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"Bella please stop."

"No! I can't do this! We can't do this!"

"Stop! Stop doing that! You can't keep saying that when you want me gone Isabella! That's not how it's gonna work this time! Yo-"

"This time, this time, I don't care anymore Edward, I tried that, and then I tried it again, and you know what? I'm done trying with you! I'm done not being sure about you. You left! You didn't want us. Remember? You choose something else. Something different. Something easier. You did what was best for you. So you know what? I need to do what's best for me. Get out. Now."


I reached for her, and she moved away from me, yet again.

It hurt more this time than any of the other times combined.

She was serious, more serious than I had ever seen her. More serious than when she stayed up for 48 hours studying for her Calculus final, more serious than when I broke my leg junior year and she spent every waking moment sitting in the recliner at my bed side, because she refused to be away from me for a minute. Even more serious than the moment she told me she was late 7 days.

She wanted me gone. Now.

"I-I'm sorry Bella, I love you, I love him, you can't take yourselves away from me… I couldn't handle that; it would kill me… just …please."

And then, she murmured the words I had said 4 years prior to this exact argument.

"It's not my problem, sorry."

And then, I truly realized that I had over stayed my welcome. I walked out of her front door, and crumpled into a thousand pieces, all over again.

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