Artist Notes: This was inspired by knune's (author id: 1762631) tales Running up that Hill which is a must read for all Claire/Wesker fans! Believe me you won't be disappointed! For those wanting to link to this please change (dot) to . for it to work...

Also this ficlet/drabble was written and inspired by knune's universe (as they have given me permission) so credit goes to her for letting me play in her playground! =D

As such this tale is for her.

As silently as she had slipped into his life, Claire had slipped away. In her wake, she left nothing save a hollow warning and a distant good-bye; both written on a crisp piece of paper that sat neatly on the kitchen table of their hotel room.

For years, Albert had known that this moment would one day come. Nor did he need to question the reason behind her decision to leave. What he had not anticipated was why now-after all they had been through-that she would decide to walk away and not look back.

His eyes drifted to the neatly kept bed across the room, Egyptian silk sheets neatly hidden beneath luxurious thick comforters. Forbidden memories of passionate kisses, soft whispers, secrets unspoken and touches that held meanings neither could admit accosted his mind without mercy.

What once brought him a strange sense of ease, now no longer gave him peace.

None of it was real. It was nothing more than a finely crafted illusion, one carefully built by the most unexpected of dreamers. Their sanctuary took years to create and only a single note to destroy it.

Only one question remained, why now?

The paper in his gloved hand crumpled as the small box he held in the other shattered. Panic gripped his mind-a foreign feeling, one matched by another alien sensation, hurt. Promptly his rational mind took control burying with it the undesirable emotions.

It was not the first time Albert felt his steely resolve slipping away; he knew it would not be the last. It could not end this way, it would not end this way. They would just have to re-negotiate their arrangement.

Knowing what had to be done, and that he would find her where it all began, Wesker swiftly departed.