon of doubt that without Yami, he would have none of this. He wasn't willing to admit this, though he knew it and pitied himself a little. How hypocritical he was!

Yet the rift in their relationship would never disappear. He was caught in a triangle – they all were – a devil's snare that wouldn't let him go and he had to learn to live with that. He'd learned already, in a way, but it didn't make things easier. It only made seeing the impossible that much clearer.

A/N: Three of Cups - stands for coldness in a relationship.