A/N: Written for a writing community 30 nights over at LiveJournal for a prompt 003 - Find me in the Dark.

Warnings: not worksafe.

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There was a game they played, just the two of them. Loz wouldn't have understood the reasons behind it, Kadaj had decided, the intricacies of this game. It was always nighttime, the very middle of the night, and one of the two younger brothers went out into the dark, not particularly hiding, just going whichever way. After a while, the other would follow in search of his brother. It was their game, their hide and seek and take what you find. It involved weapons, always, and that was another reason why Loz wasn't fit for this game, as the sight of any weapon or even the thought of an upcoming fight made him thirst for a good quick brawl to still the blood that had suddenly roared in his ears. No, the oldest of them was not fit for this silent routine.

The quiet finding and conquering of each other was the main part of the process. Metal pressed against skin, always, all the time; the other's closeness, his light gliding touch; the zippers that had to be pulled down with one's own hands while the other whispered quiet commands; the tight-fitting clothing that had to be removed – all part of a ritual. Not a scratch or cut to the skin, only the knowledge of what they could do.

There was something unspeakable about this ritual – this ceremony of sorts. It proved their existence. It proved to them that they lived in this world, under this night sky. It was a nameless feeling demanding a confirmation, but they didn't know how. And how could they, being three parts of one? How could they if one part was always missing?