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Father of the Bride

Ch. 1

Inuyasha and Miroku stood out of sight near Kaede's hut watching Rin as boys her age attempted to attract her attention. Neither male was particularly happy but had been warned not to interfere in the yearly courting rituals. Rin was now sixteen and at a desirable age for marriage; at least by Feudal Era standards. Kagome however insisted sixteen was too young and that Rin's body still wasn't mature enough.

Presently the guys were willing to latch onto any excuse to keep the ward of Sesshoumaru away from lusting village boys. Both knew exactly what was going through the heads of every young male old enough to mate when they looked at Rin. Inuyasha almost gagged on the smell.

Rin, still as innocent as the day she'd met Sesshoumaru accepted tokens of affection with warm thanks and smiles for everyone. Dressed in a kimono seen only on noble women, she was a beautiful sight to behold. Between Kaede, Kagome, and Sango, Rin had turned into a graceful, beautiful, and charming young lady.

Inuyasha suspected the reason for so many admirers was the hoped-for dowry Rin would have upon marrying. The half demon didn't know what his brother had planned in that regard. The only thing he knew for sure was that Sesshoumaru loved Rin as his own and wanted the best for her.

Miroku shifted beside Inuyasha as his twin daughters came along side Rin and drew her away from the crowd. "Good girls," the houshi murmured.

"Keh, wait until Sesshoumaru gets a load of this." Inuyasha caught Rin's eye and she hurried over, a smile of her face.

"Inuyasha-sama, Miroku-sama," she greeted.

"Told you to drop the 'lord' bit, pup. We're family."

"Truly, Rin, there's no need. Friends need not stand on ceremony." Miroku smiled kindly at the teen. "And are we not friends?"

"Of course!" Rin returned Miroku's smile before facing Inuyasha. "But Lord Sesshoumaru says I must show my betters proper respect. Are you not a lord, Inuyasha-sama?"

Pinked tinged the hanyou's cheeks. "Sort of; just know you don't have to."

"Indeed Rin, except for when my beautiful wife was still only my betrothed, both she and Kagome never added 'Lord' to Inuyasha's name or mine."

"But I've heard Kagome-sama say it."

"Ah, perhaps when we've officiated together. I show respect for her position as a priestess as she does for mine as a priest. In private, there's no need."

"Oh, I understand. But Miroku-sama…"

"Yes, Rin?"

"We're not in private," the adolescent girl pointed out before smiling cheekily. Inuyasha began laughing much to the priest's consternation.

"So we aren't," Miroku muttered. Rin was a bright young woman. She'd been sharp as a child. Quick to learn and eager for knowledge.

When she had come to them all those years ago, Kagome had insisted Rin learn all they could teach her. About humans and demons. They had not known Sesshoumaru's plans for the child but Kagome had not wanted her to lack any skill if it was possible.

Now at the age of sixteen, Rin was able to read, write, and do math beyond what the Feudal Era knew and she was quite the healer. She could use both a sword and a bow, making her able to exterminate minor youkai.

Wolves no longer frightened her and she was one of the few humans demons didn't mind being around. In fact, some were quite taken with Rin. Namely, the cousin of another wimpy wolf Inuyasha knew.

"Oi, pup, go change. It's time for practice." For the last two years it had become glaringly obvious that some bastard might try to take advantage of Rin when the others weren't around.

"Yes, Inuyasha-sama." With the twins in tow, Rin left the two men.

"I think she enjoys vexing us."

"Keh, she may not be of his blood, but there's no doubting Sesshoumaru's her old man."

"Speaking of children, are we not missing the rest of our own?"

"I thought they were with Sango and Kagome."

"No, Kaede was checking them, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, but you know what this means."

"We'd better find the others before Sango and Kagome do. I wish Shippou was back."

"That's just asking for trouble."

"Inuyasha!" White furry ears laid back in distress.

"You just had to say something."

"One thing is for certain, Kagome will never be a traditional wife of this era."

"Don't want her to be."

"Inuyasha, look at what your son has gotten into!" The duo rounded a corner only to find the rest of their children hip deep in mud.

Four year old Mitsuaki squirmed from his position in midair. He was suspended by the tip of Kagome's bow where it was hooked on his kosode.

"Oi, wench, put the pup down. You're not supposed to be lifting anything heavy."

Miroku chuckled at his two sons, Naoya and Reiji. "Something funny, Houshi-sama?"

"Of course not, dearest Sango. Inuyasha and I will take the boys to the river so that they can wash the mud off. We'll warn other parents of the hazard as we meet them." Bowing to his pregnant wife, he beat a hasty retreat.

"You know," Kagome said after the males had left. "I bet we're the only two women in the Sengoku Jidai who have our husbands petrified of their wives. Liberating, isn't it?"

"Father knew I'd never make a meek wife. That's why he trained me. Once, he admitted my mother was the same."

"We're very lucky to have married men who love us. Not everyone is so fortunate. You know, even if we hadn't come together as a group because of Naraku, I bet you still would have met Miroku."

"Why do you say that?"

"He wouldn't have stopped asking women to bare his child until he had." Sango thought about, not for the first time, her and her husband's nomadic life styles and started chuckling. Sooner or later Miroku would have encountered her.

"Someone had to put him in his place."

"Ah," the young miko sighed dramatically, her lips curving into a grin. "Good men are so hard to train."

This sent both young mothers into fits of laughter. Moving away, they didn't see another young teen about Rin's age glaring disapprovingly their way.

Kaede approached and followed the direction of her faze. "What ails ye, child?"

"They're very disrespectful, Lady Kaede. Mother says a woman must always be subservient to her husband. Those two do not act like they should."

"Lady Kagome and Lady Sango are not your average wives. Ye were a child when they first came to this village. Sango is a skilled demon slayer and Kagome a strong priestess. Together with their husbands and friends they defeated a great evil.

"It would have been impossible if they had been meek females. As for Lords Inuyasha and Miroku, they fell in love with the girls as they are. All four are stronger because of it. Besides, child, Inuyasha is a dog demon. Inuyoukai seem to be attracted to strong women."

"Even Lord Sesshoumaru?" Kaede's good eye closed in a bid for patience. Surely the girl wasn't planning on making a fool of herself over the demon lord?

"I imagine there's someone out there that can give the young lord a run for his money," the elderly priestess said, using one of Kagome's sayings. The question only remained who was she and was she even still alive?

A/N: The meanings of the three boys' names are as follows respectively: shining light, honest one or straight arrow, and courteous child.