Summary: The legendary tales of Sandbox Gaara, the meanest bully around on the daycare playground…and his undying love for a certain ramen-loving kid. ChibiGaaraxChibiNaruto

Chapter One: Like a King

Iruka sighed, allowing two calloused fingers to rub wearily at his temples. "Okay." He exhaled exaggeratedly, trying to control himself. "Gaara, why did you throw sand in Chouji's face?"

The two-and-a-half foot tall three year old merely stared at him with those unnerving green eyes and slowly blinked.

The brunette growled underneath his breath, trying to calm himself down. It wasn't helping that the plump ball of squishy baby fat that was Chouji was sobbing into the fabric of his pants. "Okay, Gaara. Can you at least say sorry to him?"

Gaara stared at him again. God, Iruka didn't know a three year old had the power to make a grown adult want to piss his pants.

Tentative as usual, the red head ever-so-slowly twisted his neck and looked Chouji hard in the eye. The chubby boy looked back. He started crying harder.

With that Gaara walked away, strutting his way towards the playground once more and left Iruka to deal with the mass of sobbing, sand-covered chub fub.

Iruka muttered underneath his breath as he brought Chouji into his arms (with much effort) and gave him a small bag of chips which instantly quenched his sobs. "Kids these days."

Gaara sat like a king on the sandbox mound from a corner of the playground, surveying his subjects. He crossed his arms and patiently scanned the expanse of asphalt and woodchips for his target.

Hyuuga Neji was under a tree, poking at his cousin Hinata while muttering something about 16, 32, 64 hits. The poor girl was crying.

Ino and Sakura were busy giggling and playing with ribbons while fawning over Sasuke who was just sitting on a bench, attempting to look cool.

Rock Lee was kicking one of the bouncy horses, screaming something about the springtime of youth while Ten Ten was throwing pencils at a crayon-drawn in target.

Shino was in a corner hunched over a bush and probably playing with the bugs there. He got yelled at yesterday for huddling some caterpillars in his shirt pocket.

Ah—oh. Oh.

A very dark, oh.

The green eyed boy fixated his stare on the set of slides where a certain blond haired someone was playing happily with Kiba, the dog-loving kid. A bit too happily.

Gaara frowned. He didn't like happy.

The redhead waited for his chance to strike on this giddy happiness.

"Neh, neh! Kiba!"

"Yeah, Na-woo-toe?" Kiba had a chipped tooth that made him slur his words awkwardly.

Naruto slid down the slide and rubbed his bum when he landed awkwardly on the woodchips. "I need ta go pee—dattebayo!"

Kiba scrunched up his face. "Ew! Go tell sensei you nasty!"

Gaara smirked, such an evil smirk, it even scared himself. He watched his love walk away in his forest green shorts, one hand rubbing his butt, the other scratching his blond head.

It was finally time.

The red haired beast of a three year old stood, making sure to grab some sand in one small palm as he went. Menacingly, as menacing as a three year old could be, he strolled forward, eyes narrowed.

He could practically feel the fear emanating from the playground as he lurked towards Kiba's unsuspecting back. When he finally was right behind the dog-boy, he growled to make his presence known.

Kiba froze up and slowly he turned. Gaara noticed there were red triangles on his cheek drawn with red markers. He growled louder. Naruto had red markers.

"Ah." Kiba yelped when he saw the playground menace, Sandbox Gaara, right behind him. "Ga—Gaawa! Um…can I help you?" Kiba shuddered, ready to pee his pants.

Gaara glared at him.

Kiba twisted his tiny hands into pockets of his shorts, desperately stealing glances towards his other friends scattered across the playground but it was all in vain. All the other kids knew not to mess with Gaara. He was bad news.

Another growl from the shorter boy made Kiba turn his wide eyes back to him. It started as a low mumble, then mixed with an angry snarl:

"He. Is. Mine!"

All the kids watched as the redhead raised his tiny pale fist and opened it in a flurry.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH." They prayed for their comrade Kiba from the bottom of their hearts.

Iruka rubbed at his temples irritably, having that dreadful sense of déjà vu pour over him. He glanced at the two kids in front of him, one crying and the other blankly staring ahead.

"Gaara," he sighed, already knowing he was fighting a losing battle. "Why did you throw sand in Kiba's face?"

The red head ignored him; his big green eyes were fixated on the blond boy across the room who was currently talking to Shikamaru.


He growled underneath his breath, mumbling dark nothings, and walked out of the room towards the playground without heeding Iruka's threats of a time-out.

Gaara needed some sand, and he needed it now.

We all know a chibi Gaara is a ridiculously cute one, with SQUISH ME NOW stamped across his angsty, eyebrowless forehead. Love 'im.

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