A/N: Written for a writing community 30 nights over at LiveJournal for a prompt 010 - Together itsumo (Together always).

Warnings: not worksafe.

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Unspoken Union

There was an unspoken promise between the three of them, and when Loz was already sleeping, tired and sated, Kadaj needed another confirmation from Yazoo. He desired to know – no, he needed to know that this promise was unbreakable, eternal, undeniable, and above all – true. And Yazoo would repeat it, time and time again, reassuring the youngest of the three of them. Though mere words were never enough for that. He had to prove it with touch, with intent, and need.

"We couldn't exist separately," Yazoo breathed against his brother's ear, his hands wandering under his clothes, drawing patterns and tracing his features. "We wouldn't live on our own."

"And you know this?" Kadaj's voice always had a hint of sarcasm when he spoke those words – every single time. He didn't like these... doubts at the back of his mind; that constant reminder that other people, even his brothers, could know more than he did. Because Mother wasn't a being of words, but rather senses and goals, and she never spoke to him directly, instead only flooding him with feelings.

"Don't you?" Yazoo replied in a toneless whisper and continued to touch and tease his brother, sharp green eyes turned to Kadaj's face. Expressionless, searching eyes that seemed to look past the surface. And obviously finding what they were looking for, because Kadaj always found himself overwhelmed with feelings so unnerving and dangerous that Yazoo could easily take the upper hand. And Yazoo always made sure that his little brother would never regret that little moment of temporary weakness.