A/N: This is the last of FOB. The next in the series, The Nekomata Guardian, touches on Azami's past, what is happening with Rin and Kohaku, and the birth of Sesshoumaru and Azami's child. Along with other developments in the lives of the Western Lands' pack. I hope you all will continue on to it when the first chapter of that comes up.

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Father of the Bride


Life changed for Azami as she learned from both Hisana and Satsuki the duties and responsibilities of the Lady of the Western Lands. With her life now tied to Sesshoumaru's, the memories taken away by the curse were slowly returning due to the healing properties of his youki. The healer reassured her that eventually the pathways of her mind that had suffered because of her childhood trauma would heal also and those memories would come back. Impatient as she was for them to return, Azami knew that she had to be patient. She had lived for three hundred years without them; she could wait a little longer.

Had she known what was happening on the other side of the world, she might not have been so sanguine about the situation. In another realm beyond that of mortals where lush green lands and crystal clear waters meandered through rolling hills, a group of beings gathered around a looking glass to see pass the curtain separating this world from theirs. Humans knew them by many names, including the ever familiar Tuatha De Danan.

"Your Majesty, we've found her. Finally after three centuries, we've found her." A woman of indeterminate years rose from her thrown and joined the group centered on the speaker. Eagerness showed on the young seer's face and the royal knew she spoke true.

"You have found my great-granddaughter." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, ma'am. The Princess Sheridan is alive."

Satisfaction curled ruby lips as purple eyes brightened in joy. Hair the color of gold swung sharply as the woman turned to leave the room. "Prepare a scouting party. We shall leave immediately."

"Yes, Queen Kellan." Kellan sighed in relief when she was out of earshot of her court. Her promise would be kept. The Fae would bring their child home.

Little did they know that there would be a very large, protective obstacle in the way. Namely one very powerful nekomata.